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Play01-04-2009Jesus Is Coming AgainFaulkner, RandallSecond ComingJohn 14:1-3
Play01-11-2009The Second Coming - A Private ScreeningFaulkner, RandallSecond ComingMatthew 16:28
Play01-18-2009The King and His KingdomFaulkner, RandallSecond ComingRevelation 19:11-20:6
Play01-25-2009The Kingdom Will ComeFaulkner, RandallSecond ComingRevelation 20:1-6
Play02-01-2009Values of a Disciplemaking ChurchFaulkner, RandallA Disciplemaking ChurchActs 11:19-26
Play02-08-2009When the World Is Against You, Part 1Faulkner, RandallLife of JosephGenesis 37
Play02-15-2009When the World Is Against You, Part 2Faulkner, RandallLife of JosephGenesis 37
Play02-22-2009Facing TemptationFaulkner, RandallLife of JosephGenesis 39
Play03-01-2009Life Is Not FairFaulkner, RandallLife of JosephGenesis 39
Play03-08-2009Joseph the VisionaryFaulkner, RandallLife of JosephGenesis 40
Play03-15-2009Preparing for an Uncertain FutureFaulkner, RandallLife of JosephGenesis 41
Play03-22-2009Judah: Paragon of Gods LoveWaltke, BruceJudah: Paragon of Gods LoveGenesis 37-44
Play03-22-2009Coming to Terms with ProsperityFaulkner, RandallLife of JosephGenesis 41
Play03-29-2009Making Friends with the FamilyFaulkner, RandallLife of JosephGenesis 42
Play04-05-2009Josephs Baby BrotherFaulkner, RandallLife of JosephGenesis 43-44
Play04-10-2009Good FridayHermansen, RickGood Friday ServiceIsaiah 52:13-53:1-6,11
Play04-12-2009A Matter of Death and LifeFaulkner, RandallEaster ServicesJob 14:7-17
Play04-19-2009All Things Work TogetherFaulkner, RandallLife of JosephGenesis 45
Play04-26-2009Pictures of GraceFaulkner, RandallLife of JosephGenesis 46-50
Play05-03-2009How Good Christians Sometimes Do the Devils WorkPritchard, RaySpring Bible Conference 2009Matthew 16
Play05-03-2009What Christ Does with FailurePritchard, RaySpring Bible Conference 2009John 21
Play05-10-2009A Mothers LoveBrown, DougA Mothers LoveExodus 2:1-10
Play05-17-2009Becoming a Successful AdultStrauss, JohnBecoming a Successful AdultLuke 2:40-52
Play05-24-2009The Certainty of Gods LoveFaulkner, RandallCertainties for Uncertain Days1 John 4:7-21
Play05-31-2009Security in ChristFaulkner, RandallCertainties for Uncertain DaysRomans 8:35-39
Play06-07-2009The Holy Spirit and YouFaulkner, RandallCertainties for Uncertain DaysEphesians 1:13-14
Play06-14-2009Dealing with DiscouragementHermansen, RickDealing with DiscouragementJeremiah 20:7-18
Play06-21-2009A Fathers LeadershipBrown, DougA Fathers LeadershipGenesis 22:1-18
Play06-28-2009Trading Doubt for AssuranceFaulkner, RandallCertainties for Uncertain Days1 John 5:9-15
Play07-05-2009God and Country Day Entire ServiceDunn, JeremyGod and Country DayIsaiah 55
Play07-05-2009Seek the LordDunn, JeremyGod and Country DayIsaiah 55
Play07-12-2009Are You Making a Difference?Dick, ArgylMidSummer Missions DayJohn 15:1-10
Play07-18-2009Adopted in Love, Restored by Grace Part 1Heritage, Newsom, and YeldermanAdopted in Love, Restored by GraceBible Bible
Play07-18-2009Adopted in Love, Restored by Grace Part 2Heritage, Newsom, and YeldermanAdopted in Love, Restored by GraceBible Bible
Play07-18-2009Adopted in Love, Restored by Grace Part 3Heritage, Newsom, and YeldermanAdopted in Love, Restored by GraceBible Bible
Play07-19-2009Wonders, Waves, and a Walk on WaterHeritage, Timothy DWonders, Waves, and a Walk on WaterMatthew 14:1-33
Play07-26-2009Enjoying the JourneyFaulkner, RandallCertainties for Uncertain DaysPhilippians 4:4-23
Play08-02-2009The Attraction of HeavenFaulkner, RandallCertainties for Uncertain Days2 Corinthians 12:1-6; Philippians 1:19-23
Play08-09-2009Jesus Is Coming AgainFaulkner, RandallCertainties for Uncertain DaysJames 5:7-9
Play08-16-2009Gods Promise of ProvisionFaulkner, RandallCertainties for Uncertain DaysPhilippians 4:19
Play08-23-2009Gods Anointed OneFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 2
Play08-30-2009Christ Our SacrificeFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 22
Play09-06-2009Christ Our ShepherdFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 23
Play09-13-2009Christ Our SovereignFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 24
Play09-20-2009Christ for the NationsFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 72
Play09-27-2009The Mission of the Church Is MissionsWare, CharlesMissions Festival 2009Matthew 28:18-20
Play09-27-2009Reaching All NationsWare, CharlesMissions Festival 20091 Corinthians 9:19-27
Play10-04-2009Rekindling Your Passion for MissionsStewart, Ashton TatMissions Festival 2009Psalm 42:1-2; Matthew 18:18-20
Play10-04-2009Open Hearts in a Closed LandStewart, Ashton TatMissions Festival 2009Bible Bible
Play10-11-2009Christ, A Man among MenFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 8
Play10-18-2009Christs DesireFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 40
Play10-25-2009Christs RejectionFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 118
Play11-01-2009Christs PassionFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 69
Play11-08-2009Christs ResurrectionFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 16
Play11-15-2009Christs PriesthoodFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 110
Play11-22-2009Christs ReturnFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 102
Play11-29-2009Christs ReignFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 45
Play12-06-2009The Shepherds: Examples of Obedient ActionFaulkner, RandallAdvent MessagesLuke 2:8-20
Play12-13-2009The Wise Men: Worship Is GivingFaulkner, RandallAdvent MessagesMatthew 2:1-12