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Play01-05-1997Israels Restoration, Pt 2Faulkner, RandallRomansRomans 11:11-15
Play01-05-1997The Church Is a Caring CommunityFaulkner, RandallAssumptions about the ChurchRomans 11
Play01-12-1997The Church Is a Teaching CommunityFaulkner, RandallAssumptions about the ChurchRomans _
Play01-19-1997Israels Restoration, Pt 3Faulkner, RandallRomansRomans 11:11-24
Play01-19-1997The Church Is a Worshipping CommunityFaulkner, RandallAssumptions about the ChurchRomans _
Play01-26-1997Israels Restoration, Pt 4Faulkner, RandallRomansRomans 11:25-32
Play01-26-1997The Church Is a Witnessing CommunityFaulkner, RandallAssumptions about the ChurchRomans _
Play02-02-1997True and False ChristiansFaulkner, RandallWarnings about False ReligionsJude 1-4
Play02-02-1997Boggled Mind, Bended KneeFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 11:33-36
Play02-09-1997True and False BelieversFaulkner, RandallWarnings about False ReligionsJude 3-4
Play02-09-1997How to Use Your Spiritual Gifts, Pt1Faulkner, RandallRomansRomans _
Play02-16-1997Danger of Believing the Wrong ThingFaulkner, RandallWarnings about False ReligionsJude 5-7
Play02-16-1997How to Use Your Spiritual Gifts, Pt2Faulkner, RandallRomansRomans _
Play02-23-1997How to Recognize a False TeacherFaulkner, RandallWarnings about False ReligionsJude 8-10
Play02-23-1997How to Use Your Spiritual Gifts, Pt3Faulkner, RandallRomansRomans _
Play03-02-1997Learning to Pray from JesusHermansen, RickLearning to Pray from JesusMatthew 6
Play03-09-1997Much MoreFaulkner, RandallMuch More2 Chronicles 14-16
Play03-16-1997Christians Who Walk Their TalkFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans _
Play03-23-1997Our Passover PilgrimageFaulkner, RandallOur Passover PilgrimageLuke 19
Play03-23-1997Authentic ChristianityFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 12:9-16
Play03-30-1997Resurrection Power for MaturityFaulkner, RandallResurrection Power for MaturityHebrews 5-6
Play04-06-1997Lessons from Bible HistoryFaulkner, RandallWarnings about False ReligionsJude 11
Play04-06-1997The Do Nots of Your WalkFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans _
Play04-13-1997Our Duties As Christian CitizensFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans _
Play04-13-1997Empty ReligionFaulkner, RandallWarnings about False ReligionsJude 12-13
Play04-20-1997Enoch, Gods Messenger for TodayFaulkner, RandallWarnings about False ReligionsJude 14-16
Play04-20-1997Law of Love and Christian LifestyleFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans _
Play04-22-1997Flee, Follow and FightBryan, ShirleyGo for The Gold1 Timothy 3
Play04-22-1997Pressing on to GloryBryan, ShirleyGo for The Gold2 Timothy 4
Play04-27-1997Freedom of GraceFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 14:1-13
Play04-27-1997Dangerous DeceptionFaulkner, RandallWarnings about False ReligionsJude 17-19
Play05-04-1997Building Up One AnotherFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 14:13-15:4
Play05-04-1997God Living in YouFaulkner, RandallWarnings about False ReligionsJude 19-20
Play05-11-1997A Woman of Noble CharacterFaulkner, RandallA Woman of Noble CharacterProverbs 31
Play05-11-1997Living in GraceFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 14:13-15:2
Play05-18-1997The Image RestoredMcQuilkin, RobertsonThe Image Restored2 Corinthians 3
Play05-18-1997Rivers of Living WaterMcQuilkin, RobertsonRivers of Living WaterJohn 7
Play05-25-1997Praying in the Holy SpiritFaulkner, RandallWarnings about False ReligionsJude 20
Play05-25-1997Walking in LoveFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 14:15-15:4
Play06-01-1997Praying in the Holy Spirit, PtIIFaulkner, RandallWarnings about False ReligionsJude 20
Play06-15-1997Examples of FatherhoodFaulkner, RandallExamples of FatherhoodActs 10,16,18
Play06-15-1997Unity in the ChurchFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 15:5
Play06-22-1997Keeping and Being KeptFaulkner, RandallWarnings about False ReligionsJude 21
Play06-29-1997Walking or StumblingHast, TimWalking or StumblingHosea 14
Play07-06-1997Wake Us from Our LeprosyDorrell, JimmyMissionsMatthew 17
Play07-06-1997The Organic ChurchDorrell, JimmyChurchActs 2
Play07-13-1997Word of God - Living, Active, PiercingTaggart, ShemWord of God - Living, Active, PiercingHebrews 4:12
Play07-13-1997Love Is SupremeHermansen, RickLove1 Corinthians 13
Play07-20-1997Personal TestimonyGlover, BillA Light in the DarknessBible Bible
Play07-20-1997Living the Truth in a World of LiesFaulkner, RandallWarnings about False ReligionsJude 22-23
Play07-20-1997The Attitudes of LoveHermansen, RickLove1 Corinthians 13:4-7
Play07-27-1997Love EnduresHermansen, RickLove1 Corinthians 13
Play07-27-1997Four Reasons to PraiseFaulkner, RandallWarnings about False ReligionsJude 24-25
Play08-03-1997Who Is He and What Does He Do?Faulkner, RandallThe Holy SpiritRomans _
Play08-10-1997Baptism & Fullness of the Holy SpiritFaulkner, RandallThe Holy SpiritRomans _
Play08-24-1997Baptism & Fullness of the Holy Spirit, Pt2Faulkner, RandallThe Holy SpiritRomans _
Play08-31-1997Are Miracles for Today?Faulkner, RandallThe Holy SpiritRomans _
Play09-05-1997Questions & AnswersBrown, SteveEcclesiologyBible Bible
Play09-05-1997People of God, YallBrown, SteveEcclesiology1 Corinthians 3
Play09-07-1997Charismatics - Whats Right and WrongFaulkner, RandallThe Holy SpiritRomans _
Play09-14-1997Renewal: The Heart of the MatterFaulkner, RandallSeeking God: A Pattern for Renewal2 Chronicles _
Play09-21-1997Charismatics-Whats Right & Wrong, Pt3Faulkner, RandallThe Holy SpiritRomans _
Play09-24-1997Charismatics-Whats Right & Wrong, Pt2Faulkner, RandallThe Holy SpiritRomans _
Play09-28-1997The Heart of a MissionaryFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 15:5-25
Play09-28-1997What Can Be Greater?Faulkner, RandallSeeking God: A Pattern for Renewal2 Chronicles 8-9
Play10-05-1997Questions & AnswersFinzel, HansMissionsBible Bible
Play10-05-1997Finishing the TaskFinzel, HansGood SamaritanJohn 4
Play10-12-1997Q&A and ChallengeJordan, JoeMissionsBible Bible
Play10-12-1997Gods Concept of MissionsJordan, JoeMissionsActs 20
Play10-19-1997Missed OpportunitiesFaulkner, RandallSeeking God: A Pattern for Renewal2 Chronicles 10-12
Play10-26-1997Trusting God: Essential for RenewalFaulkner, RandallSeeking God: A Pattern for Renewal2 Chronicles _
Play10-26-1997The Heart of a Missionary, Pt 2Faulkner, RandallRomansRomans 15:5-25
Play11-02-1997The Ministry of GivingFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 15:25-33
Play11-02-1997Five Resolutions for Spiritual RenewalFaulkner, RandallSeeking God: A Pattern for Renewal2 Chronicles _
Play11-09-1997Unholy AlliancesFaulkner, RandallSeeking God: A Pattern for Renewal2 Chronicles 17-19
Play11-09-1997The Role of Women in the ChurchFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 16
Play11-16-1997Taking the Truth to HaitiBerger, JohnHaitiBible Bible
Play11-16-1997Power in PraiseFaulkner, RandallSeeking God: A Pattern for Renewal2 Chronicles 20
Play11-23-1997Indispensable FriendshipsFaulkner, RandallRomansRomans 16
Play11-23-1997The Discipline of LoveFaulkner, RandallSeeking God: A Pattern for Renewal2 Chronicles 21-28
Play11-30-1997Fear of the LordHermansen, RickMotivations for Pleasing God2 Corinthians 5:10
Play11-30-1997Marks of Real RenewalFaulkner, RandallSeeking God: A Pattern for Renewal2 Chronicles 29-32
Play12-07-1997The Love of ChristHermansen, RickMotivations for Pleasing God2 Corinthians 5:14
Play12-07-1997When a Nation Forgets GodFaulkner, RandallSeeking God: A Pattern for Renewal2 Chronicles _
Play12-14-1997Isaiahs ImmanuelFaulkner, RandallProphetic Portraits of ChristIsaiah 7:14
Play12-21-1997Born to Be KingFaulkner, RandallProphetic Portraits of ChristIsaiah 9:6,7
Play12-21-1997Peace on EarthFaulkner, RandallProphetic Portraits of ChristIsaiah 11