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1 Corinthians
1 Corinthians 12-14
1 Corinthians 13
1 John
1 Peter
1 Thessalonians
1 Timothy: Christian Culture Shock
1-2 Peter
1993 Prophecy Conference
2 Corinthians
2 Corinthians Summary Review
2 Timothy Exposition
2013 Missions Festival
2014 Missions Festival
2015 Missions Festival
2017 Missions Festival
2018 Missions Festival
20th Anniversary of Murrah Bombing
A Biblical Approach to the Occult
A Call to Unity
A Certain Man Had Two Sons
A Child Is Born
A Day of Contrast
A Disciplemaking Church
A Faithful and Unchanging God
A Family Kind of Thing
A Fathers Leadership
A Friend of Sinners
A Godly Mother
A Light in the Darkness
A Look at Colossians
A Look at Malachi
A Look at Prophecy
A Man after Gods Own Heart
A Mother
A Mothers Love
A New Commandment
A New Covenant
A Pastoral Prayer
A Perspective on Ministry
A Positive Approach to Pagans
A Prayer for Renewal
A Rad Church
A Reason for Our Hope
A Series on Isaiah
A Settled Conviction for Unsettled Times
A Sign for Times to Come
A Song of Thanksgiving
A Spirit of Gratitude
A Story of a Stiff-Necked People
A Study of the Beatitudes
A Survey of Israels History
A Thanksgiving Failure
A Theology of Prayer for the New Year
A Trustworthy Follower
A View of Gods House
A Vision for Discipleship
A Vision for the Nineties
A Woman of Noble Character
A Word of Testimony
A Word to Fathers
Abraham: Profile of Faith
Acts of the Apostles
Adopted in Love, Restored by Grace
Adopted into the Family
Adoption Accomplished and Applied
Advancing the Gospel
Advent 2013
Advent 2014
Advent 2015
Advent 2016
Advent Meditations
Advent Message in Matthew
Advent Messages
Affirm One Another
Alive in Christ
An Awesome Way to Pray
An Easter Headline
An Exposition of Daniel
An Exposition of Hebrews
An Exposition of Isaiah
An Interpretation of Prophets
An Overview of Revelation
And They Shall Become One
Anxiety Problems
Apostasy - Departure from the Faith
Apostles Creed
Aspects of the Ascension
Assumptions about the Church
Atonement of Christ
Attitudes in the Ministry
Back to Basics
Baptism & Salvation in Acts
Baptism and Salvation
Barriers in Evangelism
Basic Christian Doctrine
Basic Guidelines for Christians
Basic Issues in Our Gospel
Becoming All Things
Becoming a Successful Adult
Becoming a Woman of Simplicity
Being Rescued by God
Being a True Friend
Belief or Unbelief
Better Life
Beyond the Beatitudes
Bible Biographies
Bible Prophecy
Bible Study
Bible Study Methods
Biblical Contradictions
Biblical Doctrine Concerning Mental Illness
Biblical Doctrine of Man
Biblical Goals
Biblical Leadership
Biblical Perspective on Pride
Biblical Relationship in Marriage
Biblical Story
Biblical View of MaleFemale Relationships
Black America
Black Ministries
Body Life
Boils at New Year
Building Bridges of Love
Building Character in Difficult Times
Building Christian Character
Building a Life
Burden Bearing: A Personal Testimony
Bush Gal in Nigeria
Bush Pilot with SIM
Called to Victory
Calling the Church to Prayer
Can Fishing Increase Your Faith?
Caring Like a Mother
Carry the Light
Cast All Your Care on Him
Certainties for Uncertain Days
Challenge for the New Year
Character Counts
Characteristics of Cults
Chief Passages of Romans
Child Evangelism Fellowship
Children of God
Christ in Gethsemane
Christ in the Midst
Christ to the Seven Churches
Christ, Culture & Coffee
Christ, Culture & Coffee 2016
Christian Character
Christian Citizenship
Christian Ethics
Christian Family
Christian Growth
Christian Home
Christian Maturity
Christian Parenthood
Christian Social Action
Christian Suffering
Christianity from Gods Perspective
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve 2018
Christmas Eve Services
Christmas Letters
Christmas Meditations
Christmas Service
Christmas and the Cross
Christs Coming in the Thessalonian Epistles
Christs Work
Church Building
Church and the Single Adult
Church of the Open Door
Church reDefined
Cleaning Dirty Feet
Clear a Path for the Lord
Climbing Higher
Come to the Feast
Comfort Is Not an Option
Concealing the Good Thing
Concerning Jews and Future Things
Consequences of Not Being Where Youre Supposed to Be
Contemplating Christmas
Contemplating Easter
Contemplating the New Year
Contemporary Vital Issues
Core Values 2014
Core Values of Our Family
Cost of Commitment
Cottens Twenty-Fifth Celebration
Creation and Evolution
Creation vs Evolution
Creative Collaboration with God
Da Vinci Code
Da Vinci Code: Fact or Fiction?
Dancing into Heaven
David, Man of God
David: Principles of Friendship
Dead Sea Scrolls
Dealing with Discouragement
Develop Your Relationship with God
Discipleship & the Person of Christ
Discipleship 101
Disputable Practices
Divine Providence
Divorce and Remarriage
Doctrine Concerning Divine Healing
Does God Have a Plan for America?
Does God Have a Right?
Drinking from the Cup
Easing Someones Burden
Easter 2014
Easter 2015
Easter 2016
Easter 2018
Easter Meditations
Easter Services
Easter Surprises
Easter Week
Ecclesiology The Church
Elijahs Walk with God
Emotional Life
Emotional and Mental Health
Encountering God
Encourage Me
Encouragement from Job
Encouragement to Pray
Enemies of the Cross
Epochs in the Life of Jesus
Eternal Punishment
Eternal Security
Ethiopia Mission Trip Report
Evangelism Challenge
Evangelism at Metropolitan
Examples Unawares
Examples of Fatherhood
Exceeding Joy in Trying Times
Exposition of Luke 24
Expositions in Romans
Expressing Devotion to the Lord
Ezekiel - The Glory of God
Faith Stories of the Staff
Faith in Action
Faithful Service
Faithfulness under Fire
Family Bible Reading
Family Life
Family Life Seminar
Famous Failures
Famous Last Words
Farewell Service for Gary Brink & Lisa
Fatherhood: Heavenly, Earthly, Absentee
Fathers Day
Fathers Day 2017
Faulkner 20th Anniversary
Feeling Abandoned by God
Feeling Inferior in Serving God
Ferment in Contemporary Theology
Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage
Financial Decisions with Eternal Consequences
Finding Hope in a Time of Change
Finding Lost People
First John
First Peter
Fishing with Jesus
Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus
FlimFlam Faith
For the Joy Set before Him
Forces of Motivation
Foundation of Faith
Foundation of Truth
Foundations of Prophecy
Freedom from Fear
Friends in High Places
Friends of God Cannot
From Hero to Zero - Reflections on Retirement
Full Barns and Empty Hearts
Gems from the Psalms
Genesis 1-11
Genesis 11-22
Genesis 2
Get in the Gap
Gideon vs Midian
Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Gifts without Cost
Giving Your Life Away
Giving and Receiving Forgiveness
Giving: A Gentle Reminder
Glimpses of Eternity
Glorying in the Cross
Go for The Gold
Goals for the 80s
God & Country Day
God & Country Day 2014
God & Country Day 2015
God & Country Day 2016
God & Country Day 2017
God & Country Day 2018
God Bless You
God Cares about Sparrows - and Me
God Gives Encouragement
God Is Building People
God Sees and Hears Me
God Uses Humble People
God and Country Day
God and Country Day Message
God at Work in the Old Testament
God with Us
God, An Eagle with His Children
God, Our Help and Hope
God, the Holy Spirit
God-Centered Evangelism
Godly Fathers Exude Character
Gods Amazing Ways
Gods Favorite Name for Himself
Gods Gift to You
Gods Immanence
Gods Man May Be Mature
Gods Means Of Maturity
Gods Peace
Gods Plan for Worship
Gods Plan for Your Life
Gods Promises
Gods Providence
Gods Provision of Salvation
Gods Purpose
Gods Special People
Gods Vision for Our Church
Gods Will
Gods Word for a Shifting Culture
Good Friday Service
Good Samaritan
Good Things Happen When We Give
Gospel of John
Gospel to the City
Grace Giving
Grace Giving Is Generous Giving
Grace Lessons from Jesus Life
Grace and Guilt
Grace-Filled Marriage
Great Bible Personalities
Great Commission
Great Expectations
Great Promises of the Bible
Great Words of Salvation
Growing Pains
Habakkuk Exposition
Hearers and Doers
Heart to Heart
Heavenly Thoughts for Earthly Living
Hebrews: Christology
Hebrews: Continuance and Confidence
Heroes of the Faith
Hezekiah: A King of Kings
Highlights in Matthew
Highlights in the Life of Jacob
History of Israel
Holiness and Hope 1 Thessalonians
Holy Spirit
Hope for the Home
Hope for the Home in 98
Hope for the New Year
How Does God Feel When We Sin?
How Should a Christian Think:
How to Discover Your Spiritual Gift
How to Get Your Needs Met
How to Lead Your Child to Christ
How to Really Help Your Children
How to Recover Your Sense of Expectancy
How to Study the Bible
Humanism and the Sleeping Giant
I Am The Resurrection
I Corinthians 13
I Love America
I Will Build
Identity in Christ
If Youre in Christ, Youre a New Creation
In His Hands
In the Beginning Was the Word
Incarnation of Our Lord Jesus
Inter-Personal Relationships
Introduction to Old Testament History
Iran: The Coming Crisis
Is Anybody Listening?
Is God on Your Side?
Islam 101
Israel in Prophecy
Issues Facing Todays Youth
Issues in Christian Living
Its All His
Its a Privilege to Be a Dad
Jacob & Esau: Healing a Relationship
Jacob: Two Personalities
James on Christian Growth
James, 4 Tests In Chapter 1
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ, Encourager of People
Jesus Is Coming Again
Jesus Pattern of Prayer
Jesus Wept
Jesus and Anger
Jesus of Nazareth
Jesus, the Man
Journey to the Cross
Joy & Suffering
Joy through Adversity
Joy: Its Better Than Happiness
Judah: Paragon of Gods Love
Jude - Today & Tomorrow
Justified, Saved and Reconciled
Keeping a Heart for God
Keeping in Touch with God
Keys to Healthy Living
Knowing God
Lawsons Farewell Message
Leaning on the God of Comfort
Learning from Jonah
Learning from Proverbs
Learning to Pray from Jesus
Learning to Pray with Other Believers
Leaving a Legacy
Lemuels Burden
Lessons for Today from the Children of Israel
Lessons from Luke
Lessons from Proverbs
Lessons from the Jungle
Lessons from the Life of Moses
Lessons from the New Church for Our New Church
Lessons in Practical Theology
Let the Children Come
Let the Little Children Come
Life Lessons
Life Together
Life after Death
Life in the Spirit
Life of Christ
Life of David
Life of Faith
Life of Joseph
Links in the Chain, Part 1
Links in the Chain, Part 2
Little Foxes Spoil the Vine
Live Up to Your Potential
Living One Day at a Time
Living by Faith
Living for Christ
Living in Days of Destiny
Living in Grace
Living on Bread Alone
Looking Back - Looking Ahead
Looking Back and Looking Ahead
Looking at Psalms
Lords Supper
Love & Anger Marriage Conference
Love Is the Greatest
Love Your Neighbor As Yourself
Love in Action
Love in Action - Hebrews 13
Loving GODs Church
Loving God on His Terms
Loving and Serving God
Lukes Ladies
Made New
Major Bible Themes
Major Commandments for Christians
Major Themes in Christian Ministry
Make Me a Servant
Make Your Calling Sure
Making Sense of September 11
Making Your Private Faith Public
Man to Man
Many Will See
Marks of Authentic Faith
Marks of Greatness in a New Testament Church
Marriage Conference 2014
Marriage Conference 2015
Marriage Roles
Marriage: Mystery & Metarules
Marys Song
Memories of Jehovah
Messages in Matthew
Messages to the Youth
Messianic Expectations from Psalms
Metropolitan Church Practices
Metropolitans Mission, Method & Motive
MidSummer Missions Day
MidSummer Missions Day 2008
Ministry of the Gideons
Minor Prophets
Mission Impossible: Parent-Child Relationship
Missions Conference 1983
Missions Conference 2016
Missions Festival 2006
Missions Festival 2007
Missions Festival 2009
Missions Festival 2010
Missions Festival 2011
Missions Festival 2012
Missions Festival 2019
Missions Report
Missions Sunday 2018
Missions in 2007
Missions in the Local Church
Mothers Day
Mothers Day 2017
Mothers Day 2018
Motivations for Pleasing God
Much More
Music & the Supernatural Power of God
Muslim Ministries
My Beloved Son
My Farewell Message
Need for Compassion and Action
New Heaven, New Earth
New Testament
New Testament Principles for Giving
New Testament Survey
New Years Meditations
No Time for Fear
Noah: Living by Faith
OJPM Ministries
Obedience to God
Observations from an Outlier
Obvious Trust
Old Testament
Old Testament Character Studies
Old Testament History
Old Testament Survey
Olivet Discourse
On Gods Team
One Anothers of the New Testament
One Womans Story
Onesiphorus: Faithful Encourager
Open Theism
Operation Andrew
Ordinary People
Our Churchs Mission
Our Core Values
Our Living Faith
Our Lords Intercession for Us
Our Mission Is to Minister
Our Passover Pilgrimage
Our Spiritual Pilgrimage
Overpowering Love
Overview of Things to Come
Palm Sunday
Parables in Matthew 13
Parental Regard Means Social Order
Parenting Event 2017
Parenting Teens Seminar
Passing the Faith Along
Pauls Prayer for Enlightenment
PersonalFamily Finances
Personality Problems
Perspectives in Troubled Times
Peters Message Concerning Christian Homes
Peters Process of Failure
Pie in the Sky: Getting Rich Forever
Powerful Weapons for spiritual Battles
Practical Evangelism
Practical Lessons on Church Life
Practical Living
Practicing Hospitality
Prayer: The Umbilical Cord for Christians
Prayers We Should Pray
Preparation of Those Who Serve God
Present Suffering, Future Glory
Priesthood of the Believer
Principles for Endurance
Principles for Witnessing
Principles of Spiritual Productivity
Problem Passages
Prophecies of Zephaniah
Prophecy Conference
Prophetic Portraits of Christ
Psalm 1
Psalm 103
Psalm 113
Psalm 23
Psalm 3
Psalm of the Cross
Psalms for the Season
Purposeful Living
Put Your Hope in God
Racial Origins
Reaching Internationals for Christ
Reaching Out in Love
Reactions to the Resurrection
Ready to Share
Realistic Assessment of Life on Earth
Reality of Christian Experience
Reasons to Believe
Receiving the Kingdom of God
Rediscovering Christmas
Reflecting the Image of Christ
Reflections on Christian Giving
Reformation Sunday
Relevance of the Easter Message
Responsible Citizenship
Resurrection Evidence
Resurrection Power for Maturity
Revelation 1982
Revelation: Highlights of the Book
Ride on King Jesus
Right Attitudes in Suffering
Right Thinking
Rivers of Living Water
Romans 15
Romans 8
Running the Race
Saints or Sinners, Our Identity Is Christ
Salvation Themes
Samaritan Woman
Samson - The Judge
Samson, Man of Faith or Failure?
Science and the Bible
Scientific Creationism
Second Coming
Second Coming of Christ in 1 Thessalonians
Second Coming of Jesus Christ
Security of the Believer
Seeking God: A Pattern for Renewal
Selected Psalms
Selected Studies from Romans
Selecting Church Leaders
Sending Light into a Darkened World
Senior Recognition
Separated unto God
Servants of the Church
Set Apart
Seven Last Words of Christ
Sharing the Gospel with Boldness
Sharing the Gospel with People
Shoring Up the Family Structure
Significance of Bible Prophecy
Signs of the Times
Singing about Jesus
Single Parents and the Church Family
Skillful Living for the Next Generation
Sojourner Series
Sojourners Series
Some Are Gifted, All Are to Evangelize
Somebody Out There Is Watching!
Sovereignty of God
Speaking for Those Who Have No Voice
Spiritual Crises
Spiritual Friendships
Spiritual Gifts
Spiritual Life
Spiritual Maturity
Spiritual Refuge
Spiritual Warfare
Spreading the Flame
Spring Bible Conference
Spring Bible Conference 2009
Spring Bible Conference 2015
Spring Bible Conference 2016
Spring Bible Conference 2017
Sr Recognition Day 2016
Sr Recognition Sunday
Standing on Holy Ground
State of the Youth Address
Step Back and Bow
Stewardship 2015
Stewardship and Gods Grace
Stories about the Creation
Storm Season
Straight Talk to Men on the Move
Strategies of Satan
Studies from 1 Peter
Studies from John
Studies from Matthew
Studies from Psalms and Proverbs
Studies from Romans
Studies from the Gospels
Studies in 2 Timothy
Studies in Exodus
Studies in Galatians
Studies in Joshua
Studies in Lamentations
Studies in Matthew
Studies in Philippians
Studies in Psalms
Studies in Revelation
Studies in the Book of Acts
Study of Ezekiel
Summer Missions Day
Summer Missions Day 2014
Sunday School
Tabernacle of God in the Wilderness
Taking Risks for God
Tales of the Master Story Teller
Teaching from the Tabernacle
Temptations of Jesus
Ten Commandments
Thanksgiving Meditations
Thanksgiving Services
Thanksgiving: Festival of Tabernacles
That Blessed Hope
The Absurdity of Missions
The Abundant Life
The Angels Have a Message for You
The Assurance of Salvation
The Attributes of God
The Believer and the Lords Return
The Believers Motivation
The Believers Riches
The Bible and the Christian Citizen
The Bible, Science, and Origins
The Bible: The Foundation for the Christian Faith
The Biblical Patriot
The Blessedness of Dissatisfaction
The Blessings of Justification
The Book of James
The Book of Psalms
The Book of Revelation
The Book of Romans
The Character of a Life on Mission
The Christian Family
The Christian Home
The Christian Life
The Christian and Emotional Problems
The Christian and His World
The Christian and Moral Issues
The Christian and the World
The Christian in the Marketplace
The Christians Ambition
The Church
The Church Christ Is Building
The Church: A Caring Community
The Connected Church
The Cost of Commitment in Discipleship
The Cross of Christ
The Dangers of Too Much Religion
The Deadly Effects of Legalism
The Deceitful Heart
The Dedicated Church
The Demand for Dissatisfaction
The Desire for God
The Devotional Life of the Believer
The Discoveries of Eve
The Divine Presence of God
The Doctrine of the Biblical Church
The Doctrine of the Church
The Dynamics of Christian Living
The Egyptians
The Failure In Forgetting
The Faith of Motherhood
The Faith of a Mother
The Faithful Servant
The Fathers Love
The Fear of the Lord
The First Prayer Meeting
The First and the Last
The Five Ps
The Folly of Making God As We Want Him to Be
The Food and Faith of a Disciple
The Fragrance of the Lords Life
The Glory of God
The God of All Comfort
The God-Man, Jesus Christ
The Gospel According to David
The Gospel in Isaiah
The Gospel of Mark
The Grace of God
The Greatest Investment in the World
The Greatest Text in the Bible
The Greatness of God
The Healing Question
The Heart of God
The Holiness of God
The Holy Spirit
The Image Restored
The Importance of Music in the Church
The Incarnation
The Incarnation: God in Flesh
The Indwelling Holy Spirit
The Johannine Epistles
The Joy of Giving
The Kings Secrets
The Leadership of God
The Life of Christ
The Life of Elisha
The Life of Faith
The Life of Samuel
The Lion and the Lamb
The Living God and the Life of Man
The Lords Supper
The Masters Lessons in Mark
The Meaning of Divine Love
The Message of Easter
The Messianic Hope in the Old Testament
The Mighty Hand of God
The Ministry of Motherhood
The Miracles at Calvary
The Mote and the Beam in Davids Eye
The Names of God
The Nations Will Come
The Nature of God
The Nature of the Church
The New Testament Church
The Next Big Thing
The Parables of Jesus
The Passover: A Memorial
The Pentecostal Movement
The Pleasure of God
The Power of Biblical Thinking
The Power of Grace
The Power of Influence
The Power of Unanswered Prayer
The Prince of Peace
The Priority of Praise
The Priority tf Prayer
The Promise of Christs Return
The Properly Functioning Body
The Psalms
The Purpose of Problems in the Christian Life
The Rapture
The Rapture of the Church
The Relationship Between Faith & Works
The Renewed Mind
The Riddle of Life
The Rising of the Son
The Root of the Gospel
The Shepherd and the Sheep
The Sovereignty Of God
The Sovereignty of God
The Sovereignty of God & Human Suffering
The Spiritual Life
The Star of Jacob
The Sufficiency of the Scriptures
The Supremacy of Christ
The Ten Commandments
The Testimony of a Beautiful Walk
The Theology of Revelation
The Thessalonian Epistles
The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ
The Upper Room Discourse
The Vine, the Branches and the Fruit
The Walk of the Believer
The Widows Might
The Wills of God
The Woman at the Well
The Wonder of the Word
The Working Church
Theme of the Bible
Therapy of Giving
There Is Hope
Thinking Deeply about Christ & Culture
Thirsty for Jesus
This Ministry
Those Philippi People
Thoughts on a Royal Birth
Thy King Will Come
Tightening the Knot
Timeless Truths About Time
Titus: Guidelines for Living
To Us a Child Is Born
Together We Reach and Teach
Together in the New Year
Tongues Summary
Training Timothys
Transformation of a Sinner into a Saint
Transforming Truths from Hebrews 11
Transforming Truths from Hebrews 12
True Discipleship
Trusting God during Adversity
Twentieth Challenge: The Church
Two Models of Motherhood
Two Out of Twelve
Two Psalms
Understanding Our Culture
Understanding Todays Youth Culture
Unity thru Humility
Unravelling the Guidance Tangle
Upper Room Discourse
Urgency of the Hour
Valedictory Messages
Values of a Healthy Church
Valuing Diversity
Vision and Values of Metropolitan
Wake Up, America!
Walk This Way
Walk Your Talk
Walk through the New Testament
Walk through the Old Testament
Walking or Stumbling
Walking with God
Walking with Jesus
War and Peace: What Is a Christian to Do?
Warnings about False Religions
Watch the Lamb
Welcoming Jesus
Western Culture
What Christian Missions Is
What God Is Doing in Israel
What Is God Doing in the World?
What Is the Root of Bitterness?
What Makes a Church?
What On Earth Is Going On?
What Will You Be Remembered For?
What Would Bring You Peace?
What You Can Do for Jesus
What You Can Do for Your Pastor
What to Do When Jesus Visits Metropolitan
What to Do about Santa Claus
When God Says No
When I Am Afraid
When Saul Became Paul
Who God Is
Who Is My Neighbor?
Whom Do You Fear?
Why Do We Put Up With This?
Why God Permits Trials
Why I Believe in Expository Preaching
Why Jesus Came
Why Missions?
Why Worry?
Why Worship God?
Will You Wait for the LORD?
Winning Souls By Prayer
Winning the World
Wisdom for Living
Wise Living: A Study in Ecclesiastes & Song of Songs
Witnessing and Evangelism
Women of the Advent
Womens Events
Wonders, Waves, and a Walk on Water
Word of God - Living, Active, Piercing
Words of Forgiveness
Work Out Your Calling
Working with God
World Evangelism
World Missions 2016
World System
Worship 2015
Worship Matters
Worship and Praise
Worthship Implications
Yahwehs Day in Court
You Are Special
You Are the Rock
Your Spiritual Impact on Others