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Play07-01-1981DanielMcKnight, RussellDanielDaniel _
Play07-15-1981DanielMcKnight, RussellDanielDaniel _
Play07-08-1981DanielMcKnight, RussellDanielDaniel _
Play06-07-1978Highlights in Matthew, Pt 1McKnight, RussellHighlights in MatthewMatthew 9-10
Play06-14-1978Highlights in Matthew, Pt 2McKnight, RussellHighlights in MatthewMatthew 18-19
Play06-21-1978Highlights in Matthew, Pt 3McKnight, RussellHighlights in MatthewMatthew 19-20
Play04-26-1978Highlights in Matthew, Pt 4McKnight, RussellHighlights in MatthewMatthew 7
Play08-20-1978Highlights in Matthew, Pt 5McKnight, RussellHighlights in MatthewMatthew 11
Play09-17-1978Highlights in Matthew, Pt 6McKnight, RussellHighlights in MatthewMatthew 7
Play07-22-1979Introduction to the Lords SupperMcKnight, RussellLords SupperBible Bible
Play06-19-1974Master Theme of the BibleMcKnight, RussellTheme of the BibleBible Bible
Play03-02-1977Part 1McKnight, RussellPhilippiansPhilippians _
Play03-09-1977Part 2McKnight, RussellPhilippiansPhilippians _
Play03-23-1977Part 3McKnight, RussellPhilippiansPhilippians _
Play04-20-1977Part 4McKnight, RussellPhilippiansPhilippians _
Play04-27-1977Part 5McKnight, RussellPhilippiansPhilippians _
Play01-06-1980Part 6McKnight, RussellPhilippiansPhilippians _
Play08-10-1975Psalm 27McKnight, RussellPsalmsPsalm 27
Play11-12-1975Psalm 40McKnight, RussellPsalmsPsalm 40
Play11-11-1979Psalm 73McKnight, RussellPsalmsPsalm 73
Play11-25-1979Psalm 73McKnight, RussellPsalmsPsalm 73
Play09-07-1978Romans 1McKnight, RussellThe Book of RomansRomans 1
Play05-09-1979Romans 10McKnight, RussellThe Book of RomansRomans 10
Play10-03-1979Romans 11McKnight, RussellThe Book of RomansRomans 11
Play10-10-1979Romans 11McKnight, RussellThe Book of RomansRomans 11
Play02-13-1980Romans 12McKnight, RussellThe Book of RomansRomans 12
Play02-19-1980Romans 12-13McKnight, RussellThe Book of RomansRomans 12-13
Play02-27-1980Romans 13McKnight, RussellThe Book of RomansRomans 13
Play03-05-1980Romans 14McKnight, RussellThe Book of RomansRomans 14
Play03-19-1980Romans 16McKnight, RussellThe Book of RomansRomans 16
Play09-13-1978Romans 2McKnight, RussellThe Book of RomansRomans 2
Play09-20-1978Romans 3McKnight, RussellThe Book of RomansRomans 3
Play09-27-1978Romans 4McKnight, RussellThe Book of RomansRomans 4
Play10-04-1978Romans 5McKnight, RussellThe Book of RomansRomans 5
Play10-11-1978Romans 6McKnight, RussellThe Book of RomansRomans 6
Play10-18-1978Romans 7McKnight, RussellThe Book of RomansRomans 7
Play04-18-1979Romans 8McKnight, RussellThe Book of RomansRomans 8
Play05-02-1979Romans 9McKnight, RussellThe Book of RomansRomans 9
Play03-12-1975Studies in GalatiansMcKnight, RussellStudies in GalatiansGalatians _
Play03-19-1975Studies in GalatiansMcKnight, RussellStudies in GalatiansGalatians _
Play02-04-1979The Blood Covenant and Table FellowshipMcKnight, RussellLords SupperGalatians 2
Play06-26-1974The Great World SystemMcKnight, RussellWorld SystemBible Bible
Play08-19-1979The Lords SupperMcKnight, RussellLords SupperBible Bible
Play08-05-1979The Mystical Union of the Lords supperMcKnight, RussellLords SupperBible Bible