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Play01-02-1994Behave As a Citizen ShouldFaulkner, RandallPhilippiansPhilippians _
Play01-02-1994Realistic Assessment of Life on EarthFaulkner, RandallRealistic Assessment of Life on EarthPsalm 90
Play01-09-1994Its All in the Attitude Part IFaulkner, RandallPhilippiansPhilippians 2
Play01-09-1994A Faithful WitnessHeritage, Timothy DFaithfulness under Fire2 Timothy 1
Play01-16-1994What Is This Thing Called Discipleship?Moyer, LarryEvangelismMatthew 4
Play01-16-1994Who Did God Come to Save?Moyer, LarryEvangelismLuke 19
Play01-23-1994Faithful ServantHeritage, Timothy DFaithfulness under Fire2 Timothy 2
Play01-23-1994Its All in the Attitude Part IIFaulkner, RandallPhilippiansPhilippians 2
Play01-30-1994Faithful ServantHeritage, Timothy DFaithfulness under Fire2 Timothy 3
Play02-06-1994Advantages of a Servants LifestyleFaulkner, RandallPhilippiansPhilippians _
Play02-06-1994Faithful TeacherHeritage, Timothy DFaithfulness under Fire2 Timothy 4
Play02-13-1994Worship and PraiseFaulkner, RandallWorship and PraisePsalm 103
Play02-13-1994Profit and LossFaulkner, RandallPhilippiansPhilippians 3
Play02-20-1994Holding Together When Life Comes ApartFaulkner, RandallEncouragement from JobJob _
Play02-20-1994Running the RaceFaulkner, RandallPhilippiansPhilippians 3:8-14
Play02-27-1994Intimations of ImmortalityFaulkner, RandallEncouragement from JobJob _
Play03-06-1994Where to Look When You Cant See GodFaulkner, RandallEncouragement from JobJob _
Play03-13-1994Is God Really Listening?Faulkner, RandallEncouragement from JobJob _
Play03-20-1994Discovering Ourselves in Crisis TimesFaulkner, RandallEncouragement from JobJob _
Play03-27-1994Discovering God in a Time of CrisisFaulkner, RandallEncouragement from JobJob _
Play04-03-1994I Know That My Redeemer LivesFaulkner, RandallEncouragement from JobJob _
Play04-10-1994Pattern for DiscipleshipFaulkner, RandallPhilippiansPhilippians 3:17-20
Play04-17-1994God-Centered EvangelismFaulkner, RandallGod-Centered EvangelismBible Bible
Play04-24-1994What Is a Family?Faulkner, RandallChristian FamilyGenesis 2:18-24
Play05-01-1994Our Heavenly HomeFaulkner, RandallPhilippiansPhilippians 3:20-21
Play05-01-1994How to Be a One Woman ManFaulkner, RandallChristian FamilyBible Bible
Play05-08-1994Living in HarmonyFaulkner, RandallPhilippiansPhilippians 4:1-9
Play05-08-1994Profile of a Godly WomanFaulkner, RandallChristian Family1 Samuel 1
Play05-15-1994The Finished Work of ChristLightner, RobertGlorying in the CrossBible Bible
Play05-15-1994The Cross and the GospelLightner, RobertGlorying in the CrossBible Bible
Play05-22-1994Honor Your ParentsFaulkner, RandallChristian FamilyExodus 20:12
Play05-29-1994How to Have a Good FightFaulkner, RandallChristian FamilyMatthew 5:21-24
Play05-29-1994Silent HeroesFaulkner, RandallPhilippiansPhilippians 4:20-23
Play06-05-1994The Greatest Goal in MarriageFaulkner, RandallChristian FamilyEphesians 5
Play06-08-1994Live Up to Your PotentialHermansen, RickLive Up to Your PotentialPhilippians 4
Play06-12-1994There Is HopeHeritage, Timothy DThere Is HopeBible Bible
Play06-12-1994Valuing DiversityStrauss, JohnValuing DiversityRomans 14
Play06-19-1994Wear the Shoes You Want FilledFaulkner, RandallChristian Family1 Samuel 2,3
Play06-19-1994Jesus Christ, Encourager of PeopleHermansen, RickJesus Christ, Encourager of PeopleJohn 14
Play06-24-1994CommunicationFaulkner, RandallChristian FamilyProverbs _
Play06-26-1994Jesus Christ, Encourager of PeopleHermansen, RickJesus Christ, Encourager of PeopleRevelation 3
Play07-03-1994The Bible and the Christian CitizenHeritage, Timothy DThe Bible and the Christian CitizenRomans 13
Play07-17-1994The Trademark of True ChristianityFaulkner, RandallColossiansColossians _
Play07-24-1994Instructions for the RaceHeritage, Timothy DRunning the RacePhilippians 4
Play07-31-1994The Life That Pleases GodFaulkner, RandallColossiansColossians 1:10-14
Play08-07-1994The Ministry of EncouragementMadison, RandySuffering2 Corinthians 1
Play08-14-1994The Kingdom of LightFaulkner, RandallColossiansColossians 1:12-14
Play08-28-1994Who Is Jesus Christ?Faulkner, RandallColossiansColossians 1:15-18
Play09-04-1994War and PeaceFaulkner, RandallColossiansColossians 1:19-23
Play09-11-1994The Making of a MinisterFaulkner, RandallColossiansColossians _
Play09-18-1994Introduction, Part IFaulkner, RandallDanielDaniel _
Play09-18-1994The Sufficiency of ChristFaulkner, RandallColossiansColossians _
Play09-25-1994Introduction, Part IIFaulkner, RandallDanielDaniel _
Play09-25-1994The Ultimate VictoryFaulkner, RandallColossiansColossians 2:8-15
Play09-30-1994The Temptation to Wield PowerHarrell, RobertMan to ManBible Bible
Play09-30-1994The Temptation to Be MachoHarrell, RobertMan to ManBible Bible
Play10-02-1994Sacred SmallnessCudjoe, DuaneParablesMark 4
Play10-02-1994The Gifts Of GraceFaulkner, RandallColossiansColossians 1:15-22
Play10-09-1994Chapter 2Faulkner, RandallDanielDaniel 2
Play10-09-1994The Five PsHeritage, EstherThe Five PsPhilippians 4
Play10-09-1994Counterfeit ReligionFaulkner, RandallColossiansColossians 2:16-23
Play10-16-1994Friends of God CannotHermansen, RickFriends of God CannotEphesians 2
Play10-23-1994History in AdvanceFaulkner, RandallDanielDaniel 2:24-49
Play10-23-1994Bringing Heaven to EarthFaulkner, RandallColossiansColossians 3:1-7
Play10-30-1994The Unified ChurchFaulkner, RandallColossiansColossians 3:8-14
Play10-30-1994The Fire of TestingFaulkner, RandallDanielDaniel _
Play11-06-1994Moses, What Is That in Your Hand?Ebersol, RussellCommitmentBible Bible
Play11-06-1994Reaching the Helpless, HomelessEbersol, RussellEvangelismJohn _
Play11-13-1994Because a Man Left His HomeGupta, BobbyEvangelismBible Bible
Play11-13-1994Becoming an AmbassadorGupta, BobbyEvangelism2 Corinthians 5:14-20
Play11-20-1994An Invitation to WorshipFaulkner, RandallColossiansColossians 3:15-17
Play11-20-1994A Lesson in TheologyFaulkner, RandallDanielDaniel 4
Play11-27-1994Bringing It HomeFaulkner, RandallColossiansColossians 3:12-21
Play11-27-1994Weighed and WantingFaulkner, RandallDanielDaniel 5
Play12-04-1994You and Your WorkFaulkner, RandallColossiansColossians 3:22-24
Play12-04-1994God Is AbleFaulkner, RandallDanielDaniel 6
Play12-11-1994The Friendship FactorFaulkner, RandallColossiansColossians 4
Play12-18-1994Someone Is Coming and It Isnt Santa!Faulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristBible Bible
Play12-25-1994The Hinge of HistoryFaulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristMatthew 1:23