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Play01-05-1992The Church in the Former USSRProkopchuk, AnatolySufferingBible Bible
Play01-05-1992A Christians Joy and SufferingProkopchuk, AnatolyJoy & SufferingBible Bible
Play01-12-1992Jesus Is Coming AgainFaulkner, RandallJesus Is Coming AgainBible Bible
Play01-26-1992Spiritual Hunger in Eastern EuropeMugg, JimMissionsBible Bible
Play01-26-1992A Reluctant MissionaryFaulkner, RandallJonahJonah 1
Play02-02-1992Heart to HeartFaulkner, RandallHeart to HeartBible Bible
Play02-02-1992Disobedience Brings DisciplineFaulkner, RandallJonahJonah 1:4-17
Play02-05-1992Characteristics of CultsFaulkner, RandallCharacteristics of CultsBible Bible
Play02-06-1992IntroductionCutler, Carol1-2 PeterBible Bible
Play02-09-1992Jonahs PrayerFaulkner, RandallJonahJonah 2:1-10
Play02-09-1992DiscipleshipPotter, RobertDiscipleshipBible Bible
Play02-13-1992I Peter 1:1-12Cutler, Carol1-2 Peter1 Peter 1:1-12
Play02-16-1992The Priority of PraiseFaulkner, RandallThe Priority of PraisePsalm 117
Play02-16-1992Jonahs Second ChanceFaulkner, RandallJonahJonah 3
Play02-20-1992I Peter 1:13-25Cutler, Carol1-2 Peter1 Peter 1:13-25
Play02-23-1992Angry Enough to Die, Part 1Faulkner, RandallJonahJonah 4
Play02-23-1992Angry Enough to Die, Part 2Faulkner, RandallJonahJonah 4
Play02-27-1992I Peter 2:1-10Cutler, Carol1-2 Peter1 Peter 2:1-10
Play02-29-1992GraceElliot, ElisabethKnowing GodBible Bible
Play02-29-1992DiligenceElliot, ElisabethKnowing GodBible Bible
Play02-29-1992WillElliot, ElisabethKnowing GodBible Bible
Play03-05-1992I Peter 2:11-25Cutler, Carol1-2 Peter1 Peter 2:11-25
Play03-11-1992Lesson 1: Matthew 16Barber, JonathanDiscipleship & the Person of ChristMatthew 16
Play03-12-1992I Peter 3:1-22Cutler, Carol1-2 Peter1 Peter 3:1-22
Play03-18-1992Lesson 2: Luke 9Barber, JonathanDiscipleship & the Person of ChristLuke 9
Play03-25-1992Lesson 3: John 13Barber, JonathanDiscipleship & the Person of ChristJohn 13
Play03-26-1992I Peter 4:1-19Cutler, Carol1-2 Peter1 Peter 4:1-19
Play04-01-1992Lesson 4: Matthew 28Barber, JonathanDiscipleship & the Person of ChristMatthew 28
Play04-02-1992I Peter 5:1-14Cutler, Carol1-2 Peter1 Peter 5:1-14
Play04-09-1992II Peter 1:1-21Cutler, Carol1-2 Peter2 Peter 1:1-21
Play04-23-1992II Peter 2:1-22Cutler, Carol1-2 Peter2 Peter 2:1-22
Play04-26-1992From a Missionarys HeartBerger, JohnMissionsBible Bible
Play04-30-1992II Peter 3:1-18Cutler, Carol1-2 Peter2 Peter 3:1-18
Play05-06-1992The Failure of SamsonStrauss, JohnSamson - The JudgeJudges _
Play05-07-1992Praise gatheringCutler, Carol1-2 PeterBible Bible
Play05-10-1992RuthPhillips, JohnRuthRuth _
Play05-10-1992HagarPhillips, JohnHagarGenesis _
Play05-10-1992Budding of the Fig TreePhillips, JohnA Look at ProphecyMatthew 24
Play05-11-1992Questions and AnswersPhillips, JohnA Look at ProphecyBible Bible
Play05-11-1992He Is the King of GloryPhillips, JohnA Look at ProphecyBible Bible
Play05-12-1992Resurrection Body of the BelieverPhillips, JohnA Look at ProphecyBible Bible
Play05-13-1992Revelation OverviewPhillips, JohnA Look at ProphecyBible Bible
Play05-17-1992Gods Vision for Our ChurchFaulkner, RandallGods Vision for Our Church2 Chronicles 17:7-27
Play05-24-1992Sharing His GloryFaulkner, RandallGreat Words of Salvation1 Peter 1
Play06-07-1992Cast All Your Care on HimFaulkner, RandallCast All Your Care on Him1 Peter 5:5-7
Play06-07-1992A Word of TestimonyHeritage, Timothy DA Word of TestimonyBible Bible
Play06-14-1992Overdoming or OverwhelmedCudjoe, DuaneSufferingRomans 8
Play07-01-1992Psalm 1Dockum, RoyThe Book of PsalmsPsalm 1
Play07-05-1992Friends in High PlacesFaulkner, RandallFriends in High PlacesLuke 16:1-15
Play07-08-1992Psalm 131Hermansen, RickThe Book of PsalmsPsalm 131
Play07-12-1992The Testimony of a Beautiful WalkKempton, WendellThe Testimony of a Beautiful WalkActs 20:20-21
Play07-12-1992Association of Baptists for World EvangelismKempton, WendellMissions ReportBible Bible
Play07-12-1992The Testimony of a Beautiful WalkKempton, WendellThe Testimony of a Beautiful WalkActs 20:16-19
Play07-15-1992Psalm 9Faulkner, RandallThe Book of PsalmsPsalm 9
Play07-22-1992Psalm 51Utnage, BillThe Book of PsalmsPsalm 51
Play07-29-1992Psalm 113Barber, JonathanThe Book of PsalmsPsalm 113
Play08-09-1992Encouragement to PrayFaulkner, RandallEncouragement to PrayLuke 1:1-13
Play08-16-1992The Reason We ExistCudjoe, DuaneGreat CommissionMatthew 28
Play08-16-1992Growing in Christ through the WordPotter, RobertPractical EvangelismBible Bible
Play08-19-1992Psalm 27Sleeper, JulianThe Book of PsalmsPsalm 27
Play08-23-1992The Priority of PrayerFaulkner, RandallThe Priority tf PrayerMatthew 18:19
Play08-26-1992Psalm 139Gary, L L BudThe Book of PsalmsPsalm 139
Play08-30-1992The Poison Root of BitternessFaulkner, RandallLittle Foxes Spoil the VineBible Bible
Play09-02-1992Psalm 100Richart, BobThe Book of PsalmsPsalm 100
Play09-06-1992Laziness: Disorderly ConductFaulkner, RandallLittle Foxes Spoil the VineBible Bible
Play09-13-1992How to Pray for EvangelismCarmichael, FrankEvangelismBible Bible
Play09-13-1992Anger: A Little Fox with Sharp TeethFaulkner, RandallLittle Foxes Spoil the VineGenesis 4
Play09-20-1992Three Essentials in EvangelismMoyer, LarryEvangelismColossians 4
Play09-20-1992Whos Good Enough for Heaven?Moyer, LarryEvangelismPhilippians 3
Play10-04-1992Parental Opportunity & ResponsibilityStewart, BillParentingBible Bible
Play10-04-1992Effective ListeningStewart, BillParentingBible Bible
Play10-04-1992Why Do We Put Up with All This?Stewart, BillParentingBible Bible
Play10-11-1992Barriers Become OpportunitiesHermansen, RickBarriers in EvangelismBible Bible
Play10-11-1992DiscouragementFaulkner, RandallLittle Foxes Spoil the VinePsalm 31
Play10-18-1992Temptation: A Birds Nest in Your HairFaulkner, RandallLittle Foxes Spoil the VineJames 1
Play10-25-1992Guidelines for ParticipationHeritage, Timothy DRunning the Race1 Corinthians 9
Play10-25-1992A Song for the Stressed-OutFaulkner, RandallLittle Foxes Spoil the VinePsalm 46
Play11-04-1992Debtors Are Not AshamedSong, JohnMissionsRomans 1
Play11-07-1992Testimony of a Living Rice ChristianSong, JohnMissionsBible Bible
Play11-08-1992Perspective and PerseveranceMay, BernieFaithBible Bible
Play11-08-1992Principles of Faith: MultiplicationMay, BernieFaithBible Bible
Play11-15-1992The High Cost of EnvyFaulkner, RandallLittle Foxes Spoil the VineGenesis 37
Play11-22-1992Escape from EmptinessFaulkner, RandallLittle Foxes Spoil the VineRomans 6
Play11-29-1992Rising Above RegretFaulkner, RandallLittle Foxes Spoil the VineDeuteronomy 3:23-27
Play12-06-1992The Lords Return in I ThessaloniansStrauss, LehmanProphecy Conference1 Thessalonians _
Play12-06-1992Matthew 24Strauss, LehmanProphecy ConferenceMatthew 24
Play12-06-1992How Prophecy Meets Spiritual NeedsStrauss, LehmanProphecy ConferenceBible Bible
Play12-13-1992A Child Is BornFaulkner, RandallAdvent MeditationsIsaiah 9
Play12-20-1992Our Glorious KingFaulkner, RandallAdvent MeditationsIsaiah 9
Play12-20-1992Whats in a Name?Faulkner, RandallAdvent MeditationsIsaiah 9