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Play01-06-1985The King Is ComingLawson, MichaelMessianic Expectations from PsalmsPsalm 24
Play01-06-1985The Meaning of RepentanceHermansen, RickChristian Growth1 Corinthians 7
Play01-13-1985Planning TomorrowCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsJames 4:13-17
Play01-13-1985Ephesians 1:1-4Lawson, MichaelEphesiansEphesians 1:1-4
Play01-20-1985Thought for Today - Or TomorrowCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsMatthew 6
Play01-20-1985The Facts of the GospelHeritage, Timothy D1 John1 John _
Play01-27-1985Why Do You Stand Here?Cotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsActs 1:11
Play01-27-1985Conditions for FellowshipHeritage, Timothy D1 John1 John _
Play02-03-1985Gods Object LessonCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsProverbs 6
Play02-03-1985Knowing GodCotten, David1 John1 John _
Play02-10-1985Christian AssuranceHermansen, Rick1 John1 John _
Play02-10-1985The Church That PraysCotten, DavidPrayerBible Bible
Play02-17-1985The Man JobCotten, DavidJobJob _
Play02-24-1985Im Not GuiltyCotten, DavidJobJob _
Play02-24-1985Abide in HimLawson, Michael1 John1 John _
Play03-03-1985Overcoming WorryWright, H NormanWorryBible Bible
Play03-03-1985Forgiving Family MembersWright, H NormanForgivenessBible Bible
Play03-06-1985IntroductionDyer, CharlesStudy of EzekielEzekiel _
Play03-13-1985ReviewDyer, CharlesStudy of EzekielEzekiel _
Play03-17-1985A Mystery SolvedCotten, DavidJobJob _
Play03-17-1985When God Answered JobCotten, DavidJobJob _
Play03-20-1985Slide PresentationDyer, CharlesStudy of EzekielEzekiel _
Play03-24-1985Studies from the GospelsHeritage, Timothy DStudies from the GospelsJohn 10
Play03-24-1985The Assurance of LoveHarrell, Robert1 John1 John _
Play03-27-1985Chapters 18-24Dyer, CharlesStudy of EzekielEzekiel 18-24
Play03-31-1985Who Is This Man?Harrell, RobertStudies from MatthewBible Bible
Play04-02-1985Paradoxes of the MindBryan, ShirleyThe Renewed MindBible Bible
Play04-02-1985Planned ResponsesBryan, ShirleyThe Renewed MindEphesians 4
Play04-03-1985Chapters 25-33Dyer, CharlesStudy of EzekielEzekiel 25-33
Play04-07-1985The ResurrectionCotten, DavidEaster MeditationsBible Bible
Play04-10-1985Chapters 34-37Dyer, CharlesStudy of EzekielEzekiel 34-37
Play04-14-1985The Responsibility of FellowshipLawson, Michael1 John1 John _
Play04-14-1985Two Laws of LifeCotten, DavidChristian MaturityRomans 14-15
Play04-17-1985Chapters 38-39Dyer, CharlesStudy of EzekielEzekiel 38-39
Play04-24-1985Chapters 40-48Dyer, CharlesStudy of EzekielEzekiel 40-48
Play04-28-1985Called to FreedomCotten, DavidChristian MaturityRomans 14-15
Play05-01-1985God the TrinityLawson, MichaelMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play05-05-1985The Royal LawCotten, DavidChristian MaturityRomans 14,15
Play05-08-1985God the SonLawson, MichaelMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play05-10-1985The Measure of MotherhoodCotten, DavidChristian ParenthoodBible Bible
Play05-12-1985A Command to LoveHeritage, Timothy D1 John1 John _
Play05-15-1985God the Son part 2Lawson, MichaelMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play05-22-1985God the Son - The IncarnationHeritage, Timothy DMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play05-26-1985How Bible Prophecy Meets Our Personel NeedsStrauss, LehmanProphecyBible Bible
Play05-26-1985A Fresh Look at HebrewsStrauss, LehmanHebrewsHebrews 11
Play05-29-1985God the Son: His Substitutionary DeathHeritage, Timothy DMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play06-02-1985Sacrificial LivingLawson, MichaelServants of the ChurchRomans 12
Play06-05-1985God the Son: His ResurrectionHeritage, Timothy DMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play06-09-1985Secret to SharingCotten, DavidStewardship1 Chronicles 29:14
Play06-12-1985God the Son: His Ascension and Priestly MinistryKreitzer, PaulMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play06-16-1985Brother Love: A Demonstration of FaithHeritage, Timothy D1 John1 John _
Play06-23-1985Witnesses to Jesus, the Son of GodHeritage, Timothy D1 John1 John _
Play06-23-1985The Stages of LifeCotten, DavidAbraham: Profile of FaithGenesis _
Play06-27-1985God the Son: His Coming for His SaintsKreitzer, PaulMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play06-30-1985Prayer for the Sinning BrotherHermansen, Rick1 John1 John _
Play06-30-1985The First Stage of FaithCotten, DavidAbraham: Profile of FaithGenesis _
Play07-07-1985Faith for Early Mid-Life, Pt1Cotten, DavidAbraham: Profile of FaithGenesis _
Play07-10-1985God the Son: His Coming with His SaintsKreitzer, PaulMajor Bible ThemesMatthew 24-25
Play07-17-1985God the Holy Spirit: His Indwelling and SealingCotten, DavidMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play07-21-1985I John 5:18-21Lawson, Michael1 John1 John 5:18-21
Play07-21-1985Faith for Early Mid-Life, Pt2Cotten, DavidAbraham: Profile of FaithGenesis _
Play07-24-1985God the Holy Spirit: His BaptismCotten, DavidMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play07-28-1985Faith and FearCotten, DavidAbraham: Profile of FaithGenesis _
Play07-28-1985Evangelism and CultivatingHermansen, RickEvangelismBible Bible
Play07-31-1985God the Holy Spirit: His FillingCotten, DavidMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play08-04-1985Christian Views of CreationHarrell, RobertCreation and EvolutionBible Bible
Play08-04-1985The Leadership of GodHermansen, RickThe Leadership of God1 Samuel _
Play08-04-1985Evangelism and SowingHermansen, RickEvangelismBible Bible
Play08-07-1985God the Holy Spirit: His PersonalityHermansen, RickMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play08-11-1985Studies from the GospelsHeritage, Timothy DStudies from the GospelsMark 6
Play08-11-1985Problems with EvolutionHarrell, RobertCreation and EvolutionBible Bible
Play08-14-1985God the Holy Spirit: His AdventHermansen, RickMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play08-21-1985God the Holy Spirit: His RegenerationKreitzer, PaulMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play08-25-1985Faith and FrustrationCotten, DavidAbraham: Profile of FaithGenesis _
Play09-04-1985I Reckon Im DeadBarbieri, LouisSelected Studies from RomansRomans 6
Play09-08-1985Growing in FaithCotten, DavidAbraham: Profile of FaithGenesis _
Play09-08-1985Secular Humanism: Religion of the 80sHarrell, RobertIssues Facing Todays YouthBible Bible
Play09-11-1985Long Arm of the LawBarbieri, LouisSelected Studies from RomansRomans _
Play09-15-1985Evangelism and ReapingHermansen, RickEvangelismBible Bible
Play09-15-1985Observable FaithCotten, DavidAbraham: Profile of FaithGenesis _
Play09-18-1985Thrill of Victory Agony of DefeatBarbieri, LouisSelected Studies from RomansRomans _
Play09-22-1985Reflections on Christian GivingCotten, DavidReflections on Christian GivingHebrews 10,13
Play09-25-1985Ultimate Victory Present HopeBarbieri, LouisSelected Studies from RomansRomans _
Play09-29-1985Dangerous Attitudes about Ministry GiftsLawson, MichaelServants of the Church1 Corinthians 12
Play09-29-1985Church and the Single AdultHeritage, Timothy DChurch and the Single AdultBible Bible
Play09-29-1985Evangelism and FearHermansen, RickEvangelismBible Bible
Play10-02-1985God Keeps His Word?Barbieri, LouisSelected Studies from RomansRomans _
Play10-06-1985The God of SalvationCotten, DavidSalvation ThemesHebrews 2
Play10-09-1985Practical RighteousnessBarbieri, LouisSelected Studies from RomansRomans _
Play10-13-1985Im Saved, Saved, Saved!Cotten, DavidSalvation ThemesBible Bible
Play10-30-1985Overview of Cultivating, Sowing, and ReapingHermansen, RickEvangelismBible Bible
Play11-03-1985Christian JoyHarrell, RobertStudies from JohnJohn 17
Play11-10-1985Words of ForgivenessHermansen, RickWords of ForgivenessBible Bible
Play11-10-1985Psalm 93Hermansen, RickPsalmsPsalm 93
Play11-15-1985Psalm 27Heritage, Timothy DStudies in PsalmsPsalm 27
Play11-17-1985So Great SalvationHeritage, Timothy DStudies from 1 Peter1 Peter _
Play11-29-1985The Time for ThanksgivingCotten, DavidThanksgiving MeditationsPhilippians 4:8
Play11-3-1985Words of ForgivenessHermansen, RickWords of ForgivenessLeviticus _
Play12-08-1985A God Who CommunicatesCotten, DavidChristmas MeditationsJohn 1
Play12-29-1985What the Baby BecameCotten, DavidContemplating ChristmasBible Bible