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Play05-13-2018A Mothers PrayerHermansen, RickMothers Day 20181 Samuel 1
Play01-01-1989A Psalm for the New YearHermansen, RickPsalmsPsalm 90
Play09-20-1987Are Pastors Human?Hermansen, RickContemporary Vital IssuesBible Bible
Play09-19-1999Are You Turning to a Different Gospel?Hermansen, RickGalatiansGalatians _
Play11-11-1984Asking, Seeking, and KnockingHermansen, RickPrayerMatthew 7
Play10-11-1992Barriers Become OpportunitiesHermansen, RickBarriers in EvangelismBible Bible
Play02-11-1996Basic Guidelines for ChristiansHermansen, RickBasic Guidelines for ChristiansMicah 6
Play07-09-1989Becoming All ThingsHermansen, RickBecoming All Things1 Corinthians 9
Play06-25-1989Becoming All ThingsHermansen, RickBecoming All Things1 Corinthians 9
Play05-24-1987Becoming a Compassionate StewardHermansen, RickChristian GrowthLuke 12
Play01-17-2010Becoming an Example to OthersHermansen, RickFaulkner 20th Anniversary1 Peter 5:1-4
Play11-01-1998Being Blessed by HimHermansen, RickEncountering GodGenesis 32
Play09-17-2000Being Rescued by GodHermansen, RickBeing Rescued by GodRomans 7
Play10-23-1988Being a True FriendHermansen, RickBeing a True FriendEphesians 6
Play09-03-1989Belief or UnbeliefHermansen, RickBelief or UnbeliefHebrews 3
Play07-20-1986Can Christians Be Friends with Non-ChristiansHermansen, RickContemporary Vital IssuesBible Bible
Play05-14-1989Caring Like a MotherHermansen, RickCaring Like a Mother1 Thessalonians 2
Play03-16-1986Christ to the Seven ChurchesHermansen, RickChrist to the Seven ChurchesRevelation 3:14-22
Play02-10-1985Christian AssuranceHermansen, Rick1 John1 John _
Play07-27-1986Christian Ministry to the PoorHermansen, RickContemporary Vital IssuesBible Bible
Play12-11-1988Contentment in a Discontented WorldHermansen, RickPsalmsPsalm 84
Play12-03-1995Darkness Will EndHermansen, RickA Light in the DarknessIsaiah 9:2-7
Play06-14-2009Dealing with DiscouragementHermansen, RickDealing with DiscouragementJeremiah 20:7-18
Play11-04-2001Develop Your Relationship with GodHermansen, RickDevelop Your Relationship with GodBible Bible
Play11-21-1999Discovering Who You Are in ChristHermansen, RickGalatiansGalatians _
Play07-16-1986Divine ElectionHermansen, RickMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play09-26-1999Does the Gospel Really Come from God?Hermansen, RickGalatiansGalatians _
Play10-10-1982Drinking from the CupHermansen, RickDrinking from the CupJohn 18
Play01-18-1998Easing Someones BurdenHermansen, RickEasing Someones BurdenGalatians 5
Play04-14-1991Evangelism UpdateHermansen, RickEvangelism at MetropolitanBible Bible
Play07-28-1985Evangelism and CultivatingHermansen, RickEvangelismBible Bible
Play09-29-1985Evangelism and FearHermansen, RickEvangelismBible Bible
Play09-15-1985Evangelism and ReapingHermansen, RickEvangelismBible Bible
Play08-04-1985Evangelism and SowingHermansen, RickEvangelismBible Bible
Play11-26-1989Expressing Devotion to the LordHermansen, RickExpressing Devotion to the LordJohn 8
Play07-21-1996Faith Is Our Capacity for GodHermansen, RickMaking Your Private Faith PublicMark 5
Play03-28-1999Father, into your Hands I Commit My SpiritHermansen, RickSeven Last Words of ChristLuke 23:46
Play06-12-1988Fear and FaithHermansen, RickPsalmsPsalm 11
Play11-30-1997Fear of the LordHermansen, RickMotivations for Pleasing God2 Corinthians 5:10
Play06-21-1998Feeling Abandoned by GodHermansen, RickFeeling Abandoned by GodMark 15
Play11-18-1984Feeling Inferior in Serving GodHermansen, RickFeeling Inferior in Serving GodExodus 3,4
Play05-19-1996Finding Hope in a Time of ChangeHermansen, RickFinding Hope in a Time of ChangeLamentations 5
Play05-19-1996Finding Hope in a Time of ChangeHermansen, RickFinding Hope in a Time of ChangeLamentations 3
Play12-19-1999Freedom with God and with PeopleHermansen, RickGalatiansGalatians 5:1-15
Play10-16-1994Friends of God CannotHermansen, RickFriends of God CannotEphesians 2
Play12-28-2014God Bless YouHermansen, RickGod Bless YouNumbers 6:22-27
Play03-25-2007God Sees and Hears MeHermansen, RickGod Sees and Hears MeGenesis 16:1-16
Play08-14-1985God the Holy Spirit: His AdventHermansen, RickMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play08-07-1985God the Holy Spirit: His PersonalityHermansen, RickMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play12-25-2016Gods Gift to YouHermansen, RickGods Gift to You2 Corinthians 9:15
Play12-01-2019Gods King, Our MessiahHermansen, RickPsalms for the SeasonPsalm 2
Play04-10-2009Good FridayHermansen, RickGood Friday ServiceIsaiah 52:13-53:1-6,11
Play04-29-1990Greet One AnotherHermansen, RickOne Anothers of the New TestamentBible Bible
Play09-17-2006Grow in Grace until He ComesHermansen, RickSecond Coming of Jesus Christ2 Peter 3
Play01-27-2008Guilty People Need Guilt Removed by GodHermansen, RickAtonement of ChristIsaiah 6:1-7
Play12-05-2004He Fills YouHermansen, RickThe Holy SpiritEphesians 5:18
Play11-28-2004He Gives Gifts to YouHermansen, RickThe Holy Spirit1 Corinthians 12:11
Play11-14-2004He Helps YouHermansen, RickThe Holy SpiritRomans 8:26-27
Play11-21-2004He Leads YouHermansen, RickThe Holy SpiritGalatians 5:15; 6:18
Play11-07-2007He Seals YouHermansen, RickThe Holy SpiritBible Bible
Play12-22-2013Hearing from Angels on HighHermansen, RickAdvent 2013Luke 2:13-14
Play02-21-1999Here Is Your SonHere Is Your MotherHermansen, RickSeven Last Words of ChristJohn 19:26-27
Play05-24-1989Hindrances in EvangelismHermansen, RickEvangelism at MetropolitanBible Bible
Play10-24-2004His Ministry in UsHermansen, RickThe Holy SpiritJames 4:5ff
Play10-04-1998Holding on to GodHermansen, RickEncountering GodGenesis 32
Play03-21-2010How to Really Help Your ChildrenHermansen, RickHow to Really Help Your ChildrenEphesians 6:4
Play02-01-1987I Thessalonians 1:1-10Hermansen, Rick1 Thessalonians1 Thessalonians 1:1-10
Play02-08-1987I Thessalonians 2:10-3:5Hermansen, Rick1 Thessalonians1 Thessalonians 2:10-3:5
Play03-14-1999I ThirstHermansen, RickSeven Last Words of ChristJohn 19:28
Play02-26-1989Identifying Habits Which HarmHermansen, RickPsalmsPsalm 139
Play06-23-2013If Youre in Christ, Youre a New CreationHermansen, RickIf Youre in Christ, Youre a New Creation2 Corinthians 5:17
Play06-03-2018In the Beginning Was the WordHermansen, RickIn the Beginning Was the WordJohn 1:1-5
Play01-24-1999IntroductionHermansen, RickSeven Last Words of ChristBible Bible
Play03-21-1999It Is FinishedHermansen, RickSeven Last Words of ChristJohn 19:30
Play12-06-2015Jacob & Esau: Healing a RelationshipHermansen, RickJacob & Esau: Healing a RelationshipGenesis 33
Play06-19-1994Jesus Christ, Encourager of PeopleHermansen, RickJesus Christ, Encourager of PeopleJohn 14
Play06-26-1994Jesus Christ, Encourager of PeopleHermansen, RickJesus Christ, Encourager of PeopleRevelation 3
Play08-02-1987Jesus Different Sayings: Pluck Out Your EyeHermansen, RickContemporary Vital IssuesBible Bible
Play05-07-2006Jesus and AngerHermansen, RickJesus and AngerJohn 2:12-17
Play11-28-2010Keeping a Heart for GodHermansen, RickKeeping a Heart for GodBible Bible
Play03-19-2006Knowing the True GodHermansen, RickOur Lords Intercession for UsJohn 17:2-8
Play05-10-1989Laying a FoundationHermansen, RickEvangelism at MetropolitanBible Bible
Play08-26-2018Learning to Be ContentHermansen, RickLeaning on the God of ComfortPsalm 131
Play03-02-1997Learning to Pray from JesusHermansen, RickLearning to Pray from JesusMatthew 6
Play06-20-1999Learning to Pray with Other BelieversHermansen, RickLearning to Pray with Other BelieversActs 4
Play06-13-1999Learning to Pray with Other BelieversHermansen, RickLearning to Pray with Other BelieversActs 1
Play12-03-2003Lessons from the Golden LampstandHermansen, RickTabernacle of God in the WildernessExodus 25:31-40
Play11-12-2003Lessons from the Table of ShowbreadHermansen, RickTabernacle of God in the WildernessExodus 25:23-30
Play12-14-1986Life in the SpiritHermansen, RickLife in the SpiritGalatians _
Play06-08-1994Live Up to Your PotentialHermansen, RickLive Up to Your PotentialPhilippians 4
Play10-31-1999Living by Faith or Trying to Do the Right ThingHermansen, RickGalatiansGalatians _
Play09-10-2006Look Forward to His ComingHermansen, RickSecond Coming of Jesus Christ2 Peter 3:11-13
Play12-31-1989Looking Back - Looking AheadHermansen, RickLooking Back - Looking AheadBible Bible
Play07-27-1997Love EnduresHermansen, RickLove1 Corinthians 13
Play07-13-1997Love Is SupremeHermansen, RickLove1 Corinthians 13
Play08-01-1990Loving and Serving GodHermansen, RickLoving and Serving GodBible Bible
Play11-17-1996Make Your Public Faith ActiveHermansen, RickMaking Your Private Faith PublicMark 5
Play05-17-1989Motivation in EvangelismHermansen, RickEvangelism at MetropolitanBible Bible
Play02-15-1987New Heaven, New EarthHermansen, RickNew Heaven, New EarthRevelation 21
Play07-21-2002Noah: Living by FaithHermansen, RickNoah: Living by FaithHebrews 11
Play01-16-2000Opportunities to Do GoodHermansen, RickGalatiansGalatians 6:1-10
Play10-30-1985Overview of Cultivating, Sowing, and ReapingHermansen, RickEvangelismBible Bible
Play09-16-1987ParablesHermansen, RickNew Testament SurveyBible Bible
Play11-29-1987Paul, the Thankful SinnerHermansen, RickChristian Growth1 Timothy 1
Play07-02-1988Pauls Prayer for UsHermansen, RickPrayerEphesians 3
Play06-30-1991Perspectives in Troubled TimesHermansen, RickPerspectives in Troubled TimesPsalm 77
Play10-24-1999Peter, Paul and Peer PressureHermansen, RickGalatiansGalatians 2:11-21
Play07-08-2018Powerful Weapons for Spiritual BattlesHermansen, RickPowerful Weapons for spiritual Battles2 Corinthians 10:1-5
Play03-12-2000Practicing HospitalityHermansen, RickPracticing HospitalityRomans 12
Play07-05-2020Prayer and HairHermansen, RickThe Working Church1 Timothy 2:8-10
Play06-30-1985Prayer for the Sinning BrotherHermansen, Rick1 John1 John _
Play09-15-1993Prayer in the Local Church, Part IHermansen, RickPrayerBible Bible
Play09-22-1993Prayer in the Local Church, Part IIHermansen, RickPrayerBible Bible
Play09-29-1993Prayer in the Local Church, Part IIIHermansen, RickPrayerBible Bible
Play10-06-1993Prayer in the Local Church, Part IVHermansen, RickPrayerBible Bible
Play10-13-1993Prayer in the Local Church, Part VHermansen, RickPrayerBible Bible
Play04-09-1989Praying for OthersHermansen, RickPrayerEphesians 1
Play01-03-1988Present Suffering, Future GloryHermansen, RickPresent Suffering, Future GloryRomans 8
Play10-03-1999Pressure to Change the Message of the GospelHermansen, RickGalatiansGalatians _
Play06-25-2000Psalm 103Hermansen, RickPsalm 103Psalm 103
Play07-08-1992Psalm 131Hermansen, RickThe Book of PsalmsPsalm 131
Play11-10-1985Psalm 93Hermansen, RickPsalmsPsalm 93
Play08-13-2017Put Your Hope in GodHermansen, RickPut Your Hope in GodPsalm 42
Play01-17-2010Randy Faulkner 20th Anniversary CelebrationHermansen, RickFaulkner 20th AnniversaryHebrews 13:17
Play12-24-2006Receiving the GiftHermansen, RickAdvent MessagesMark 10:13-16
Play10-15-1989Receiving the Kingdom of GodHermansen, RickReceiving the Kingdom of GodBible Bible
Play05-21-2006Responding to HatredHermansen, RickJesus and AngerJohn 15:18-27
Play11-26-1986Return from ExileHermansen, RickOld Testament SurveyBible Bible
Play07-06-1986Revival from God: When and How Does It Come?Hermansen, RickContemporary Vital IssuesBible bible
Play08-27-2006Second Coming of Jesus ChristHermansen, RickSecond Coming of Jesus Christ2 Peter 3
Play09-13-1998Seeing HimHermansen, RickEncountering GodGenesis 28:10-22
Play04-06-2008Separated People Need to Be Brought Near to GodHermansen, RickAtonement of Christ2 Corinthians 5:14-21
Play09-30-2018Sharing the Gospel with PeopleHermansen, RickSharing the Gospel with PeopleColossians 4:5-6
Play01-21-1990Somebody Out There Is Watching!Hermansen, RickSomebody Out There Is Watching!Bible Bible
Play10-09-1988Temptations of JesusHermansen, RickTemptations of JesusMatthew 4
Play07-31-1988Temptations of JesusHermansen, RickTemptations of JesusMatthew 4
Play07-20-1997The Attitudes of LoveHermansen, RickLove1 Corinthians 13:4-7
Play10-13-1991The Belt of TruthHermansen, RickSpiritual WarfareEphesians 6
Play05-10-1987The Christian and TelevisionHermansen, RickContemporary Vital IssuesBible Bible
Play05-03-1987The Christian and TelevisionHermansen, RickContemporary Vital IssuesBible Bible
Play08-05-1984The Church as a WitnessHermansen, RickWitnessingBible Bible
Play07-29-2012The Fear of the LordHermansen, RickThe Fear of the LordPsalm 34:11-14
Play11-04-2012The First and the LastHermansen, RickThe First and the LastRomans 1:17
Play10-11-2015The Folly of Making God As We Want Him to BeHermansen, RickThe Folly of Making God As We Want Him to BeActs 17:29-31
Play08-04-1985The Leadership of GodHermansen, RickThe Leadership of God1 Samuel _
Play12-07-1997The Love of ChristHermansen, RickMotivations for Pleasing God2 Corinthians 5:14
Play01-06-1985The Meaning of RepentanceHermansen, RickChristian Growth1 Corinthians 7
Play11-15-1987The One Who Was ThankfulHermansen, RickChristian GrowthLuke 17
Play01-09-2000The Only Way to Live by the SpiritHermansen, RickGalatiansGalatians _
Play11-14-1999The Purpose of the LawHermansen, RickGalatiansGalatians 3:15-25
Play10-12-2008The Shepherd and the SheepHermansen, RickThe Shepherd and the SheepJohn 10
Play11-17-1991The Shield of FaithHermansen, RickSpiritual WarfareEphesians 6
Play12-05-1999The Story of Two WomenHermansen, RickGalatiansGalatians 4:21-31
Play11-17-1996The TenantsHermansen, RickThe Parables of JesusMark 12:1-12
Play06-02-2019Thinking Differently about Our TrialsHermansen, RickFaith in ActionJames 1:1-4
Play10-27-2013Thirsty for JesusHermansen, RickThirsty for JesusJohn 7:37-39
Play12-23-2001To Us a Child Is BornHermansen, RickTo Us a Child Is BornIsaiah 9
Play02-14-1999Today Youll Be With Me in ParadiseHermansen, RickSeven Last Words of ChristLuke 23:43
Play12-30-2018Together in the New YearHermansen, RickTogether in the New YearLeviticus 23:23-25
Play01-13-2008Unclean People Need Cleansing from GodHermansen, RickAtonement of ChristBible Bible
Play02-10-2008Unrighteous People Need Righteousness from GodHermansen, RickAtonement of ChristRomans 3:21-26
Play06-15-1986Visualization in PrayerHermansen, RickContemporary Vital IssuesBible Bible
Play02-21-1988Walking with JesusHermansen, RickWalking with JesusLuke 24
Play12-24-2000Welcoming JesusHermansen, RickWelcoming JesusJohn 1
Play09-21-1986What Is Praise to God?Hermansen, RickPsalmsPsalm _
Play01-23-2000What Really Counts in You Is a New CreationHermansen, RickGalatiansGalatians _
Play07-22-2001What Will You Be Remembered For?Hermansen, RickWhat Will You Be Remembered For?Mark 14
Play04-13-2003What Would Bring You Peace?Hermansen, RickWhat Would Bring You Peace?Luke 19:41-44
Play05-04-2014What You Can Do for JesusHermansen, RickWhat You Can Do for JesusMatthew 25:31-46
Play11-28-1999What a Shepherds Heart Looks LikeHermansen, RickGalatiansGalatians 4:8-20
Play06-03-2012When I Am AfraidHermansen, RickWhen I Am AfraidPsalm 56:3
Play03-13-2011Who Is the Worst Sinner?Hermansen, RickHarmartiology1 Timothy 1:12-17
Play08-09-1987Why Did Jesus Have to Die?Hermansen, RickChristian Growth1 John 2
Play09-03-2006Why God Delays His ComingHermansen, RickSecond Coming of Jesus Christ2 Peter 3
Play02-28-1999Why Have You Forsken Me?Hermansen, RickSeven Last Words of ChristMark 15:34
Play06-25-2006Why Missions?Hermansen, RickWhy Missions?Matthew 28
Play09-05-2010Will You Wait for the LORD?Hermansen, RickWill You Wait for the LORD?Isaiah 40:31
Play02-07-1999Word 1: Father Forgive ThemHermansen, RickSeven Last Words of ChristLuke 23:34
Play11-10-1985Words of ForgivenessHermansen, RickWords of ForgivenessBible Bible
Play11-3-1985Words of ForgivenessHermansen, RickWords of ForgivenessLeviticus _
Play09-27-1998Wrestling with GodHermansen, RickEncountering GodGenesis 32
Play08-05-2018Youre Blessed If God Is Your Help and Your HopeHermansen, Rick; Hoffsommer, TrudyLeaning on the God of ComfortPsalm 146