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Play01-02-1983God, Man and Your FutureLester, BruceThe Attributes of GodBible Bible
Play01-02-1983CommitmentHeritage, Timothy DChallenge for the New YearLuke 3
Play01-05-1983An IntroductionLawson, MichaelMalachiMalachi _
Play01-09-1983The Cost of Commitment in DiscipleshipHarrell, RobertThe Cost of Commitment in DiscipleshipMatthew 16
Play01-12-1983Jacob, Ive LovedLawson, MichaelMalachiMalachi _
Play01-16-1983God RepentedCotten, DavidJonahJonah 3:9-10
Play01-16-1983Im Mad, God!Cotten, DavidJonahJonah 3:10-4:3
Play01-19-1983The Implications of Old Testament HealingCotten, DavidDoctrine Concerning Divine HealingBible Bible
Play01-23-1983I Want to Die, GodCotten, DavidJonahJonah 4:3-9
Play01-26-1983Implications of Apostolic HealingCotten, DavidDoctrine Concerning Divine HealingBible Bible
Play01-30-1983David: Principles of FriendshipHeritage, Timothy DDavid: Principles of Friendship1 Samuel 18
Play01-30-1983Should I Not Have Compassion, Jonah?Cotten, DavidJonahJonah 4:5-10
Play02-02-1983Implications of Christs AtonementCotten, DavidDoctrine Concerning Divine HealingBible Bible
Play02-06-1983The Problem of Wrong DecisionsLester, BruceGrowing PainsJames _
Play02-06-1983The Goal Is MaturityCotten, DavidChristian MaturityColossians 1
Play02-13-1983The Problem of TemptationLester, BruceGrowing PainsBible Bible
Play02-13-1983This Is MaturityCotten, DavidChristian MaturityBible Bible
Play02-16-1983What Does It Cost to Give to God?Lawson, MichaelMalachiMalachi _
Play02-20-1983Let Us Press on to MaturityCotten, DavidChristian MaturityHebrews 5-6
Play02-23-1983Spiritual Barometer: Broken CommitmentsLawson, MichaelMalachiMalachi _
Play02-27-1983The Path to Maturity, Pt 1Cotten, DavidChristian MaturityBible Bible
Play03-02-1983A Warm Response from a Faithful FewLawson, MichaelMalachiMalachi _
Play03-06-1983The Path to Maturity, Pt 2Cotten, DavidChristian MaturityBible Bible
Play03-09-1983The Last of Gods Last WordsLawson, MichaelMalachiMalachi _
Play03-20-1983Jesus Final LessonsCotten, DavidStewardshipMark 12:41-44
Play03-27-1983Prayer: The Umbilical Cord for ChristiansLester, BrucePrayer: The Umbilical Cord for ChristiansMark 9
Play03-27-1983Marks of Empty ReligionHarrell, RobertStudies from MatthewPsalm _
Play03-30-1983Reactions to the ResurrectionLawson, MichaelReactions to the ResurrectionJohn _
Play04-03-1983Effects of EasterCotten, DavidEaster MeditationsBible Bible
Play04-06-1983Creation of the Heavens and the EarthCounts, BillGenesis 1-11Genesis 1
Play04-10-1983The Gospel InvitationCotten, DavidMetropolitan Church PracticesBible Bible
Play04-10-1983Operation AndrewCotten, DavidOperation AndrewJohn 1
Play04-13-1983Creation of Man and WomanCounts, BillGenesis 1-11Genesis 1
Play04-17-1983Keeping It TogetherHeritage, Timothy DBiblical Relationship in MarriageEphesians 5
Play04-17-1983When You Run for LifeCotten, DavidPractical LivingPsalm _
Play04-20-1983The FallCounts, BillGenesis 1-11Genesis 1
Play04-24-1983When You Run for Life, Pt 2Cotten, DavidPractical LivingPsalm _
Play04-24-1983Defining RolesHeritage, Timothy DBiblical Relationship in MarriageEphesians 5
Play04-27-1983Consequences of the FallCounts, BillGenesis 1-11Genesis 1-11
Play05-01-1983What Is the Source of Your Knowledge?Lindsell, HaroldThe Bible: The Foundation for the Christian FaithBible Bible
Play05-01-1983What Happens When You Dont Believe in the Bible?Lindsell, HaroldThe Bible: The Foundation for the Christian FaithBible Bible
Play05-01-1983Normal Biblical LivingLindsell, HaroldThe Bible: The Foundation for the Christian FaithBible Bible
Play05-04-1983Cain and AbelCounts, BillGenesis 1-11Genesis 1-11
Play05-08-1983The Problem of Playing Second TeamLester, BruceGrowing PainsBible Bible
Play05-08-1983A MotherCotten, DavidA MotherProverbs 31
Play05-11-1983The Flood, Pt 1Counts, BillGenesis 1-11Genesis 1-11
Play05-15-1983Christ in Your LifeCotten, DavidPractical LivingJohn _
Play05-18-1983The Flood, Pt 2Counts, BillGenesis 1-11Genesis 1-11
Play05-29-1983The Tower of BabelCounts, BillGenesis 1-11Genesis 1-11
Play05-29-1983Just an Ordinary ManHeritage, Timothy DNehemiahNehemiah 1
Play05-29-1983The Passover: A MemorialLawson, MichaelThe Passover: A MemorialExodus 12
Play06-05-1983Cleansing Gods TempleCotten, DavidPractical LivingJohn _
Play06-19-1983Fatherhood: Heavenly, Earthly, AbsenteeLawson, MichaelFatherhood: Heavenly, Earthly, AbsenteeBible Bible
Play06-23-1983The Simplicity of the GospelHarrell, RobertStudies from RomansRomans _
Play06-26-1983Good n AngryCotten, DavidPractical LivingBible Bible
Play06-29-1983Preparation & Introduction to TheologyCotten, DavidMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play07-03-1983Be Angry, Yet Do Not SinCotten, DavidPractical LivingBible Bible
Play07-06-1983Theology Overview and BibliologyCotten, DavidMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play07-13-1983Bibliology Overview and Theology ProperCotten, DavidMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play07-17-1983Anger That Is to Be AvoidedCotten, DavidPractical LivingBible Bible
Play07-17-1983Human Questions-Divine AnswersHarrell, RobertHabakkukHabakkuk _
Play07-20-1983Theology ProperCotten, DavidMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play07-24-1983Anger That Is WrongCotten, DavidPractical LivingBible Bible
Play07-24-1983Typical Principles for Problem SolvingHeritage, Timothy DNehemiahNehemiah 2
Play07-31-1983Ministry of the Local ChurchHeritage, Timothy DNehemiahNehemiah 3
Play08-03-1983Theology Proper: Tri-UnityCotten, DavidMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play08-07-1983Handling Anger, Part 1Cotten, DavidPractical LivingBible Bible
Play08-10-1983Theology Proper: The Names of GodCotten, DavidMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play08-14-1983Comfort for Troubled HeartsHarrell, RobertStudies from JohnJohn 14
Play08-14-1983Back to BasicsHarrell, RobertHabakkukHabakkuk _
Play08-17-1983Pneumatology Doctrine Concerning Holy SpiritCotten, DavidMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play08-21-1983Concealing the Good ThingHarrell, RobertConcealing the Good ThingJoshua 7
Play08-21-1983Handling Anger, Part 2Cotten, DavidPractical LivingBible Bible
Play08-24-1983Abraham: The Call to FaithCounts, BillOld Testament Character StudiesBible Bible
Play08-28-1983Handling Anger, Part 3Cotten, DavidPractical LivingBible Bible
Play08-31-1983Abraham: Contract Abraham & LotCounts, BillOld Testament Character StudiesGenesis 12-13
Play09-04-1983Handling Anger, Part 4Cotten, DavidPractical LivingBible Bible
Play09-07-1983Abraham: Living By FaithCounts, BillOld Testament Character StudiesBible Bible
Play09-11-1983Evangelism and WitnessingCotten, DavidEvangelismBible Bible
Play09-14-1983Abraham: Birth of IshmaelCounts, BillOld Testament Character StudiesBible Bible
Play09-18-1983Money and MinistryCotten, DavidPractical LivingBible Bible
Play09-19-1983Titus 3:1-15Heritage, Timothy DTitus: Guidelines for LivingTitus 3:1-15
Play09-21-1983Abraham: Covenant of CircumcisionCounts, BillOld Testament Character StudiesBible Bible
Play09-25-1983Merchandising MinistryCotten, DavidPractical LivingBible Bible
Play09-28-1983Abraham: Sarah and LotCounts, BillOld Testament Character StudiesBible Bible
Play10-01-1983Making a Living from MinistryCotten, DavidPractical Living1 Corinthians _
Play10-02-1983The Assurance of SalvationCotten, DavidSalvation Themes1 John 5:13
Play10-05-1983Lot: Sodom & the DestructionCounts, BillOld Testament Character StudiesBible Bible
Play10-08-1983Wealth and WorshipCotten, DavidPractical LivingJohn _
Play10-12-1983Birth of Isaac and Dismissal of IshmaelCounts, BillOld Testament Character StudiesBible Bible
Play10-19-1983Peters Process of FailureLester, BrucePeters Process of FailureMark 14
Play10-23-1983How to Feel AssuredCotten, DavidSalvation Themes1 John 4:17
Play10-30-1983Assurance, for I Believe GodCotten, DavidSalvation ThemesBible Bible
Play11-02-1983--in CompassionLester, BruceA Perspective on MinistryMark 8
Play11-06-1983Confidence: A Conforming ExperienceCotten, DavidSalvation ThemesBible Bible
Play11-06-1983How to Handle OppositionHeritage, Timothy DNehemiahNehemiah 4
Play11-20-1983Needed: OnesiphorusesBaker, WalterMissions Conference 1983Bible Bible
Play11-20-1983What in the World Is God doing?Baker, WalterMissions Conference 1983Bible Bible
Play12-11-1983The Birth of Jesus ChristCotten, DavidChristmas MeditationsLuke 2:1-20
Play12-18-1983At the Temple in JerusalemCotten, DavidContemplating ChristmasLuke _