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Play01-07-1996Creative Collaboration with GodFaulkner, RandallCreative Collaboration with GodActs 3
Play01-14-1996The Power and PresenceHeritage, Timothy DGod, the Holy SpiritBible Bible
Play01-14-1996How to Live by Faith, Part 1Faulkner, RandallRomansRomans 4:1-25
Play01-21-1996The Baptism and IndwellingHeritage, Timothy DGod, the Holy SpiritBible Bible
Play01-21-1996How to Live by Faith, Part 2Faulkner, RandallRomansRomans _
Play01-28-1996Experiencing a Growing FaithFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans _
Play01-28-1996Contemporary Things Attributed to HimHeritage, Timothy DGod, the Holy SpiritBible Bible
Play02-04-1996A Pattern for WorshipFaulkner, RandallOur Core ValuesRomans 29
Play02-04-1996Benefits of a Guilt Free LifeFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans _
Play02-11-1996Basic Guidelines for ChristiansHermansen, RickBasic Guidelines for ChristiansMicah 6
Play02-11-1996Some Are Gifted, All Are to EvangelizeHeritage, Timothy DSome Are Gifted, All Are to EvangelizeActs _
Play02-18-1996Results of JustificationFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 5:5
Play02-18-1996Bring the BookFaulkner, RandallOur Core ValuesRomans 8
Play02-25-1996A Caring CommunityFaulkner, RandallOur Core Values2 Chronicles 1
Play02-25-1996The Greatest GiftFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 5:12-21
Play03-03-1996Good News Is for SharingFaulkner, RandallOur Core ValuesRomans 1
Play03-10-1996Good News Is for Sharing, PtIIFaulkner, RandallOur Core Values1 Thessalonians 1
Play03-17-1996Go to Dark GethsemaneFaulkner, RandallChrist in GethsemaneRomans 26:36
Play03-17-1996A Funeral for the Person I WasFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans _
Play03-24-1996How Jesus Treats FailureFaulkner, RandallChrist in GethsemaneRomans 26:36
Play03-31-1996A Funeral for the Person I Was, Pt2Faulkner, RandallRomansRomans _
Play03-31-1996The Kiss of JudasFaulkner, RandallChrist in GethsemaneMatthew 26
Play04-07-1996Resurrection EvidenceFaulkner, RandallResurrection EvidenceBible Bible
Play04-14-1996The Freedom of Slavery and ObedienceFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans _
Play04-14-1996EthicsFaulkner, RandallThe Ten CommandmentsExodus 20
Play04-21-1996The Bottom Line of LifeLawrence, BillSpiritual LifePhilippians 3
Play04-21-1996Stormology 101Lawrence, BillSpiritual LifeMark 4
Play04-28-1996Putting God FirstFaulkner, RandallThe Ten CommandmentsExodus 20
Play04-28-1996The Purpose of the LawFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 7:1-11
Play05-05-1996The Purpose of the Law, Pt2Faulkner, RandallRomansRomans 7:12-25
Play05-05-1996Who May Dwell in the Sanctuary?Harrell, RobertWorshipPsalm 15
Play05-12-1996Making God in Mans ImageFaulkner, RandallThe Ten CommandmentsExodus 20:3-6
Play05-19-1996Finding Hope in a Time of ChangeHermansen, RickFinding Hope in a Time of ChangeLamentations 5
Play05-19-1996Finding Hope in a Time of ChangeHermansen, RickFinding Hope in a Time of ChangeLamentations 3
Play05-26-1996Life in the SpiritFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 8:1-4
Play05-26-1996Honoring God with Our Lives and LipsFaulkner, RandallThe Ten CommandmentsExodus 20
Play06-02-1996Life in the Spirit, Pt2Faulkner, RandallRomansRomans 8:5-17
Play06-02-1996Sanctify One Day in SevenFaulkner, RandallThe Ten CommandmentsExodus 20:8
Play06-09-1996Honoring Parents: Still in StyleFaulkner, RandallThe Ten CommandmentsExodus 20
Play06-09-1996Life in the Spirit, Pt 3Faulkner, RandallRomansRomans 8:5-17
Play06-16-1996Its a Privilege to Be a DadFaulkner, RandallIts a Privilege to Be a DadBible Bible
Play06-16-1996The Destiny of the Children of GodFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans _
Play06-23-1996Giving: A Gentle ReminderFaulkner, RandallGiving: A Gentle Reminder2 Corinthians 8,9
Play06-30-1996CertaintyFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 8:26-30
Play06-30-1996The Sanctity of Life, Pt1Faulkner, RandallThe Ten CommandmentsExodus 20:13
Play07-07-1996The Sanctity of Life, Pt2Faulkner, RandallThe Ten CommandmentsExodus 20:13
Play07-14-1996HaitiBerger, JohnAdvancing the GospelBible Bible
Play07-14-1996Good NewsBerger, JohnAdvancing the GospelBible Bible
Play07-21-1996Faith Is Our Capacity for GodHermansen, RickMaking Your Private Faith PublicMark 5
Play07-28-1996The Affair Proof MarriageFaulkner, RandallThe Ten CommandmentsExodus 20:14
Play08-04-1996Prepared for GloryFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 8:28
Play08-11-1996The Givers and the TakersFaulkner, RandallThe Ten CommandmentsExodus 20:15
Play08-18-1996Living the TruthFaulkner, RandallThe Ten CommandmentsExodus 20:16
Play08-25-1996Secrets of ContentmentFaulkner, RandallThe Ten CommandmentsExodus 20:17
Play09-01-1996Christian Liberty & the Law of LoveFaulkner, RandallThe Ten CommandmentsExodus _
Play09-08-1996Purposed for GloryFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 8:29-30
Play09-08-1996The Pharisee & the Tax CollectorFaulkner, RandallThe Parables of JesusLuke 18:9-14
Play09-15-1996The Prodigal SonFaulkner, RandallThe Parables of JesusLuke 15:11-32
Play09-15-1996Believers CertaintyFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 8:31-39
Play09-22-1996The SowerFaulkner, RandallThe Parables of JesusMark 4:1-20
Play09-22-1996Overwhelming VictoryFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 8:31-39
Play09-29-1996Pauls Concern for IsraelFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 9:1-3
Play09-29-1996The Unmerciful ServantFaulkner, RandallThe Parables of JesusMatthew 18:21-35
Play10-13-1996Love Must Motivate Our MissionColeman, RobertMissionsJohn 21
Play10-13-1996The Fields Are White unto HarvestColeman, RobertMissionsJohn 4
Play10-20-1996The Good SamaritanFaulkner, RandallThe Parables of JesusLuke 10:25-37
Play10-20-1996Gods Sovereign ChoiceFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 9:1-29
Play10-27-1996The Danger of Self-Centered LivingFaulkner, RandallThe Parables of JesusLuke 12:13-21
Play10-27-1996Gods Sovereign Choice, Part 2Faulkner, RandallRomansRomans 9:1-29
Play11-03-1996The Great BanquetFaulkner, RandallThe Parables of JesusLuke 14:15-24
Play11-03-1996Gods SalvationFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 9:30-10:21
Play11-10-1996The Builder and the KingFaulkner, RandallThe Parables of JesusLuke 14:25-35
Play11-10-1996Gods Salvation, Pt 2Faulkner, RandallRomansRomans 10:14-21
Play11-17-1996The TenantsHermansen, RickThe Parables of JesusMark 12:1-12
Play11-17-1996Make Your Public Faith ActiveHermansen, RickMaking Your Private Faith PublicMark 5
Play11-24-1996The TalentsFaulkner, RandallThe Parables of JesusMatthew 25:14-30
Play11-24-1996When a Nation Goes to SleepFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 11:1-10
Play12-01-1996Israels RestorationFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 11:11-15
Play12-01-1996The Workers in the VineyardFaulkner, RandallThe Parables of JesusMatthew 20:1-16
Play12-08-1996The Ten VirginsFaulkner, RandallThe Parables of JesusMatthew 25:1-13
Play12-15-1996The Parable of the WeedsFaulkner, RandallThe Parables of JesusMatthew 13:24-30
Play12-22-1996Bringing Heaven to Our HeartsFaulkner, RandallAdvent MeditationsJohn 1
Play12-29-1996Excuse Me, There Is a Camel in My Soup!Lawson, MichaelLoveMatthew 23