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Play01-07-2007The King MakerFaulkner, RandallLife of David1 Samuel 7:9-12
Play01-07-2007Anticipation of the Lords ReturnFaulkner, RandallProphecies of ZephaniahZephaniah 3:1-20
Play01-21-2007A Heart for GodFaulkner, RandallLife of David1 Samuel 13:13-14; 16:7
Play01-28-2007David, the Giant KillerFaulkner, RandallLife of David1 Samuel 17
Play01-28-2007From Skepticism to ServanthoodFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames _
Play02-04-2007Preparation for GreatnessFaulkner, RandallLife of David1 Samuel 18-19
Play02-04-2007Coping with TrialsFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 1:1-11
Play02-11-2007Soul BrothersFaulkner, RandallLife of David1 Samuel 20
Play02-11-2007True ProsperityFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 1:9-12
Play02-18-2007Dont Blame GodFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 1:13-18
Play02-18-2007Desperate Times, Desperate MeasuresFaulkner, RandallLife of David1 Samuel 21-23
Play02-25-2007The Real Purpose of LifeFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 1:18
Play02-25-2007Love Your EnemiesFaulkner, RandallLife of David1 Samuel 24,26
Play03-04-2007In the Enemys CampFaulkner, RandallLife of David1 Samuel 27-29
Play03-11-2007Authentic ChristianityFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 1:19-27
Play03-11-2007The Takers and the GiversFaulkner, RandallLife of David1 Samuel 25
Play03-18-2007Are You Ready for the Real World?Faulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 1:27
Play03-18-2007Davids Darkest DayFaulkner, RandallLife of David1 Samuel 30
Play03-25-2007God Sees and Hears MeHermansen, RickGod Sees and Hears MeGenesis 16:1-16
Play03-25-2007Transformation of a Sinner into a SaintWaltke, BruceTransformation of a Sinner into a SaintGenesis 32:22-32
Play04-01-2007The Case of the Unfriendly UsherFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 2:1-13
Play04-01-2007The Tragedy of Lost OpportunityFaulkner, RandallLife of David1 Samuel 30 - 2 Samuel 1
Play04-06-2007Two Goats, Two Chickens, Sins ForgivenFaulkner, RandallGood Friday ServiceHebrews 9:24,27,28
Play04-08-2007Easter SurprisesFaulkner, RandallEaster SurprisesJohn 20:1-29
Play04-15-2007Israels New KingFaulkner, RandallLife of David2 Samuel 5
Play04-22-2007Doing Gods Work Gods WayFaulkner, RandallLife of David2 Samuel 6
Play04-22-2007Mercy and JudgementFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 2:10-13
Play04-29-2007Gods Covenant with DavidFaulkner, RandallLife of David2 Samuel 7
Play05-06-2007Justification By Works? Pt 1Faulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 2:14-26
Play05-06-2007Amazing GraceFaulkner, RandallLife of David2 Samuel 8-9
Play05-13-2007Justification By Works? Pt 2Faulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 2:14-26
Play05-13-2007Wives and MothersFaulkner, RandallLife of David2 Samuel 3:1-5; 6:16-23
Play05-20-2007In the Days of NoahDeYoung, JimmyBible ProphecyMatthew 24
Play05-20-2007Prophecies Concerning the Palestinian PeopleDeYoung, JimmyBible ProphecyEzekiel 35
Play05-27-2007Davids Great SinFaulkner, RandallLife of David2 Samuel 11
Play06-03-2007A Rad ChurchMeyer, NickA Rad Church1 Timothy _
Play06-03-2007The Dangers of Too Much ReligionStrauss, JohnThe Dangers of Too Much ReligionActs 6-7
Play06-10-2007The Great Cover-UpFaulkner, RandallLife of David2 Samuel 11:6-27
Play06-17-2007The Power of the TongueFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 3:2-12
Play06-17-2007Gods Favorite Name for HimselfLawson, MichaelGods Favorite Name for HimselfBible Bible
Play06-24-2007Come CleanFaulkner, RandallLife of David2 Samuel 12
Play07-01-2007God and Country Day MessageHumphreys, KirkGod and Country Day MessagePhilippians 2:25-30
Play07-08-2007Heavenly WisdomFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 3:13-18
Play07-08-2007The Sins of the FathersFaulkner, RandallLife of David2 Samuel 13,14
Play07-15-2007The Gospel According to DavidWoodyard, RobertThe Gospel According to David2 Samuel _
Play07-15-2007The First Prayer MeetingStrauss, JohnThe First Prayer MeetingActs 1:14
Play07-22-2007A King in ExileFaulkner, RandallLife of David2 Samuel 15-17
Play07-29-2007A Grief ObservedFaulkner, RandallLife of David2 Samuel 18-19
Play08-05-2007A New StartFaulkner, RandallLife of David2 Samuel 19
Play08-12-2007Keep On SingingFaulkner, RandallLife of David2 Samuel 22
Play08-19-2007Leaving a LegacyFaulkner, RandallLife of David2 Samuel 23-24
Play08-26-2007Biblical Assumptions about Life in the Church, Pt 1Faulkner, RandallMissions in 2007Acts 11:19-26
Play09-02-2007Biblical Assumptions about Life in the Church, Pt 2Faulkner, RandallMissions in 2007Acts 11:19-26
Play09-09-2007The Only Righteous JudgeFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 4:11-12
Play09-09-2007Outward Bound: The Churchs Mission, Pt 1Faulkner, RandallMissions in 2007Romans 15:5-33
Play09-16-2007Outward Bound, The Churchs Mission, Pt 2Faulkner, RandallMissions in 2007Romans 15:5-33
Play09-23-2007Lessons from the JungleBurnham, GraciaLessons from the JungleBible Bible
Play09-23-2007Outward Bound, The Churchs Mission, Pt 3Faulkner, RandallMissions in 2007Romans 15:5-33
Play09-30-2007Second Chance for Global ImpactBerger, JohnMissions Festival 2007Colossians 3:1-4
Play10-03-2007What Is True Religion?Aspegren, PhilMissions Festival 2007Isaiah 1:1-20
Play10-07-2007Living for the LostCallenberg, RickMissions Festival 2007Bible Bible
Play10-07-2007A New World ViewCallenberg, RickMissions Festival 2007John 1:9-14
Play10-14-2007Words for the WealthyFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 5:1-8
Play10-14-2007We Need the CreedFaulkner, RandallApostles Creed1 Timothy 3:16
Play10-21-2007Do You Know What You Believe?Faulkner, RandallApostles CreedRomans 4
Play10-21-2007Getting Ready to See the LordFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 5:7-12
Play10-28-2007Trouble with the TrinityFaulkner, RandallApostles CreedJohn 14:15-18
Play10-28-2007Seeing God in CreationFaulkner, RandallKnowing GodPsalm 19
Play10-28-2007The Art of Effective Prayer, Pt 1Faulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 5:13-18
Play11-04-2007How Big Is Your God?Faulkner, RandallApostles Creed2 Corinthians 6:14-18
Play11-04-2007The Art of Effective Prayer, Pt 2Faulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 5:13-18
Play11-07-2007He Seals YouHermansen, RickThe Holy SpiritBible Bible
Play11-11-2007Bonnie and ClydeWrytzen, DavidSkillful Living for the Next GenerationProverbs 1:8-18
Play11-11-2007Get It, No Matter What the CostWrytzen, DavidSkillful Living for the Next GenerationProverbs 4:1-9
Play11-18-2007Creation, Not ChanceFaulkner, RandallApostles CreedBible Bible
Play11-18-2007The Disciplines of LifeFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 5:15-20
Play11-22-2007Blessed Is the Lord - A Call to ThanksgivingBrown, MartyThanksgiving ServicesPsalm 33:12
Play11-25-2007The Lordship of ChristFaulkner, RandallApostles CreedPhilippians 2:9-11
Play11-25-2007Life Lessons from JamesFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames _
Play12-02-2007The Divine InvasionFaulkner, RandallApostles CreedMatthew 1:23-24
Play12-02-2007Life Lessons from JamesFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames _
Play12-09-2007Conceived of the Holy SpiritFaulkner, RandallApostles CreedLuke 1
Play12-16-2007The Humble Humanity of MaryFaulkner, RandallApostles CreedLuke 1:46-49
Play12-23-2007The Virgin Birth Really MattersFaulkner, RandallApostles CreedLuke 1:26
Play12-24-2007Gods Gift ListFaulkner, RandallChristmas Eve ServicesJohn 17:1-4
Play12-30-2007The Suffering GodFaulkner, RandallApostles CreedLuke 23