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Play01-13-1991War and Peace: What Is a Christian to Do?Faulkner, RandallWar and Peace: What Is a Christian to Do?Psalm 46:6-11
Play01-27-1991Evidences of New LifeFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play02-10-1991Wonders Never Cease - Or Do They?Faulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play02-10-1991I Believe in MiraclesFaulkner, RandallReasons to BelieveBible Bible
Play02-17-1991The Bible and Science Do Not Contradict Each OtherFaulkner, RandallReasons to BelieveBible Bible
Play02-17-1991Bridging Barriers with the GospelFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play02-24-1991Responding To ChangeFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play02-24-1991Is Anybody Out There?Faulkner, RandallReasons to BelieveBible Bible
Play03-03-1991A Rumor of AngelsFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play03-03-1991Death Is Just the BeginningFaulkner, RandallReasons to BelieveBible Bible
Play03-08-1991Keeping in Touch with GodWarren, PaulKeeping in Touch with GodBible Bible
Play03-09-1991Keeping in Touch with GodWarren, PaulKeeping in Touch with GodBible Bible
Play03-09-1991Keeping in Touch with GodWarren, PaulKeeping in Touch with GodBible Bible
Play03-09-1991Keeping in Touch with GodWarren, PaulKeeping in Touch with GodBible Bible
Play03-10-1991An Act of SeeingFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play03-17-1991Three Essential ThingsFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 11-13
Play03-17-1991He Was More Than a ManFaulkner, RandallReasons to BelieveBible Bible
Play03-24-1991Counterfeit ReligionFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 13:4-12
Play03-31-1991Forgiveness and FreedomFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play04-07-1991Take a Stand for ChristFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play04-07-1991Our God Is SufficientFaulkner, RandallReasons to BelieveGenesis 26
Play04-08-1991Mary MagdaleneBryan, ShirleyLukes LadiesLuke 8:1-3
Play04-09-1991How to Handle Loss and PainBryan, ShirleyLukes LadiesLuke 7:11-17
Play04-09-1991Mary and MarthaBryan, ShirleyLukes LadiesLuke 10
Play04-09-1991Women in the End TimesBryan, ShirleyLukes LadiesLuke 21
Play04-14-1991Evangelism UpdateHermansen, RickEvangelism at MetropolitanBible Bible
Play04-14-1991Dangers, Toils and SnaresFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play04-21-1991Mission Accomplished, Pt1Faulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 14:23-28
Play04-28-1991The Duration of the Gift of TonguesShowers, RenaldSpiritual GiftsBible Bible
Play04-28-1991Discernment of Spiritual GiftsShowers, RenaldSpiritual GiftsBible Bible
Play04-28-1991The Temporary Nature of Some Spiritual GiftsShowers, RenaldSpiritual GiftsBible Bible
Play05-07-1991Mission Accomplished, Pt2Faulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 14:23-28
Play05-12-1991A Living ExampleHeritage, Timothy DMothers DayProverbs 31
Play05-19-1991Christian Liberty and the Law of LoveFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 15:1-35
Play05-26-1991A Beachhead in EuropeFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play06-02-1991What Must I Do to Be Saved?Faulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play06-05-1991God Gives EncouragementFaulkner, RandallGod Gives Encouragement2 Corinthians 1:3-11
Play06-09-1991A Tale of Two CitiesFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play06-09-1991DoubtFaulkner, RandallThe Deadly Effects of LegalismBible Bible
Play06-16-1991How Big Is Your God?Faulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play06-16-1991Division, Dissention, DistractionFaulkner, RandallThe Deadly Effects of LegalismBible Bible
Play06-23-1991Is Everybody Happy?Heritage, Timothy DA Study of the BeatitudesMatthew 5:1-12
Play06-24-1991One Anothers of the New TestamentHeritage, Timothy DOne Anothers of the New TestamentBible Bible
Play06-26-1991More on the BeatitudesHeritage, Timothy DA Study of the BeatitudesMatthew 5:3-12
Play06-30-1991Step Back and BowFaulkner, RandallStep Back and Bow2 Peter 1:3
Play06-30-1991Perspectives in Troubled TimesHermansen, RickPerspectives in Troubled TimesPsalm 77
Play06-30-1991God or GiantsHitchcock, MarkSufferingHebrews 3
Play07-07-1991Living Above Guilt and FearFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 18:1-17
Play07-14-1991The Need of the HourKim, BillyWake Up, America!Bible Bible
Play07-14-1991World Evangelism & TestimonyKim, BillyWake Up, America!Bible Bible
Play07-14-1991The Power of the GospelKim, BillyWake Up, America!Bible Bible
Play07-21-1991The God of All ComfortHeritage, Timothy DThe God of All Comfort2 Corinthians 1:1-11
Play07-28-1991The Word of God GrewFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play07-28-1991Why I Believe in Expository PreachingFaulkner, RandallWhy I Believe in Expository PreachingBible Bible
Play08-04-1991Questions and AnswersWalvoord, John FSignificance of Bible ProphecyBible Bible
Play08-04-1991Is There Evidence That the Rapture Is Near?Walvoord, John FSignificance of Bible ProphecyBible Bible
Play08-04-1991The Middle East CrisisWalvoord, John FSignificance of Bible ProphecyBible Bible
Play08-11-1991Separated unto GodFaulkner, RandallSeparated unto God2 Corinthians 6:14
Play08-11-1991Changed Lives, Public WitnessFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 19
Play08-18-1991A Riot in The StreetsFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 19:21-40
Play08-25-1991A Complete MinistryFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 20
Play09-01-1991Trouble in the Temple, Pt2Faulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 21
Play09-01-1991Trouble in the Temple, Pt1Faulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 21
Play09-08-1991Our Cultural Context Pt 1Anderson, KerbyUnderstanding Our CultureBible Bible
Play09-08-1991Reaching Baby BoomersBustersAnderson, KerbyUnderstanding Our CultureBible Bible
Play09-08-1991Our Cultural Context Pt 2Anderson, KerbyUnderstanding Our CultureBible Bible
Play09-15-1991Pauls Personal TestimonyFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 22
Play09-15-1991And They Shall Become OneMcAfee, RonAnd They Shall Become OneBible Bible
Play09-22-1991A Life-Changing VisionCotten, DavidSeraphimIsaiah 6
Play09-22-1991Laborers Together with GodCotten, DavidWitnessing1 Corinthians 3
Play09-29-1991The Use and Misuse of PowerFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 23
Play09-29-1991God Is Building PeopleFaulkner, RandallGod Is Building PeopleBible Bible
Play10-02-1991Hannah Dedicates SamuelFaulkner, RandallThe Life of Samuel1 Samuel 1
Play10-06-1991The Battle Is OnFaulkner, RandallSpiritual WarfareEphesians 6
Play10-06-1991No Place for HypocrisyFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 6
Play10-09-1991Needed: A Faithful PriestFaulkner, RandallThe Life of Samuel1 Samuel 2,3
Play10-13-1991The Belt of TruthHermansen, RickSpiritual WarfareEphesians 6
Play10-16-1991EbenezerFaulkner, RandallThe Life of Samuel1 Samuel _
Play10-20-1991A Dead Man Named JesusFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 25
Play10-20-1991The Breastplate of RighteousnessFaulkner, RandallSpiritual WarfareEphesians 6
Play10-23-1991Portrait of a Spiritual LeaderFaulkner, RandallThe Life of Samuel1 Samuel _
Play10-27-1991Set Forth Your CaseFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 26
Play10-27-1991The Shoes of the GospelHeritage, Timothy DSpiritual WarfareEphesians 6
Play10-31-1991Muslim, Hindu & Cross Culture CameosDorrell, Jimmy & JanetWhat Is God Doing in the World?Bible Bible
Play10-31-1991Church PlantingWilson, LouisWhat Is God Doing in the World?Bible Bible
Play11-13-1991God Is with Us in Our DisappointmentsFaulkner, RandallThe Life of Samuel1 Samuel _
Play11-17-1991The Shield of FaithHermansen, RickSpiritual WarfareEphesians 6
Play11-17-1991Weathering the Storms of LifeFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 27
Play11-20-1991Samuels Swan SongFaulkner, RandallThe Life of Samuel1 Samuel _
Play11-24-1991Brothers and OthersFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 28
Play11-24-1991The Helmet of SalvationHeritage, Timothy DSpiritual WarfareEphesians 6
Play12-01-1991The Man Who Feared FailureFaulkner, RandallNo Time for FearLuke 1
Play12-04-1991Obedience Is BetterFaulkner, RandallThe Life of Samuel1 Samuel _
Play12-08-1991The Sword of the SpiritHeritage, Timothy DSpiritual WarfareEphesians 6
Play12-08-1991The Woman Who Feared Gods BlessingFaulkner, RandallNo Time for FearLuke 1
Play12-11-1991Three Episodes from Samuels Final DaysFaulkner, RandallThe Life of Samuel1 Samuel _
Play12-15-1991The Man Who Feared Public OpinionFaulkner, RandallNo Time for FearBible Bible
Play12-22-1991Just Do It: A Response to FearFaulkner, RandallNo Time for FearBible Bible
Play12-29-1991The Faithful ServantHeritage, Timothy DThe Faithful ServantMatthew 24:45-51