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Play09-01-197601 - Introduction to Old Testament HistoryHeritage, Timothy DIntroduction to Old Testament HistoryBible Bible
Play01-12-197201 - Primeval PeriodCampbell, DonaldOld Testament HistoryGenesis _
Play01-19-197202 - Patriarchal PeriodCampbell, DonaldOld Testament HistoryGenesis _
Play01-26-197203 - Period of ExodusCampbell, DonaldOld Testament HistoryExodus _
Play02-09-197204 - Period of the ConquestCampbell, DonaldOld Testament HistoryJoshua _
Play02-16-197205 - Period of the JudgesCampbell, DonaldOld Testament HistoryJudges _
Play02-23-197206 - Period of the United KingdomCampbell, DonaldOld Testament HistoryBible Bible
Play03-08-197207 - Period of the Divided KingdomCampbell, DonaldOld Testament HistoryBible Bible
Play03-22-197209 - Period of RestorationCampbell, DonaldOld Testament HistoryBible Bible
Play03-29-197210 - Review of Old Testament HistoryCampbell, DonaldOld Testament HistoryBible Bible