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Play06-13-1999Learning to Pray with Other BelieversHermansen, RickLearning to Pray with Other BelieversActs 1
Play07-27-1975The Way of WitnessingCotten, DavidEvangelismActs 1
Play10-03-2010In the Meantime, What Are We Suppose To Be Doing?Dorlus, JeanMissions Festival 2010Acts 1
Play08-05-2001Crossculture MinistriesCallenberg, RickCrosscultureActs 10
Play06-15-1997Examples of FatherhoodFaulkner, RandallExamples of FatherhoodActs 10,16,18
Play02-05-1975Baptism and Salvation, Pt 1Hodges, ZaneBaptism & Salvation in ActsActs 10-11
Play05-30-1993Marks of Greatness in a New Testament ChurchFaulkner, RandallMarks of Greatness in a New Testament ChurchActs 11
Play07-11-2010Reaching Internationals for ChristKennedy, BillReaching Internationals for ChristActs 11
Play03-17-1991Three Essential ThingsFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 11-13
Play06-26-1977Lessons from the New Church for Our New ChurchBryan, G WilliamLessons from the New Church for Our New ChurchActs 11:19
Play02-01-2009Values of a Disciplemaking ChurchFaulkner, RandallA Disciplemaking ChurchActs 11:19-26
Play08-26-2007Biblical Assumptions about Life in the Church, Pt 1Faulkner, RandallMissions in 2007Acts 11:19-26
Play09-02-2007Biblical Assumptions about Life in the Church, Pt 2Faulkner, RandallMissions in 2007Acts 11:19-26
Play01-08-2012A Caring CommunityFaulkner, RandallValues of a Healthy ChurchActs 11:19-26
Play01-21-2001Marks of a Great ChurchFaulkner, RandallThe Doctrine of the ChurchActs 11:19-30
Play06-26-1977Lessons from the New Church for Our New ChurchBryan, G WilliamLessons from the New Church for Our New ChurchActs 11:19-30
Play01-15-2012The Priority of TeachingFaulkner, RandallValues of a Healthy ChurchActs 11:25-26
Play03-08-1998Calling the Church to PrayerFaulkner, RandallCalling the Church to PrayerActs 12
Play01-23-1977Marks of an ApostateCotten, DavidJudeActs 13
Play07-03-2011The Character of a Life on MissionMorlan, DaveThe Character of a Life on MissionActs 13-14
Play09-04-2016World Missions: The CallFaulkner, RandallWorld Missions 2016Acts 13:1-13
Play01-29-2012The Unnatural Act of WorshipFaulkner, RandallValues of a Healthy ChurchActs 13:1-3
Play07-13-2008Set ApartOgburn, TomSet ApartActs 13:1-5
Play09-11-2016World Missions: The CommunicationFaulkner, RandallWorld Missions 2016Acts 13:14-52
Play03-24-1991Counterfeit ReligionFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 13:4-12
Play03-06-2011Your Spiritual Impact on OthersFaulkner, RandallYour Spiritual Impact on OthersActs 13:44-52
Play02-02-2003Depending on GodFaulkner, RandallReady to ShareActs 13:48
Play02-15-1998Metropolitans Mission, Method & MotiveFaulkner, RandallMetropolitans Mission, Method & MotiveActs 14
Play10-01-2000The Fruitful Bride: A Reproducing ChurchFaulkner, RandallThe Doctrine of the ChurchActs 14:21-25
Play02-16-2003Mission AccomplishedFaulkner, RandallReady to ShareActs 14:21-28
Play04-21-1991Mission Accomplished, Pt1Faulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 14:23-28
Play05-07-1991Mission Accomplished, Pt2Faulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 14:23-28
Play08-29-2004Jerusalem or Athens?Faulkner, RandallGods Word for a Shifting CultureActs 15 & 17
Play05-19-1991Christian Liberty and the Law of LoveFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 15:1-35
Play06-02-1974Famous Failures - Apostolic, Pt 1Lawson, MichaelFamous FailuresActs 15:36-40
Play07-20-2008Those Philippi PeopleStrauss, JohnThose Philippi PeopleActs 16
Play10-05-2008Training TimothysJeffery, JimTraining TimothysActs 16:1-5
Play05-26-2002Does God Have a Plan for America?Faulkner, RandallDoes God Have a Plan for America?Acts 17
Play05-23-1971A Positive Approach to PagansCotten, DavidA Positive Approach to PagansActs 17
Play05-25-2013Reasoning with Non-BelieversNelson, JasonGod & Country DayActs 17:16-23
Play02-01-1976He Is Lord of Heaven and EarthCotten, DavidThe Sovereignty of GodActs 17:24-26
Play10-11-2015The Folly of Making God As We Want Him to BeHermansen, RickThe Folly of Making God As We Want Him to BeActs 17:29-31
Play07-07-1991Living Above Guilt and FearFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 18:1-17
Play08-11-1991Changed Lives, Public WitnessFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 19
Play08-18-1991A Riot in The StreetsFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 19:21-40
Play04-13-1986Acts 1:1Cotten, DavidActs of the ApostlesActs 1:1
Play04-30-1995Many Convincing ProofsFaulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristActs 1:1-8
Play01-27-1985Why Do You Stand Here?Cotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsActs 1:11
Play07-15-2007The First Prayer MeetingStrauss, JohnThe First Prayer MeetingActs 1:14
Play04-14-2019Sending TogetherFrawley, JohnLife TogetherActs 1:8
Play07-20-1975The Work of WitnessingCotten, DavidEvangelismActs 1:8b
Play09-18-1977The Church with the Gillette EdgeHendricks, HowardThe Dedicated ChurchActs 2
Play03-11-2001Back to the FutureStrauss, JohnEvangelismActs 2
Play07-16-1972Metropolitans MissionCotten, DavidEcclesiologyActs 2
Play07-06-1997The Organic ChurchDorrell, JimmyChurchActs 2
Play01-15-1984An Authentic ChurchCotten, DavidThe New Testament ChurchActs 2
Play01-22-1984An Authentic ChurchCotten, DavidThe New Testament ChurchActs 2
Play10-12-1997Gods Concept of MissionsJordan, JoeMissionsActs 20
Play08-25-1991A Complete MinistryFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 20
Play02-20-1998What Makes a Church?Faulkner, RandallWhat Makes a Church?Acts 20
Play07-12-1992The Testimony of a Beautiful WalkKempton, WendellThe Testimony of a Beautiful WalkActs 20:16-19
Play06-08-1986Challenging the Church2 Pt2Cotten, DavidEcclesiologyActs 20:17-35
Play11-05-2006Love with Skin on ItFaulkner, RandallVision and Values of MetropolitanActs 20:18,32-38
Play07-12-1992The Testimony of a Beautiful WalkKempton, WendellThe Testimony of a Beautiful WalkActs 20:20-21
Play09-23-2018Spread the Gospel with Your Whole LifeKim, Billy2018 Missions FestivalActs 20:24
Play09-01-1991Trouble in the Temple, Pt1Faulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 21
Play09-01-1991Trouble in the Temple, Pt2Faulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 21
Play04-25-1976Evangelism and the ChurchesCotten, DavidEvangelismActs 21
Play09-15-1991Pauls Personal TestimonyFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 22
Play09-29-1991The Use and Misuse of PowerFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 23
Play05-08-2005The Promise of His PresenceFaulkner, RandallGreat Promises of the BibleActs 23:11
Play10-20-1991A Dead Man Named JesusFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 25
Play10-27-1991Set Forth Your CaseFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 26
Play11-17-1991Weathering the Storms of LifeFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 27
Play11-24-1991Brothers and OthersFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 28
Play08-27-2000The Birthday of the ChurchFaulkner, RandallThe Doctrine of the ChurchActs 2:1-4
Play01-07-1996Creative Collaboration with GodFaulkner, RandallCreative Collaboration with GodActs 3
Play06-05-1977The Baptism of the Holy GhostCotten, DavidThe Holy SpiritActs 3
Play10-27-2002Gods Plan for Your LifeStrauss, JohnGods Plan for Your LifeActs 3,4
Play04-20-1986Acts 3-6:7Heritage, Timothy DActs of the ApostlesActs 3-6:7
Play06-20-1999Learning to Pray with Other BelieversHermansen, RickLearning to Pray with Other BelieversActs 4
Play04-26-2015Worship: Who God Is and Who I AmFaulkner, RandallWorship 2015Acts 4:23-31
Play04-26-2006Comfort Is Not an OptionMiller, RoggeComfort Is Not an OptionActs 4:32-8:4
Play01-19-2003Near Neighbor EvangelismFaulkner, RandallReady to ShareActs 5:29-32
Play10-06-1991No Place for HypocrisyFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 6
Play08-26-1984The Process of EvangelismRadmacher, EarlEvangelism ChallengeActs 6
Play06-03-2007The Dangers of Too Much ReligionStrauss, JohnThe Dangers of Too Much ReligionActs 6-7
Play05-04-1986Acts 6:8-9:31Harrell, RobertActs of the ApostlesActs 6:8-9:31
Play05-18-2003A Story of a Stiff-Necked PeopleYocum, WadeA Story of a Stiff-Necked PeopleActs 7:1-53
Play08-28-1988Principles for WitnessingSweeting, GeorgePrinciples for WitnessingActs 8
Play10-21-1990The Worth of an IndividualFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs 8:26-40
Play01-26-2003One-on-One WitnessFaulkner, RandallReady to ShareActs 8:26-40
Play02-12-1975Baptism and Salvation, Pt 2Hodges, ZaneBaptism & Salvation in ActsActs 9,22
Play05-11-1986Acts 9:32-11:30Lawson, MichaelActs of the ApostlesActs 9:32-11:30
Play09-02-1990When the Devil Goes to Church, Pt2Faulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play03-09-1969Mechanics of Knowing Gods WillCotten, DavidThe Wills of GodActs _
Play11-04-1987The Church GrowsKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyActs _
Play03-31-1991Forgiveness and FreedomFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play10-14-1990A Gospel for OutcastsFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play07-28-1991The Word of God GrewFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play10-28-1987Acts - The Church BeginsKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyActs _
Play06-16-1991How Big Is Your God?Faulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play03-02-1969Mechanics of Knowing Gods WillCotten, DavidThe Wills of GodActs _
Play11-18-1987The Church is ScatteredKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyActs _
Play02-11-1979Studies in the Book of ActsHeritage, Timothy DStudies in the Book of ActsActs _
Play06-09-1991A Tale of Two CitiesFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play06-02-1991What Must I Do to Be Saved?Faulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play02-16-1969How to Know Gods WillCotten, DavidThe Wills of GodActs _
Play11-24-1968The Condition of Gods Perfect WillCotten, DavidThe Wills of GodActs _
Play05-26-1991A Beachhead in EuropeFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play03-10-1991An Act of SeeingFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play10-07-1990No Little PeopleFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play09-02-1990When the Devil Goes to Church, Pt1Faulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play09-16-1990Truth or ConsequencesFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play09-09-1990Reaching a City for ChristFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play10-28-1990What Does It Take to Get Your Attention?Faulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play11-04-1990Indications of Divine GraceFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play01-27-1991Evidences of New LifeFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play02-10-1991Wonders Never Cease - Or Do They?Faulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play02-17-1991Bridging Barriers with the GospelFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play02-11-1996Some Are Gifted, All Are to EvangelizeHeritage, Timothy DSome Are Gifted, All Are to EvangelizeActs _
Play11-25-1987Church to the GentilesBarber, JonathanNew Testament SurveyActs _
Play02-24-1991Responding To ChangeFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play03-03-1991A Rumor of AngelsFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play04-07-1991Take a Stand for ChristFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play09-23-1990Servant LeadershipFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play07-16-1978My Farewell MessageBryan, G WilliamMy Farewell MessageActs _
Play09-30-1990How to Make an Impact for GodFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _
Play12-02-1987The Church Extends OverseasKreitzer, PaulNew Testament SurveyActs _
Play04-14-1991Dangers, Toils and SnaresFaulkner, RandallSpreading the FlameActs _