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Play01-04-197601 - A Song of AssuranceCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsDeuteronomy 32:11-12
Play12-31-197802 - How to Face the FutureCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsJames 1:2-8
Play01-07-197903 - Principles for LivingCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsJames 1:9-18
Play01-14-197904 - Go Slow, Listen, Keep Obeying Gods WordCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsJames 1
Play01-28-197905 - Persistently Practice Biblical PrinciplesCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsJames 1
Play02-04-197906 - Confronting ConflictsCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsJames 4:1-4
Play01-20-198007 - A New BeginningCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsExodus 12:1-20
Play01-27-198008 - Salvation in the NowCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsExodus 12:7d-8,11
Play02-03-198009 - A Christian DietCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsExodus 12
Play02-10-198010a - Pilgrims ProgressCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsExodus 12
Play03-02-198010b - Suffering and SanctificationCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsExodus 12
Play03-09-198011 - The Storms of LifeCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsLuke 6:46-49
Play01-04-198112 - The WinnerCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsPsalm 1:1
Play01-11-198113 - The Gains of GodlinessCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsPsalm 1:1-3
Play01-18-198114 - Like a Tree - Like ChaffCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsPsalm 1:1-3
Play01-11-198115 - What God Is LikeCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsPsalm 107
Play01-25-198116 - Like ChaffCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsPsalm 1:4-6
Play01-25-198117 - Gods Unending LoveCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsPsalm 107:1
Play01-13-198518 - Planning TomorrowCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsJames 4:13-17
Play01-20-198519 - Thought for Today - Or TomorrowCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsMatthew 6
Play01-27-198520 - Why Do You Stand Here?Cotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsActs 1:11
Play02-03-198521 - Gods Object LessonCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsProverbs 6