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Play10-28-1987Acts - The Church BeginsKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyActs _
Play03-08-1989Bread from HeavenKreitzer, PaulStudies in ExodusExodus _
Play02-08-1989Call of MosesKreitzer, PaulStudies in ExodusExodus _
Play12-09-1987Churchs Leaders on TrialKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyBible Bible
Play03-01-1989Crossing the Red SeaKreitzer, PaulStudies in ExodusExodus _
Play10-07-1987Death and Resurrection of JesusKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyBible Bible
Play04-26-1989Down in the ValleyKreitzer, PaulStudies in ExodusExodus _
Play05-20-1987Faith Works & Eternal SecurityKreitzer, PaulProblem PassagesRevelation 3
Play02-15-1989First Nine PlaquesKreitzer, PaulStudies in ExodusExodus _
Play07-16-1989Follow JesusKreitzer, PaulDiscipleshipBible Bible
Play08-21-1985God the Holy Spirit: His RegenerationKreitzer, PaulMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play06-12-1985God the Son: His Ascension and Priestly MinistryKreitzer, PaulMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play06-27-1985God the Son: His Coming for His SaintsKreitzer, PaulMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play07-10-1985God the Son: His Coming with His SaintsKreitzer, PaulMajor Bible ThemesMatthew 24-25
Play03-22-1989Gods Law, Pt 1Kreitzer, PaulStudies in ExodusExodus _
Play04-05-1989Gods Law, Pt 2Kreitzer, PaulStudies in ExodusExodus _
Play10-05-1988Hard Times in ServiceKreitzer, PaulPhilippiansPhilippians 1
Play10-12-1988Humility and the Christian LifeKreitzer, PaulPhilippiansPhilippians 2
Play08-05-1987HusbandKreitzer, PaulMarriage RolesBible Bible
Play04-20-1988I, II, III JohnKreitzer, PaulNew Testament Survey1-3 John _
Play02-01-1989Israel in BondageKreitzer, PaulStudies in ExodusExodus _
Play09-02-1987Jesus Life and MinistryKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyBible Bible
Play02-24-1988Law and LibertyKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyBible Bible
Play07-18-1990Living One Day at a TimeKreitzer, PaulLiving One Day at a TimeJohn 11
Play09-09-1987MiraclesKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyBible Bible
Play10-19-1988Not Good Enough for HeavenKreitzer, PaulPhilippiansPhilippians 3
Play09-30-1987Olivet DiscourseKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyBible Bible
Play03-02-1988Pauline EpistlesKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyBible Bible
Play09-28-1988Pauls Prayer for BelieversKreitzer, PaulPhilippiansPhilippians 1
Play08-03-1988PrayerKreitzer, PaulPrayerBible Bible
Play07-29-1987Preparation of Those Who Serve GodKreitzer, PaulPreparation of Those Who Serve GodIsaiah 6
Play03-23-1988Prison EpistlesKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyBible Bible
Play03-15-1989Problems in the WildernessKreitzer, PaulStudies in ExodusExodus _
Play05-04-1988RevelationKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyRevelation _
Play04-27-1988RevelationKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyRevelation _
Play03-16-1988RomansKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyRomans _
Play10-26-1988Running the Race of LifeKreitzer, PaulPhilippiansPhilippians 3-4
Play09-23-1987Sermon on the MountKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyBible Bible
Play03-09-1988Spiritual GiftsKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyBible Bible
Play07-16-1989The Beginning of DiscipleshipKreitzer, PaulDiscipleshipBible Bible
Play12-02-1987The Church Extends OverseasKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyActs _
Play11-04-1987The Church GrowsKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyActs _
Play11-18-1987The Church is ScatteredKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyActs _
Play07-30-1986The Church: Her Purpose and CommissionKreitzer, PaulMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play08-06-1986The Church: Her Service and StewardshipKreitzer, PaulMajor Bible ThemesBible Bible
Play08-26-1987The GospelsKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyBible Bible
Play05-03-1989The Law Covenant BrokenKreitzer, PaulStudies in ExodusExodus _
Play02-22-1989The PassoverKreitzer, PaulStudies in ExodusExodus _
Play04-19-1989The PriesthoodKreitzer, PaulStudies in ExodusExodus _
Play04-12-1989The TabernacleKreitzer, PaulStudies in ExodusExodus _
Play06-10-1987Water BaptismKreitzer, PaulProblem PassagesBible Bible
Play08-10-1988What Prayer IsKreitzer, PaulPrayerMatthew 6
Play08-12-1987WifeKreitzer, PaulMarriage RolesBible Bible