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Play07-01-197901 - Missions in the Local ChurchHeritage, Timothy DMissions in the Local ChurchBible Bible
Play09-24-200601 - Ask the Lord of the HarvestAckley, DickMissions Festival 2006Bible Bible
Play07-06-200801 - What Is My Destiny in Gods Story?Brown, MartyMidSummer Missions Day 2008Bible Bible
Play07-06-200801 - Jesus Goes PublicMorlan, DaveMidSummer Missions Day 2008Mark 10:46-11:25
Play10-07-200701 - A New World ViewCallenberg, RickMissions Festival 2007John 1:9-14
Play10-03-200701 - What Is True Religion?Aspegren, PhilMissions Festival 2007Isaiah 1:1-20
Play09-30-200701 - Second Chance for Global ImpactBerger, JohnMissions Festival 2007Colossians 3:1-4
Play09-27-200601 - Choices and Challenges of This GenerationRobinson, BertMissions Festival 20061 Chronicles 12:32
Play10-01-200601 - Declaring Gods Glory through ServiceStairs, GaryMissions Festival 2006Mark 4
Play10-09-200201 - Ministering in the Former Soviet UnionMugg, JimMissionsBible Bible
Play10-04-200901 - Rekindling Your Passion for MissionsStewart, Ashton TatMissions Festival 2009Psalm 42:1-2; Matthew 18:18-20
Play10-13-200201 - Partying with GodStrauss, StevenMissionsPsalm 87
Play07-07-200201 - Is God in Control?Goen, TracyMissionsLuke 8
Play10-17-199901 - Missionary StoriesLawson, MichaelMissionsBible Bible
Play10-11-198701 - What Christian Missions IsCotten, DavidWhat Christian Missions IsBible Bible
Play10-18-199801 - Three-Fold CordMahon, JohnMissionsEcclesiastes 4
Play10-11-199801 - Seven LoavesOlsen, Viggo VicMissionsMark 9
Play09-20-199801 - Gods Character in Dealing with NationsAndrews, AlanMissionsExodus 34
Play07-12-199801 - Zero Based MissionAdams, DavidMissionsIsaiah 37
Play09-27-200901 - The Mission of the Church Is MissionsWare, CharlesMissions Festival 2009Matthew 28:18-20
Play10-03-201001 - What If Missions Were Done In a New Key?Dorlus, JeanMissions Festival 2010Matthew 28:18-20
Play07-06-199701 - Wake Us from Our LeprosyDorrell, JimmyMissionsMatthew 17
Play07-13-201401 - Giving to Complete the TaskFlynn, DavidSummer Missions Day 2014Romans 15:20
Play09-23-201801 - Spread the Gospel with Your Whole LifeKim, Billy2018 Missions FestivalActs 20:24
Play07-15-201801 - Showing the Flavor of LifeTejeda, AndyMissions Sunday 2018Matthew 5:13-16
Play09-24-201701 - The Thrill of Seeing God WorkOrr, Rodney2017 Missions FestivalPsalm 92
Play09-25-201601 - The REAL GospelVargas, JoaquinMissions Conference 2016Colossians 2:17
Play09-04-201601 - World Missions: The CallFaulkner, RandallWorld Missions 2016Acts 13:1-13
Play09-16-201501 - Three Ways to Deal with FearBerger, John2015 Missions FestivalBible Bible
Play09-21-201401 - Hunger & Thirst for RighteousnessBlackaby, Tom2014 Missions FestivalBible Bible
Play09-21-201401 - Hearing God SpeakBlackaby, Henry2014 Missions Festival1 Corinthians 2:9-12
Play09-22-201301 - See through the Eyes of JesusSisk, Dr Timothy2013 Missions FestivalMatthew 9
Play10-06-201001 - Courageous FaithMcIntosh, DorseyMissions Festival 2010Bible Bible
Play06-09-201301 - Principles for Giving to MissionsWilleford, SeanSummer Missions Day2 Corinthians 8:1-15
Play09-30-201201 - The Best Way to Impact Our CommunityMoyer, LarryMissions Festival 2012Bible Bible
Play09-23-201201 - All Power Is Given Unto MissionsKim, BillyMissions Festival 2012Matthew 28:18-20
Play09-23-201201 - Missions and RevivalKim, BillyMissions Festival 2012Habakkuk 3:1-5
Play07-15-201201 - Three Lessons for an AmbassadorAxup, PeterMissionsII Corinthians 5:18-20
Play10-02-201101 - Throw Open the GatesYoung, MarkMissions Festival 2011Psalm 87
Play09-25-201101 - All Things to All PeopleMiller, CalvinMissions Festival 20111 Corinthians 9:16-25
Play10-10-201001 - Ambassador, Tell the Old Story, I Cant Read!Krueger, PaulMissions Festival 2010Bible Bible
Play10-12-199701 - Gods Concept of MissionsJordan, JoeMissionsActs 20
Play08-01-199901 - Missions in a Changing WorldGupta, Paul RMissionsBible Bible
Play09-22-201901 - Great Is Your FaithfulnessMcCully, MattMissions Festival 2019Bible Bible
Play02-21-199301 - Preparing, DefendingUriegas, ErnestoMissionsMark 11
Play11-13-199301 - The Absurdity of MissionsFaulkner, RandallThe Absurdity of MissionsJohn 12
Play07-12-200901 - Are You Making a Difference?Dick, ArgylMidSummer Missions DayJohn 15:1-10
Play08-26-200701 - Biblical Assumptions about Life in the Church, Pt 1Faulkner, RandallMissions in 2007Acts 11:19-26
Play11-20-198301 - What in the World Is God doing?Baker, WalterMissions Conference 1983Bible Bible
Play10-26-198601 - If We Lift Our Eyes, What Will We See?Howard, DavidMissionsBible Bible
Play10-25-198601 - Why We Are Going Back to GreeceTerry, TomMissionsBible Bible
Play05-21-198901 - A Heart for the WorldBerger, JohnMissionsBible Bible
Play08-13-198901 - The Mission Is MissionsCampolo, TonyMissionsBible Bible
Play10-01-198901 - A Worthwhile CommitmentBerger, JohnMissionsMark 9
Play11-18-199001 - Highest BlessingUriegas, ErnestoMissionsLuke 7
Play01-26-199201 - Spiritual Hunger in Eastern EuropeMugg, JimMissionsBible Bible
Play04-26-199201 - From a Missionarys HeartBerger, JohnMissionsBible Bible
Play11-04-199201 - Debtors Are Not AshamedSong, JohnMissionsRomans 1
Play01-07-199001 - Beyond the Crumbling WallMugg, JimMissionsBible Bible
Play07-11-199301 - Carry the LightAlderman, BobMissionsJohn 8
Play10-13-199601 - The Fields Are White unto HarvestColeman, RobertMissionsJohn 4
Play10-08-199501 - Prayer, Prerequisite for RevivalKim, BillyMissionsBible Bible
Play08-05-200102 - Change in World View of MissionsCallenberg, RickMissionsBible Bible
Play10-10-201002 - Ambassador, Me?Krueger, PaulMissions Festival 2010Bible Bible
Play10-08-200002 - The Passion of JesusAndrews, AlanMissionsIsaiah 61
Play09-25-201102 - It All Begins with YouMiller, CalvinMissions Festival 20111 Corinthians 9:16-25
Play10-26-198602 - If We Are Sent, What Will We Face?Howard, DavidMissionsBible Bible
Play10-02-201102 - What Time Is It?Young, MarkMissions Festival 2011Bible Bible
Play10-08-199502 - All Power Is Given unto MeKim, BillyMissionsBible Bible
Play11-20-198302 - Needed: OnesiphorusesBaker, WalterMissions Conference 1983Bible Bible
Play07-12-199802 - Where Are We Going?Adams, DavidMissions2 Kings 6
Play10-03-201002 - In the Meantime, What Are We Suppose To Be Doing?Dorlus, JeanMissions Festival 2010Acts 1
Play11-07-198202 - Reasons for a Missionary ProgramMitchell, JohnMissionsBible Bible
Play11-01-198102 - Gods Special Message to the ChurchBreese, DaveMissionsRevelation 3
Play09-22-201302 - See through the Eyes of the LostSisk, Dr Timothy2013 Missions Festival2 Corinthians 4
Play09-02-200702 - Biblical Assumptions about Life in the Church, Pt 2Faulkner, RandallMissions in 2007Acts 11:19-26
Play09-11-201602 - World Missions: The CommunicationFaulkner, RandallWorld Missions 2016Acts 13:14-52
Play10-07-199502 - Winning MuslimsGeisler, JimMissionsBible Bible
Play10-12-199702 - Q&A and ChallengeJordan, JoeMissionsBible Bible
Play06-25-200602 - Why Missions?Hermansen, RickWhy Missions?Matthew 28
Play01-27-200202 - Evangelizing the World for Jesus ChristKim, BillyMissionsBible Bible
Play10-11-199802 - Living It Up in BangladeshOlsen, Viggo VicMissionsPsalm 31
Play08-13-198902 - The Kingdom of God: Some Things Old, Some Things NewCampolo, TonyMissionsBible Bible
Play10-04-199502 - Reporting in 1995Mugg, JimMissionsBible Bible
Play10-17-199902 - Spiritual Warfare VictoriesLawson, MichaelMissionsBible Bible
Play07-07-200202 - Ministering in NigeriaGoen, TracyMissionsBible Bible
Play11-07-199202 - Testimony of a Living Rice ChristianSong, JohnMissionsBible Bible
Play10-13-200202 - The Power of PartnershipStrauss, StevenMissionsBible Bible
Play02-21-199302 - Future Ministry PlansUriegas, ErnestoMissionsBible Bible
Play10-09-200202 - Children at RiskAspegren, PhilMissionsBible Bible
Play08-01-199902 - Your Missionary with HBIGupta, Paul RMissionsBible Bible
Play10-04-200902 - Open Hearts in a Closed LandStewart, Ashton TatMissions Festival 2009Bible Bible
Play09-24-200602 - UrgencyAckley, DickMissions Festival 2006Bible Bible
Play10-01-200602 - Committed to a CauseStairs, GaryMissions Festival 20061 Samuel 17
Play10-07-200702 - Living for the LostCallenberg, RickMissions Festival 2007Bible Bible
Play09-24-198902 - Life Is a Matter of PerspectiveLawson, MichaelMissionsBible Bible
Play09-27-200902 - Reaching All NationsWare, CharlesMissions Festival 20091 Corinthians 9:19-27
Play07-11-199302 - Enlarging Your Mission CommitmentAlderman, BobMissionsIsaiah 54
Play11-08-198902 - Are You Hoarding Hope?Berger, JohnMissions1 Corinthians 12
Play10-05-199702 - Questions & AnswersFinzel, HansMissionsBible Bible
Play10-13-199602 - Love Must Motivate Our MissionColeman, RobertMissionsJohn 21
Play11-18-199002 - Good AdministratorsUriegas, ErnestoMissionsLuke 16
Play01-07-199002 - Eastern European ReportMugg, JimMissionsBible Bible
Play10-18-199802 - World VisionMahon, JohnMissionsBible Bible
Play09-18-201603 - World Missions: The CostFaulkner, RandallWorld Missions 2016Philippians 4:10-19
Play07-12-199203 - Association of Baptists for World EvangelismKempton, WendellMissions ReportBible Bible
Play11-01-198103 - The Awesome Scenario of our TimeBreese, DaveMissionsBible Bible
Play09-09-200703 - Outward Bound: The Churchs Mission, Pt 1Faulkner, RandallMissions in 2007Romans 15:5-33
Play09-16-200704 - Outward Bound, The Churchs Mission, Pt 2Faulkner, RandallMissions in 2007Romans 15:5-33
Play09-23-200705 - Outward Bound, The Churchs Mission, Pt 3Faulkner, RandallMissions in 2007Romans 15:5-33