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Play08-15-197101 - Pauls Prayer for EnlightenmentBryan, G WilliamPauls Prayer for EnlightenmentEphesians 1
Play03-08-199801 - Calling the Church to PrayerFaulkner, RandallCalling the Church to PrayerActs 12
Play10-02-201601 - That the Gospel Will SpreadFaulkner, RandallPrayers We Should Pray2 Thessalonians 3:1
Play03-27-198301 - Prayer: The Umbilical Cord for ChristiansLester, BrucePrayer: The Umbilical Cord for ChristiansMark 9
Play08-15-197101 - Biblical Doctrine Concerning PrayerCotten, DavidPrayerBible Bible
Play01-27-200201 - God Has Blessed AmericaKim, BillyPrayer2 Chronicles 7
Play10-07-199501 - Prayer Accomplishes MuchMugg, JimPrayerBible Bible
Play11-01-198701 - PrayerHitchcock, MarkPrayerBible Bible
Play09-02-201201 - The Power of Unanswered PrayerBrown, DougThe Power of Unanswered PrayerJames 5:16
Play02-13-201101 - Pray Like PaulStrauss, JohnPrayerColossians 1:3-12
Play01-10-201001 - A Theology of Prayer for the New YearFaulkner, RandallA Theology of Prayer for the New YearJohn 14:6-21
Play04-06-200801 - A Prayer for RenewalFaulkner, RandallA Prayer for RenewalNehemiah 9
Play07-15-200701 - The First Prayer MeetingStrauss, JohnThe First Prayer MeetingActs 1:14
Play08-19-201801 - A Pastoral PrayerFrawley, JohnA Pastoral PrayerEphesians 3:14-19
Play08-03-198801 - PrayerKreitzer, PaulPrayerBible Bible
Play09-15-199301 - Prayer in the Local Church, Part IHermansen, RickPrayerBible Bible
Play11-11-198401 - Asking, Seeking, and KnockingHermansen, RickPrayerMatthew 7
Play05-06-199001 - Winning Souls By PrayerFaulkner, RandallWinning Souls By Prayer2 Thessalonians 3:1
Play08-22-197102 - Biblical Doctrine Concerning PrayerCotten, DavidPrayerBible Bible
Play06-14-199802 - Our Father Who Art in HeavenCudjoe, DuanePrayerMatthew 6
Play08-10-198802 - What Prayer IsKreitzer, PaulPrayerMatthew 6
Play07-02-198802 - Pauls Prayer for UsHermansen, RickPrayerEphesians 3
Play05-21-198902 - Pauls Prayer for Gods PeopleBerger, JohnPrayerEphesians 3
Play10-09-201602 - For Those Trapped by SinFaulkner, RandallPrayers We Should Pray1 John 5:13-21
Play06-13-199302 - Jesus Pattern of PrayerFaulkner, RandallJesus Pattern of PrayerLuke 5:15-16
Play08-23-199202 - The Priority of PrayerFaulkner, RandallThe Priority tf PrayerMatthew 18:19
Play09-22-199302 - Prayer in the Local Church, Part IIHermansen, RickPrayerBible Bible
Play04-09-198903 - Praying for OthersHermansen, RickPrayerEphesians 1
Play09-29-199303 - Prayer in the Local Church, Part IIIHermansen, RickPrayerBible Bible
Play08-22-197103 - Biblical Doctrine Concerning PrayerCotten, DavidPrayerBible Bible
Play11-13-201603 - Prayer for the Nation & Its LeadersFaulkner, RandallPrayers We Should Pray1 Timothy 2:1-8
Play11-20-201604 - Prayer for the ChurchFaulkner, RandallPrayers We Should PrayEphesians 3:14-21
Play10-06-199304 - Prayer in the Local Church, Part IVHermansen, RickPrayerBible Bible
Play02-11-197304 - Jesus Practice of PrayerCotten, DavidPrayerBible Bible
Play10-13-199305 - Prayer in the Local Church, Part VHermansen, RickPrayerBible Bible
Play11-27-201605 - Come, Lord JesusFaulkner, RandallPrayers We Should PrayRevelation 22:20
Play03-11-197305 - The Ministry of Public PrayerCotten, DavidPrayer1 Corinthians _
Play05-25-198605 - The Subjective Effects of PrayerCotten, DavidPrayerBible Bible
Play04-08-197306 - Prayer: Promises and ProblemsCotten, DavidPrayerBible Bible
Play04-15-197307 - Problems with PrayerCotten, DavidPrayerBible Bible
Play05-06-197308 - Human Prayers and Divine SovereigntyCotten, DavidPrayerBible Bible
Play05-27-197309 - Human Prayer and an Unchanging GodCotten, DavidPrayerBible Bible
Play05-27-197310 - Human Prayers and Gods OmniscienceCotten, DavidPrayerBible Bible
Play06-10-197311 - How Can God Answer Limitless Human Prayer?Cotten, DavidPrayerBible Bible
Play06-17-197312 - Askers Are ReceiversCotten, DavidPrayerBible Bible
Play06-17-197313 - Prayer, Divine Intervention and Human WillCotten, DavidPrayerBible Bible
Play07-29-197314 - The Problem of Ungranted PrayerCotten, DavidPrayerBible Bible
Play07-29-197315 - The Problem of Ungranted PrayerCotten, DavidPrayerBible Bible
Play10-05-197516 - Some Dos and Donts of PrayerCotten, DavidPrayerMatthew 6:5-15
Play07-18-198217 - Why Pray?Cotten, DavidPrayerJob 21:15
Play07-25-198218 - What Profit If We Pray?Cotten, DavidPrayerBible Bible
Play09-05-198220 - Jesus Precepts on PrayerCotten, DavidPrayerBible Bible
Play09-12-198221 - The Decisiveness of Practicing PrayerCotten, DavidPrayerBible Bible
Play09-02-198422 - The Problem of Prayer, Pt 1Cotten, DavidPrayerBible Bible
Play09-09-198423 - The Problem of Prayer, Pt 2Cotten, DavidPrayerJob 21
Play09-23-198424 - The Problem of Prayer, Pt 3Cotten, DavidPrayerBible Bible
Play02-10-198525 - The Church That PraysCotten, DavidPrayerBible Bible