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Play01-03-2010The Deceitful HeartBrown, DougThe Deceitful HeartJeremiah 17:9
Play01-10-2010A Theology of Prayer for the New YearFaulkner, RandallA Theology of Prayer for the New YearJohn 14:6-21
Play01-17-2010Becoming an Example to OthersHermansen, RickFaulkner 20th Anniversary1 Peter 5:1-4
Play01-17-2010Randy Faulkner 20th Anniversary CelebrationHermansen, RickFaulkner 20th AnniversaryHebrews 13:17
Play01-24-2010Faith Stories of the StaffCasey Oliver, Matt Menhennett, and Trudy HoffsommerFaith Stories of the StaffBible Bible
Play02-07-2010God Wants to Use You in His ServiceFaulkner, RandallSpiritual Gifts1 Corinthians 12:1-8
Play02-14-2010The Purpose of Your Spiritual GiftsFaulkner, RandallSpiritual GiftsEphesians 4:1-16
Play02-21-2010How to Discover Your Spiritual GiftsFaulkner, RandallSpiritual GiftsRomans 12:1-6
Play02-28-2010How to Use Your Spiritual GiftsFaulkner, RandallSpiritual GiftsRomans 12:1-13
Play03-07-2010Gods Personal WordFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 1:1-5
Play03-14-2010A Man with a VisionFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 1:6-28
Play03-21-2010How to Really Help Your ChildrenHermansen, RickHow to Really Help Your ChildrenEphesians 6:4
Play03-28-2010How to Join Gods FamilyFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 1:10-13
Play04-02-2010Christ in the PassoverTrank, RachelleGood Friday ServiceBible Bible
Play04-04-2010The Lamb of GodFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 1:29-34
Play04-11-2010Following JesusFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 1:35-51
Play04-18-2010The Pharisee and Tax CollectorStrauss, MarkTales of the Master Story TellerLuke 18:9-14
Play04-18-2010The Great BanquetStrauss, MarkTales of the Master Story TellerLuke 14:15-24
Play04-18-2010The Lost SonStrauss, MarkTales of the Master Story TellerLuke 15:11-31
Play04-25-2010Visions of AngelsFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 1:50-51
Play05-02-2010Who Is Jesus Christ?Faulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 1
Play05-09-2010A Mothers AdviceFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 2:1-11
Play05-16-2010A Passion for the House of GodFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 2:1-11
Play05-30-2010The Biblical PatroitMcCarty, HDThe Biblical Patriot2 Corinthians 5:11-13
Play06-06-2010The Most Famous Verse in the BibleFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 3:16
Play06-13-2010Out of the DarknessFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 3:17-21
Play06-20-2010The Attraction of HumilityFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 3:22-30
Play06-27-2010Gospel of JohnFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 4
Play07-04-2010RememberPurifoy, PaulRememberDeuteronomy 8
Play07-11-2010Reaching Internationals for ChristKennedy, BillReaching Internationals for ChristActs 11
Play07-18-2010Faithful ServiceBrown, DougFaithful Service1 Timothy 1:12-17
Play07-25-2010Why Worship God?Strauss, JohnWhy Worship God?Job Job
Play08-01-2010Living Water for a Thirsty SoulFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 4:1-29
Play08-08-2010The Savior of the WorldFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 4:30-45
Play08-15-2010Signs and WondersFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 4:46-54
Play08-22-2010Loving an Imperfect ChurchFaulkner, RandallLoving GODs Church1 Corinthians 1:1-17
Play09-05-2010Will You Wait for the LORD?Hermansen, RickWill You Wait for the LORD?Isaiah 40:31
Play09-09-2010Becoming a Woman of SimplicityHeald, CynthiaBecoming a Woman of SimplicityBible Bible
Play09-12-2010The Power of the Word and of the SpiritFaulkner, RandallLoving GODs Church1 Corinthians 2:6-16
Play09-19-2010The Trinity: GOD with Us TodayFaulkner, RandallLoving GODs Church1 Corinthians 3
Play09-26-2010Four Models of MinistryFaulkner, RandallLoving GODs Church1 Corinthians 4
Play10-03-2010What If Missions Were Done In a New Key?Dorlus, JeanMissions Festival 2010Matthew 28:18-20
Play10-03-2010In the Meantime, What Are We Suppose To Be Doing?Dorlus, JeanMissions Festival 2010Acts 1
Play10-06-2010Courageous FaithMcIntosh, DorseyMissions Festival 2010Bible Bible
Play10-10-2010Ambassador, Tell the Old Story, I Cant Read!Krueger, PaulMissions Festival 2010Bible Bible
Play10-10-2010Ambassador, Me?Krueger, PaulMissions Festival 2010Bible Bible
Play10-17-2010The Grace of God in the Works of JesusFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 5:1-18
Play10-24-2010Jesus and the FatherFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 5:19-24
Play10-31-2010Eternal Life or Eternal DeathFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 5:25-29
Play11-07-2010Reliable TestimonyFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 5:30-47
Play11-14-2010A Feast on a HillsideFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 6:1-15
Play11-21-2010Give Thanks to the God of HeavenFaulkner, RandallThanksgivingPsalm 136
Play11-28-2010Keeping a Heart for GodHermansen, RickKeeping a Heart for GodBible Bible
Play12-05-2010The Bread of LifeFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 6:35-51
Play12-12-2010Jesus Hard TeachingFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 6:52-71
Play12-19-2010Gods Holy OneFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 6:69