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Play01-03-1999In the Life of the BelieverFaulkner, RandallThe Glory of GodBible Bible
Play01-03-1999Why Jesus CameFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 1:21-28
Play01-10-1999In the ResurrectionFaulkner, RandallThe Glory of God1 Corinthians 15:35-50
Play01-10-1999Jesus Revealed His AuthorityFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 1:21-45
Play01-17-1999The Glory of the KingdomFaulkner, RandallThe Glory of GodBible Bible
Play01-17-1999Why Ask Why?Faulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 2
Play01-24-1999IntroductionHermansen, RickSeven Last Words of ChristBible Bible
Play01-24-1999The EgyptiansHast, TimThe EgyptiansExodus 14
Play01-31-1999Therapy of GivingHast, TimTherapy of GivingPsalm 50
Play02-07-1999Dealing with the Demonic, Pt1Faulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 3
Play02-07-1999Word 1: Father Forgive ThemHermansen, RickSeven Last Words of ChristLuke 23:34
Play02-12-1999What Does Jesus Expect of Us?Faulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 16
Play02-14-1999Dealing with the Demonic, Pt2Faulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 3
Play02-14-1999Today Youll Be With Me in ParadiseHermansen, RickSeven Last Words of ChristLuke 23:43
Play02-21-1999Here Is Your SonHere Is Your MotherHermansen, RickSeven Last Words of ChristJohn 19:26-27
Play02-21-1999Powerful ParablesFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 4:1-30
Play02-28-1999From Fear to FaithFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 4:35-5:43
Play02-28-1999Why Have You Forsken Me?Hermansen, RickSeven Last Words of ChristMark 15:34
Play03-07-1999What to Do When Your World Turns Against YouFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark _
Play03-14-1999Declaring War on DivorceTalley, JimMarriage2 Corinthians 5
Play03-14-1999I ThirstHermansen, RickSeven Last Words of ChristJohn 19:28
Play03-21-1999The Greatest NecessityFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 8:31
Play03-21-1999It Is FinishedHermansen, RickSeven Last Words of ChristJohn 19:30
Play03-28-1999Advance Notice of Christs DeathFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 14:1-42
Play03-28-1999Father, into your Hands I Commit My SpiritHermansen, RickSeven Last Words of ChristLuke 23:46
Play04-04-1999What If There Were No Resurrection?Faulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 16:1-8
Play04-11-1999The Promise of LifeFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 5:21-43
Play04-18-1999The Theology of RevelationFaulkner, RandallThe Theology of RevelationPsalm 19
Play04-18-1999Dangers of LegalismFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 7:1-23
Play05-02-1999Jesus Example of MissionsFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 7:24-8:26
Play05-02-1999The Significance of Our Lords AscensionFaulkner, RandallAspects of the AscensionBible Bible
Play05-09-1999What, How, and Why the Ascension?Faulkner, RandallAspects of the AscensionBible Bible
Play05-09-1999Let the Children ComeFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 8
Play05-16-1999Marks of Authentic FaithBrink, GaryMarks of Authentic FaithJames 2
Play05-23-1999Help My UnbeliefFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 8:1-21
Play05-30-1999Christ, the Prophet, Pt 1Faulkner, RandallAspects of the AscensionBible Bible
Play05-30-1999FaithFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark _
Play06-06-1999Christ, the Prophet, Pt 2Faulkner, RandallAspects of the AscensionBible Bible
Play06-06-1999The Uncomfortable Subject of HellFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark _
Play06-13-1999JonahTalley, JimJonahJonah 5
Play06-13-1999Learning to Pray with Other BelieversHermansen, RickLearning to Pray with Other BelieversActs 1
Play06-20-1999Learning to Pray with Other BelieversHermansen, RickLearning to Pray with Other BelieversActs 4
Play06-27-1999The Worlds Greatest QuestionFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 10:17-22
Play07-04-1999Jesus and a Thirsty WomanSlaughter, JamesGrace Lessons from Jesus LifeJohn 4
Play07-11-1999The Woman Caught in AdulterySlaughter, JamesGrace Lessons from Jesus LifeJohn 8
Play07-18-1999A Call to Radical DiscipleshipFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 10:17-31
Play07-25-1999Portrait of a ServantFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 10:32-45
Play07-25-1999Christ, the KingFaulkner, RandallAspects of the AscensionBible Bible
Play08-01-1999Your Missionary with HBIGupta, Paul RMissionsBible Bible
Play08-01-1999Missions in a Changing WorldGupta, Paul RMissionsBible Bible
Play08-08-1999What Do You Want Jesus to Do for You?Faulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark _
Play08-15-1999Of Barren Trees and Empty ReligionFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark _
Play08-22-1999Extravagant PrayerFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 11:22-25
Play08-29-1999The Rejection of JesusFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 11:27-12:12
Play09-05-1999The Authority and Sufficiency of ChristFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark _
Play09-12-1999Sacrificial Giving to GodFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 12:41-44
Play09-19-1999Are You Turning to a Different Gospel?Hermansen, RickGalatiansGalatians _
Play09-26-1999Signs of Christs ReturnFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 13:1-26
Play09-26-1999Does the Gospel Really Come from God?Hermansen, RickGalatiansGalatians _
Play10-03-1999Pressure to Change the Message of the GospelHermansen, RickGalatiansGalatians _
Play10-03-1999The First Lords SupperFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 14:1-26
Play10-17-1999Spiritual Warfare VictoriesLawson, MichaelMissionsBible Bible
Play10-17-1999Missionary StoriesLawson, MichaelMissionsBible Bible
Play10-24-1999Peter, Paul and Peer PressureHermansen, RickGalatiansGalatians 2:11-21
Play10-24-1999Your Gethsemane ExperienceFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 14:32-43
Play10-31-1999Living by Faith or Trying to Do the Right ThingHermansen, RickGalatiansGalatians _
Play10-31-1999Our Lords Arrest and TrialFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 14:43-65
Play11-07-1999Rising Above RegretFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 14:66-72
Play11-14-1999The Purpose of the LawHermansen, RickGalatiansGalatians 3:15-25
Play11-14-1999The Crucifixion of Our LordFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 15:1-33
Play11-21-1999Maintaining Spiritual HealthStrauss, JohnSpiritual Gifts1 Corinthians 12
Play11-21-1999Discovering Who You Are in ChristHermansen, RickGalatiansGalatians _
Play11-28-1999What a Shepherds Heart Looks LikeHermansen, RickGalatiansGalatians 4:8-20
Play11-28-1999What Is the Gospel?Faulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 15:22-16:8
Play12-05-1999The Story of Two WomenHermansen, RickGalatiansGalatians 4:21-31
Play12-05-1999The Lord Worked with ThemFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 16:9-20
Play12-19-1999Freedom with God and with PeopleHermansen, RickGalatiansGalatians 5:1-15
Play12-19-1999How to Celebrate ChristmasFaulkner, RandallAdvent MeditationsLuke 2:1-10
Play12-26-1999Looking Back and Looking AheadFaulkner, RandallLooking Back and Looking AheadLeviticus 25