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Play01-01-1978The Properly Functioning BodyHeritage, Timothy DA Faithful and Unchanging GodMalachi _
Play01-04-1978Galatians: An OverviewLawson, MichaelGalatiansGalatians _
Play01-08-1978Elijah: Good News, Bad NewsCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities1 Kings 18:45b-19:4
Play01-08-1978Elijah: A Study in DepressionCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities1 Kings 19:5-9a
Play01-22-1978Elijah: Cure for DepressionCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities1 Kings 19:9-18
Play01-25-1978Genesis 11:27-13:4Campbell, DonaldGenesis 11-22Genesis 11:27-13:4
Play01-29-1978Elijah: The Ministry of ConfrontationCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities1 Kings 21:16-29
Play01-29-1978Elijah and the OppressedCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities1 Kings 21:1-15
Play02-01-1978Genesis 13:5-14:24Campbell, DonaldGenesis 11-22Genesis 13:5-14:24
Play02-05-1978Micaiah: Prophet of TruthCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities1 Kings 22
Play02-08-1978Genesis 15-17Campbell, DonaldGenesis 11-22Genesis 15-17
Play02-12-1978Psalm 23Heritage, Timothy DPsalm 23Psalm 23
Play02-15-1978Genesis 18-19Campbell, DonaldGenesis 11-22Genesis 18-19
Play02-19-1978Manasseh: The RebelCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities2 Kings 20:21-21:15
Play02-26-1978Manasseh: RehabilitatedCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities2 Chronicles 33:10-20
Play03-01-1978Full Barns and Empty HeartsBryan, G WilliamFull Barns and Empty HeartsLuke 12
Play03-05-1978You Are a PriestCotten, DavidPriesthood of the Believer1 Peter 2
Play03-12-1978How to Perform Your PriesthoodCotten, DavidPriesthood of the BelieverRomans 12
Play03-12-1978How to Perform Your PriesthoodCotten, DavidPriesthood of the Believer1 Peter 2,4
Play03-26-1978The Message of EasterCotten, DavidThe Message of EasterBible Bible
Play04-09-1978A Please for PriestsCotten, DavidPriesthood of the BelieverRomans _
Play04-12-1978Gifts of the Holy SpiritCotten, DavidGifts of the Holy SpiritBible Bible
Play04-23-1978Daniel: Maturity in YouthCotten, DavidGreat Bible PersonalitiesDaniel 1:1-7
Play04-23-1978Daniel: Decisions of MaturityCotten, DavidGreat Bible PersonalitiesDaniel 1:8-21
Play04-26-1978Proposition of the BookToussaint, StanleyA Look at MalachiMalachi _
Play04-26-1978Highlights in Matthew, Pt 4McKnight, RussellHighlights in MatthewMatthew 7
Play04-30-1978Ezra: Man of BalanceCotten, DavidGreat Bible PersonalitiesEzra 7:1-9:1
Play05-03-1978Condemnation of Cheap WorshipToussaint, StanleyA Look at MalachiMalachi _
Play05-10-1978The Corrupt ClergyToussaint, StanleyA Look at MalachiMalachi _
Play05-17-1978Dont Get Married UntilToussaint, StanleyA Look at MalachiMalachi _
Play05-21-1978Benaiah: Lion Killer on a Snowy DayCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities1 Chronicles 11
Play05-24-1978Sin of MurmuringToussaint, StanleyA Look at MalachiMalachi _
Play05-28-1978Rahab: Monument of Gods GraceCotten, DavidGreat Bible PersonalitiesJoshua 16
Play05-31-1978The Sin of MoneyToussaint, StanleyA Look at MalachiMalachi _
Play06-07-1978Highlights in Matthew, Pt 1McKnight, RussellHighlights in MatthewMatthew 9-10
Play06-11-1978Parable of the Mustard SeedStrauss, LehmanParables in Matthew 13Matthew 13
Play06-11-1978Parable of the TaresStrauss, LehmanParables in Matthew 13Matthew 13
Play06-11-1978Parable of the LeavenStrauss, LehmanParables in Matthew 13Matthew 13
Play06-11-1978The Sower and the SoilsStrauss, LehmanParables in Matthew 13Matthew 13
Play06-13-1978Key Ingredients of MotherhoodCotten, DavidChristian ParenthoodLuke 2
Play06-14-1978Highlights in Matthew, Pt 2McKnight, RussellHighlights in MatthewMatthew 18-19
Play06-18-1978Caleb: Aged Man of VisionCotten, DavidGreat Bible PersonalitiesJoshua 14
Play06-18-1978Evaluating Others by Personal ConvictionsCotten, DavidDisputable PracticesRomans 14
Play06-21-1978Highlights in Matthew, Pt 3McKnight, RussellHighlights in MatthewMatthew 19-20
Play07-02-1978Solomon: Disapproved in Later LifeCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities1 Kings 11
Play07-09-1978Grace GivingCotten, DavidGrace Giving2 Corinthians 8,9
Play07-16-1978My Farewell MessageBryan, G WilliamMy Farewell MessageActs _
Play07-23-1978The ShepherdCotten, DavidPsalmsPsalm 23:1-2a
Play08-13-1978No Doubtful DisputationsCotten, DavidDisputable PracticesRomans 14
Play08-20-1978Highlights in Matthew, Pt 5McKnight, RussellHighlights in MatthewMatthew 11
Play08-20-1978Affirm One AnotherGrossman, PhilAffirm One AnotherBible Bible
Play08-27-1978The Law of LoveCotten, DavidDisputable PracticesRomans 14,15
Play09-03-1978On Love and LibertyCotten, DavidDisputable PracticesBible Bible
Play09-07-1978Romans 1McKnight, RussellThe Book of RomansRomans 1
Play09-10-1978Love and LibertyCotten, DavidDisputable Practices1 Corinthians 8
Play09-10-1978Biblical Grounds for GivingCotten, DavidStewardship2 Corinthians 8
Play09-13-1978Romans 2McKnight, RussellThe Book of RomansRomans 2
Play09-17-1978Highlights in Matthew, Pt 6McKnight, RussellHighlights in MatthewMatthew 7
Play09-20-1978Romans 3McKnight, RussellThe Book of RomansRomans 3
Play09-24-1978Psalm 51Waltke, BruceSelected PsalmsPsalm 51
Play09-24-1978Psalm 49Waltke, BruceSelected PsalmsPsalm 49
Play09-24-1978Psalm 22Waltke, BruceSelected PsalmsPsalm 22
Play09-24-1978Psalm 73Waltke, BruceSelected PsalmsPsalm 73
Play09-27-1978Romans 4McKnight, RussellThe Book of RomansRomans 4
Play10-01-1978When You Sin Against Your BrotherCotten, DavidDisputable Practices1 Corinthians 8
Play10-01-1978The Peoples ChurchCotten, DavidThe New Testament ChurchBible Bible
Play10-04-1978Romans 5McKnight, RussellThe Book of RomansRomans 5
Play10-08-1978The Valley of Deaths Shadow, Pt 1Cotten, DavidPsalmsPsalm 23:3b-4
Play10-08-1978He Restores My SoulCotten, DavidPsalmsPsalm 23:1-3a
Play10-11-1978Romans 6McKnight, RussellThe Book of RomansRomans 6
Play10-18-1978Romans 7McKnight, RussellThe Book of RomansRomans 7
Play10-22-1978In the Lords House ForeverCotten, DavidPsalmsPsalm 23:5-6
Play10-22-1978The Valley of Deaths Shadow, Pt 2Cotten, DavidPsalmsPsalm 23:4
Play10-29-1978Need for DiscipleshipMitchell, JohnDiscipleshipBible Bible
Play10-29-1978Evidence of a DiscipleMitchell, JohnDiscipleshipBible Bible
Play10-29-1978Responsibility of a DiscipleMitchell, JohnDiscipleshipBible Bible
Play10-29-1978Jesus and the Samaritan WomanMitchell, JohnDiscipleshipBible Bible
Play11-05-1978Through Unconditional SurrenderHillis, DickWinning the WorldBible Bible
Play11-05-1978Through Unconditional SurrenderHillis, DickWinning the WorldBible Bible
Play11-08-1978Crisis in the Doctrine of SanctificationHannah, JohnThe Pentecostal MovementBible Bible
Play11-15-1978Crisis in the Doctrine of SanctificationHannah, JohnThe Pentecostal MovementBible Bible
Play11-27-1978I Thank God for YouCotten, DavidThanksgiving MeditationsPhilippians 1:3-7
Play11-29-1978Why Study Prophecy?Barbieri, LouisAn Interpretation of ProphetsBible Bible
Play12-03-1978Gods Christmas MessageCotten, DavidChristmas MeditationsHebrews 1:1-3
Play12-06-1978Could Jesus Christ Return Today?Barbieri, LouisAn Interpretation of ProphetsBible Bible
Play12-10-1978Christmas 1984Cotten, DavidChristmas MeditationsMatthew 2:1
Play12-10-1978The Days of HerodCotten, DavidChristmas MeditationsBible Bible
Play12-17-1978In Bethlehem of JudeaCotten, DavidChristmas MeditationsBible Bible
Play12-24-1978The Missing Christmas MessageCotten, DavidChristmas MeditationsBible Bible
Play12-24-1978Whose Child Is This?Cotten, DavidChristmas MeditationsMatthew 16:13
Play12-31-1978How to Face the FutureCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsJames 1:2-8