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Play01-04-1987A Matter of PriorityHeritage, Timothy DChallenge for the New YearBible Bible
Play01-07-1987Zephaniah, HabakkukHeritage, Timothy DOld Testament SurveyZephaniah _
Play01-11-1987Spiritual ExerciseHeritage, Timothy DChallenge for the New Year2 Peter 1
Play01-25-1987Gods Power, Provision, CorrectionCotten, DavidSecurity of the BelieverBible Bible
Play02-01-1987I Thessalonians 1:1-10Hermansen, Rick1 Thessalonians1 Thessalonians 1:1-10
Play02-01-1987Secure through Gods TrainingCotten, DavidSecurity of the BelieverHebrews 12
Play02-08-1987Jacob Pictures PeopleCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play02-08-1987I Thessalonians 2:10-3:5Hermansen, Rick1 Thessalonians1 Thessalonians 2:10-3:5
Play02-11-1987Introduction to Hebrew Poetry JobTerry, TomOld Testament SurveyJob _
Play02-15-1987New Heaven, New EarthHermansen, RickNew Heaven, New EarthRevelation 21
Play02-15-1987I Thessalonians 3:6-4:1-12Kendall, Paul1 Thessalonians1 Thessalonians 3:6-4:1-12
Play02-18-1987PsalmsTerry, TomOld Testament SurveyPsalm _
Play02-22-1987Mishandling GrudgesCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play02-22-1987I Thessalonians 4:13-5:28Barber, Jonathan1 Thessalonians1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:28
Play02-25-1987ProverbsTerry, TomOld Testament SurveyProverbs _
Play03-01-1987New BeginningsCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play03-04-1987EcclesiastesCotten, DavidOld Testament SurveyEcclesiastes _
Play03-08-1987Practicing Gods PresenceCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play03-11-1987Song of SolomonCotten, DavidOld Testament SurveySong of Solomon _
Play03-15-1987Making Life BeautifulCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play03-18-1987Major and Minor Prophets - IntroductionLong, BobOld Testament SurveyBible Bible
Play03-22-1987Who Is My Neighbor?Heritage, Timothy DWho Is My Neighbor?Luke 10
Play03-25-1987Prophets: Hosea, AmosLong, BobOld Testament SurveyHosea _
Play03-29-1987Learning through Lifes TroublesCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play04-01-1987Joel, Isaiah, MicahHeritage, Timothy DOld Testament SurveyJoel _
Play04-12-1987He Who Comes in the Name of the LordCotten, DavidContemplating EasterMatthew 21
Play04-19-1987Significance of EasterCotten, DavidContemplating EasterRomans 1
Play04-22-1987Jeremiah and LamentationsHeritage, Timothy DOld Testament SurveyJeremiah _
Play04-29-1987Jonah and NahumHeritage, Timothy DOld Testament SurveyJonah _
Play05-03-1987The Christian and TelevisionHermansen, RickContemporary Vital IssuesBible Bible
Play05-03-1987Divine HealingCotten, DavidContemporary Vital IssuesBible Bible
Play05-04-1987Wrestling with GodCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play05-06-1987Ezekiel, DanielHeritage, Timothy DOld Testament SurveyEzekiel _
Play05-10-1987Divine HealingCotten, DavidContemporary Vital IssuesBible Bible
Play05-10-1987The Christian and TelevisionHermansen, RickContemporary Vital IssuesBible Bible
Play05-13-1987Things Mothers TeachCotten, DavidChristian ParenthoodBible Bible
Play05-13-1987Daniel, Haggai, Zechariah, MalachiHeritage, Timothy DOld Testament SurveyDaniel _
Play05-20-1987Faith Works & Eternal SecurityKreitzer, PaulProblem PassagesRevelation 3
Play05-24-1987The Family, Part IBarber, JonathanContemporary Vital IssuesBible Bible
Play05-24-1987Becoming a Compassionate StewardHermansen, RickChristian GrowthLuke 12
Play05-27-1987Eternal SecurityCotten, DavidProblem PassagesGalatians 5
Play05-31-1987Lifes Hidden IdolsCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play06-03-1987Eternal Security ContCotten, DavidProblem PassagesBible Bible
Play06-07-1987Taking Stock of LifeCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play06-10-1987Water BaptismKreitzer, PaulProblem PassagesBible Bible
Play06-14-1987Facing the FutureCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play06-21-1987A Fathers AdviceCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play06-21-1987Prophecy IntroductionCotten, DavidContemporary Vital IssuesBible Bible
Play06-21-1987Prophecy: Two Phases of Christs ComingHeritage, Timothy DContemporary Vital IssuesBible Bible
Play06-24-1987Philippians 4:19Heritage, Timothy DProblem PassagesPhilippians 4:19
Play06-29-1987Recognize Your GiftCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play07-01-1987Matthew 8:10-12Heritage, Timothy DProblem PassagesMatthew 8:10-12
Play07-05-1987Qualities to Be DevelopedHeritage, Timothy DStudies from 1 Peter1 Peter _
Play07-19-1987The Family, Part IIBarber, JonathanContemporary Vital IssuesBible Bible
Play07-19-1987Israel in ProphecyCotten, DavidContemporary Vital IssuesBible Bible
Play07-26-1987A God-Like AttitudeCotten, DavidDavid, Man of GodBible Bible
Play07-29-1987Preparation of Those Who Serve GodKreitzer, PaulPreparation of Those Who Serve GodIsaiah 6
Play08-02-1987The Family, Part IIIBarber, JonathanContemporary Vital IssuesBible Bible
Play08-02-1987Jesus Different Sayings: Pluck Out Your EyeHermansen, RickContemporary Vital IssuesBible Bible
Play08-02-1987Christ in Lifes VocationCotten, DavidLessons in Practical TheologyBible Bible
Play08-05-1987HusbandKreitzer, PaulMarriage RolesBible Bible
Play08-09-1987Why Did Jesus Have to Die?Hermansen, RickChristian Growth1 John 2
Play08-12-1987WifeKreitzer, PaulMarriage RolesBible Bible
Play08-23-1987Meeting Needs with Inadequate ResourcesCotten, DavidLessons in Practical TheologyBible Bible
Play08-26-1987The GospelsKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyBible Bible
Play08-30-1987Begin with OneKrueger, DaveEvangelismBible Bible
Play08-30-1987Program or ProcessKrueger, DaveEvangelismBible Bible
Play09-02-1987Jesus Life and MinistryKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyBible Bible
Play09-06-1987Managing Our ResourcesCotten, DavidLessons in Practical TheologyBible Bible
Play09-09-1987MiraclesKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyBible Bible
Play09-13-1987The Quality of OpennessCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play09-16-1987ParablesHermansen, RickNew Testament SurveyBible Bible
Play09-20-1987Are Pastors Human?Hermansen, RickContemporary Vital IssuesBible Bible
Play09-20-1987Preferred PersonalityCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis 49
Play09-23-1987Sermon on the MountKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyBible Bible
Play09-27-1987Prophecy: Two Phases of Christs ComingHeritage, Timothy DContemporary Vital IssuesBible Bible
Play09-30-1987Olivet DiscourseKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyBible Bible
Play10-04-1987How God Normally Meets Life NeedsCotten, DavidLessons in Practical TheologyBible Bible
Play10-07-1987Death and Resurrection of JesusKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyBible Bible
Play10-11-1987What Christian Missions IsCotten, DavidWhat Christian Missions IsBible Bible
Play10-18-1987The Concern of Jesus ChristBreese, DavidLiving in Days of DestinyJohn 16
Play10-18-1987The Call to VisionBreese, DavidLiving in Days of DestinyJohn 4
Play10-25-1987Responding to Gods HeartMadison, LeslieLearning from JonahBible Bible
Play10-25-1987Gods Heart for HeathenMadison, LeslieLearning from JonahBible Bible
Play10-28-1987Acts - The Church BeginsKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyActs _
Play11-01-1987Psalm of the CrossCotten, DavidPsalm of the CrossPsalm 22
Play11-01-1987PrayerHitchcock, MarkPrayerBible Bible
Play11-04-1987The Church GrowsKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyActs _
Play11-08-1987Psalm of the CrossCotten, DavidPsalm of the CrossPsalm 22
Play11-15-1987The One Who Was ThankfulHermansen, RickChristian GrowthLuke 17
Play11-18-1987The Church is ScatteredKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyActs _
Play11-22-1987Thanksgiving: for Days of TroubleCotten, DavidThanksgiving MeditationsPhilippians 4:8
Play11-25-1987Church to the GentilesBarber, JonathanNew Testament SurveyActs _
Play11-29-1987Paul, the Thankful SinnerHermansen, RickChristian Growth1 Timothy 1
Play12-02-1987The Church Extends OverseasKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyActs _
Play12-03-1987In Full Time - Gods SonCotten, DavidChristmas MeditationsGalatians 4:4
Play12-06-1987Why Israel Cant Find PeacePentecost, DwightProphecyDeuteronomy 28,30
Play12-06-1987Our Purifying HopePentecost, DwightProphecyBible Bible
Play12-09-1987Churchs Leaders on TrialKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyBible Bible