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Play01-01-1995An Attitude for the FutureCotten, DavidAttitude1 Samuel 13,16
Play01-08-1995The Silent YearsFaulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristLuke 2:39-52
Play01-08-1995The Verdict and the VindicationFaulkner, RandallDanielDaniel _
Play01-15-1995John and JesusFaulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristBible Bible
Play01-15-1995Daniel 7:1-14Faulkner, RandallDanielDaniel 7:1-14
Play01-29-1995The Authority of ChristFaulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristJohn 2:12-25
Play02-05-1995The Authority of Christ, Part IIFaulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristJohn 2
Play02-12-1995Contagious ChristianityFaulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristJohn 4
Play02-12-1995Gods Blueprint for BelieversMadison, RandyUnityEphesians 4
Play02-19-1995Our Mission Is to MinisterFaulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristLuke 4
Play02-19-1995Daniel 7Faulkner, RandallDanielDaniel 7
Play02-26-1995Daniel 8Faulkner, RandallDanielDaniel 8
Play02-26-1995Dealing with DoubtFaulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristMatthew 11:2-30
Play03-05-1995On the Threshold of MysteryFaulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristBible Bible
Play03-12-1995Praying for a NationFaulkner, RandallDanielDaniel 9:1-19
Play03-12-1995The Bread of LifeFaulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristJohn 6:25-35
Play03-19-1995The Seventy Weeks of DanielFaulkner, RandallDanielDaniel 9:20-27
Play03-19-1995In His StepsFaulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristJohn 6:60-71
Play03-26-1995Daniel Engaged in Spiritual WarfareFaulkner, RandallDanielDaniel _
Play03-26-1995Does God Play Fair?Faulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristBible Bible
Play04-02-1995A Survey of the End TimesFaulkner, RandallDanielDaniel 12,13
Play04-09-1995A Marked ManFaulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristMatthew 21,23
Play04-13-1995ElohimFaulkner, RandallThe Names of GodBible Bible
Play04-16-1995Why Mary, Why Me?Faulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristJohn 20:1-28
Play04-23-1995Is Anybody Listening?Heritage, Timothy DIs Anybody Listening?Hebrews 12:25-29
Play04-30-1995Many Convincing ProofsFaulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristActs 1:1-8
Play04-30-1995Who Are These Guys?Heritage, Timothy DGod at Work in the Old TestamentBible Bible
Play05-07-1995How God Keeps His PromisesRobinson, HaddonGods PromisesBible Bible
Play05-07-1995Backsliding Choir DirectorRobinson, HaddonAsaphPsalm 73
Play05-14-1995Two Models of MotherhoodFaulkner, RandallTwo Models of MotherhoodBible Bible
Play05-28-1995How to Get Your Needs MetFaulkner, RandallHow to Get Your Needs MetPhilippians 4
Play05-28-1995When We Get Around to ItHeritage, Timothy DGod at Work in the Old TestamentHaggai 1
Play06-04-1995The Path to RenewalHeritage, Timothy DGod at Work in the Old TestamentHaggai 2
Play06-11-1995Elohim: Making Theology PersonalFaulkner, RandallThe Names of GodBible Bible
Play06-11-1995Signs of Spiritual DeclineHeritage, Timothy DGod at Work in the Old TestamentMalachi _
Play06-18-1995Yahweh: The God Who Communicates IFaulkner, RandallThe Names of GodBible Bible
Play06-18-1995Weakening the Family StructureHeritage, Timothy DGod at Work in the Old TestamentBible Bible
Play06-25-1995Yahweh: The God Who Communicates IIFaulkner, RandallThe Names of GodBible Bible
Play07-02-1995Adonai: LordFaulkner, RandallThe Names of GodJoshua 1
Play07-02-1995Practical Lessons on Church LifeFaulkner, RandallPractical Lessons on Church Life1 Thessalonians 5
Play07-16-1995More Pictures of Christ in the RevelationLawson, MichaelRevelaitonRevelation _
Play07-16-1995Picture of Jesus Christ in the RevelationLawson, MichaelRevelationRevelation _
Play07-23-1995El ShaddaiFaulkner, RandallThe Names of GodGenesis 7:1-8
Play07-30-1995Jehovah Jireh, Part 1Faulkner, RandallThe Names of GodGenesis 22:1-14
Play08-06-1995Jehovah Jireh, Part 2Faulkner, RandallThe Names of GodGenesis 22:1-14
Play08-13-1995Worship the God of the StormCudjoe, DuaneWorshipPsalm 29
Play08-20-1995A Call to UnityHeritage, Timothy DA Call to UnityEphesians 4
Play08-27-1995Jehovah NissiFaulkner, RandallThe Names of GodExodus 17:8-16
Play09-03-1995Yahweh Tsidkenu: The Lord Our RighteousnessFaulkner, RandallThe Names of GodJeremiah 23
Play09-10-1995Yahweh Raah: The Lord My ShepherdFaulkner, RandallThe Names of GodPsalm 23
Play09-17-1995Yahweh Shalom: The Lord Our PeaceFaulkner, RandallThe Names of GodJudges 6
Play09-21-1995Introduction to RomansFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans _
Play09-24-1995Romans 1:8-17Faulkner, RandallRomansRomans 1:8-17
Play09-28-1995Yahweh Rapha: The Lord Who HealsFaulkner, RandallThe Names of GodRomans _
Play10-01-1995The Ws of John 4, Pt 2Brant, HowardThe Woman at the WellJohn 4
Play10-01-1995The Ws of John 4, Pt 1Brant, HowardThe Woman at the WellJohn 4
Play10-04-1995Reporting in 1995Mugg, JimMissionsBible Bible
Play10-07-1995Prayer Accomplishes MuchMugg, JimPrayerBible Bible
Play10-07-1995Winning MuslimsGeisler, JimMissionsBible Bible
Play10-08-1995All Power Is Given unto MeKim, BillyMissionsBible Bible
Play10-08-1995Prayer, Prerequisite for RevivalKim, BillyMissionsBible Bible
Play10-15-1995The Wrath of GodFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 1:18
Play10-19-1995Yahweh Shammah: The Lord Is ThereFaulkner, RandallThe Names of GodRomans _
Play10-26-1995Yahweh Sabaoth: The Lord of HostsFaulkner, RandallThe Names of GodRomans _
Play10-29-1995What Happens When God Lets GoFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans _
Play11-02-1995El Elyon: The Most High GodFaulkner, RandallThe Names of GodRomans 12
Play11-05-1995God Does Not Show FavoritismFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans _
Play11-05-1995Key to a Healthy Concept of GodFaulkner, RandallKeys to Healthy LivingRomans _
Play11-12-1995Key to a Healthy MindFaulkner, RandallKeys to Healthy LivingRomans 4:30-32
Play11-19-1995Key to Healthy RelationshipsFaulkner, RandallKeys to Healthy LivingRomans _
Play11-26-1995Key to Healthy BusinessFaulkner, RandallKeys to Healthy LivingRomans _
Play12-03-1995Gods VerdictFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 3:21-31
Play12-03-1995Darkness Will EndHermansen, RickA Light in the DarknessIsaiah 9:2-7
Play12-10-1995Our Guiding StarBrink, GaryA Light in the DarknessBible Bible
Play12-10-1995Exchanging Guilt for GraceFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans _
Play12-17-1995Only God Knows WhenTaggart, ShemA Light in the DarknessBible Bible
Play12-24-1995A Light in the DarknessFaulkner, RandallA Light in the DarknessRomans _
Play12-24-1995Focus on the LightHeritage, Timothy DA Light in the DarknessBible Bible