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Play08-07-197701 - Faith at WorkCotten, DavidGreat Bible PersonalitiesBible Bible
Play08-07-197702 - Parted Awhile Back ForeverCotten, DavidGreat Bible PersonalitiesPhilemon 1-11
Play08-14-197703 - Moses: The Making of a ManCotten, DavidGreat Bible PersonalitiesExodus 1-2
Play08-14-197704 - Moses at a Burning BushCotten, DavidGreat Bible PersonalitiesExodus 3:1-4:20
Play08-21-197705 - Deborah: Mother of IsraelCotten, DavidGreat Bible PersonalitiesJudges 4-5
Play08-28-197706 - David: The Unlikely HeroCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities1 Samuel 17:1-12
Play08-28-197707 - David: The Killer of GiantsCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities1 Samuel 17:12-54
Play09-04-197708 - David: The FriendCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities1 Samuel 17:54-20:42
Play09-11-197709 - David: Lifes Turning PointCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities1 Samuel 25:1-42
Play09-11-197710 - David: The Key to DavidCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities2 Samuel 7
Play10-23-197711 - David: Adulterer and MurdererCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities2 Samuel 11
Play10-23-197712 - David: Bitter-Sweet YearsCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities2 Samuel 12
Play11-20-197715 - Elijah: Tried by FireCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities1 Kings 17:17-18:16
Play11-27-197716 - Elijah: A Mountain-Top ExperienceCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities1 Kings 18:17-46
Play12-04-197717 - Elijah: The Prayer of FaithCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities1 Kings 18:42-45
Play01-08-197818 - Elijah: Good News, Bad NewsCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities1 Kings 18:45b-19:4
Play01-08-197819 - Elijah: A Study in DepressionCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities1 Kings 19:5-9a
Play01-22-197820 - Elijah: Cure for DepressionCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities1 Kings 19:9-18
Play01-29-197821 - Elijah and the OppressedCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities1 Kings 21:1-15
Play01-29-197822 - Elijah: The Ministry of ConfrontationCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities1 Kings 21:16-29
Play02-05-197823 - Micaiah: Prophet of TruthCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities1 Kings 22
Play02-19-197824 - Manasseh: The RebelCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities2 Kings 20:21-21:15
Play02-26-197825 - Manasseh: RehabilitatedCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities2 Chronicles 33:10-20
Play04-23-197826 - Daniel: Maturity in YouthCotten, DavidGreat Bible PersonalitiesDaniel 1:1-7
Play04-23-197827 - Daniel: Decisions of MaturityCotten, DavidGreat Bible PersonalitiesDaniel 1:8-21
Play04-30-197828 - Ezra: Man of BalanceCotten, DavidGreat Bible PersonalitiesEzra 7:1-9:1
Play05-21-197829 - Benaiah: Lion Killer on a Snowy DayCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities1 Chronicles 11
Play05-28-197830 - Rahab: Monument of Gods GraceCotten, DavidGreat Bible PersonalitiesJoshua 16
Play06-18-197831 - Caleb: Aged Man of VisionCotten, DavidGreat Bible PersonalitiesJoshua 14
Play07-02-197832 - Solomon: Disapproved in Later LifeCotten, DavidGreat Bible Personalities1 Kings 11
Play04-29-197934 - Epaphras: Lifes DestiniesCotten, DavidGreat Bible PersonalitiesColossians 1