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Play01-07-1968The Dead ChurchCotten, DavidRevelationRevelation _
Play01-07-1968The Future World ChurchCotten, DavidRevelationRevelation _
Play01-14-1968The Church with OpportunityCotten, DavidRevelationRevelation _
Play01-14-1968The Harvest of EarthCotten, DavidRevelationRevelation _
Play01-28-1968The Counterfeit ChurchCotten, DavidRevelationRevelation _
Play01-28-1968The Battle of ArmageddonCotten, DavidRevelationRevelation _
Play02-04-1968The Future World ChurchCotten, DavidRevelationRevelation _
Play02-04-1968The Church in ProphecyCotten, DavidRevelationRevelation _
Play02-25-1968The Church Today & TomorrowCotten, DavidRevelationRevelation _
Play02-25-1968The Destruction of Earths Great CityCotten, DavidRevelationRevelation _
Play03-03-1968The Future of Earths Great CapitolCotten, DavidRevelationRevelation _
Play03-17-1968Earths Final Military BattleCotten, DavidRevelationRevelation _
Play03-17-1968The Wedding of ChristCotten, DavidRevelationRevelation _
Play03-24-1968Earths Golden AgeCotten, DavidRevelationRevelation _
Play03-24-1968The Millennial Reign of ChristCotten, DavidRevelationRevelation _
Play03-31-1968The Great White Throne JudgementCotten, DavidRevelationRevelation _
Play04-21-1968Spiritual Life in the Millennial KingdomCotten, DavidRevelationRevelation _
Play04-28-1968The Great White Throne JudgmentCotten, DavidRevelationRevelation _
Play05-05-1968Life in the MillenniumCotten, DavidRevelationRevelation _
Play05-05-1968The Eternal StateCotten, DavidRevelationRevelation _
Play05-12-1968HeavenCotten, DavidRevelationRevelation _
Play05-19-1968HeavenCotten, DavidRevelationRevelation _
Play05-19-1968HeavenCotten, DavidRevelationRevelation _
Play05-26-1968HeavenCotten, DavidRevelationRevelation _
Play10-27-1968The Wills of GodCotten, DavidThe Wills of GodIsaiah _
Play10-27-1968Gods Will & Permission of SinCotten, DavidThe Wills of GodBible Bible
Play11-10-1968Gods Sovereignty & Human WillCotten, DavidThe Wills of GodRomans _
Play11-10-1968Sovereignty & Permission of SinCotten, DavidThe Wills of GodBible Bible
Play11-17-1968Gods Sovereignty in Your LifeCotten, DavidThe Wills of GodMatthew _
Play11-17-1968The General Sovereignty of GodCotten, DavidThe Wills of GodBible Bible
Play11-24-1968The Condition of Gods Perfect WillCotten, DavidThe Wills of GodActs _