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Play09-25-2002Days Two to FourStrauss, MichaelThe Bible, Science, and OriginsGenesis 1
Play10-02-2002Days Five and SixStrauss, MichaelThe Bible, Science, and OriginsGenesis 1
Play09-18-2002Genesis 1 - Day OneStrauss, MichaelThe Bible, Science, and OriginsGenesis 1
Play04-20-1983The FallCounts, BillGenesis 1-11Genesis 1
Play04-13-1983Creation of Man and WomanCounts, BillGenesis 1-11Genesis 1
Play04-06-1983Creation of the Heavens and the EarthCounts, BillGenesis 1-11Genesis 1
Play07-25-1971Abraham Set ApartWaltke, BruceHistory of IsraelGenesis 1,12
Play07-25-1971Gods Program of SalvationWaltke, BruceHistory of IsraelGenesis 1,2
Play10-04-1972Man in His FallJohnson, S LewisBiblical Doctrine of ManGenesis 1,2,3
Play09-20-1972Man in the Image of GodJohnson, S LewisBiblical Doctrine of ManGenesis 1,2,3
Play09-06-1972Man and His OriginJohnson, S LewisBiblical Doctrine of ManGenesis 1,2,3
Play04-27-1983Consequences of the FallCounts, BillGenesis 1-11Genesis 1-11
Play05-04-1983Cain and AbelCounts, BillGenesis 1-11Genesis 1-11
Play05-11-1983The Flood, Pt 1Counts, BillGenesis 1-11Genesis 1-11
Play05-29-1983The Tower of BabelCounts, BillGenesis 1-11Genesis 1-11
Play05-18-1983The Flood, Pt 2Counts, BillGenesis 1-11Genesis 1-11
Play03-02-2014A World without GodFaulkner, RandallThe Next Big ThingGenesis 11
Play01-25-1978Genesis 11:27-13:4Campbell, DonaldGenesis 11-22Genesis 11:27-13:4
Play06-18-2000Godly Fathers Exude Character, Pt2Faulkner, RandallGodly Fathers Exude CharacterGenesis 12
Play06-18-2000Godly Fathers Exude Character, Pt1Faulkner, RandallGodly Fathers Exude CharacterGenesis 12
Play08-31-1983Abraham: Contract Abraham & LotCounts, BillOld Testament Character StudiesGenesis 12-13
Play07-25-1971Formation of the Nation IsraelWaltke, BruceHistory of IsraelGenesis 12-28
Play07-22-2018Abraham: A Man Looking for a HomeBrown, DougSojourner SeriesGenesis 12:1-9; Hebrews 11:9-10
Play03-31-1974Famous Failures - AbramLawson, MichaelFamous FailuresGenesis 12:10-20
Play02-01-1978Genesis 13:5-14:24Campbell, DonaldGenesis 11-22Genesis 13:5-14:24
Play02-08-1978Genesis 15-17Campbell, DonaldGenesis 11-22Genesis 15-17
Play03-25-2007God Sees and Hears MeHermansen, RickGod Sees and Hears MeGenesis 16:1-16
Play02-15-1978Genesis 18-19Campbell, DonaldGenesis 11-22Genesis 18-19
Play08-28-2002In the Beginning GodStrauss, MichaelThe Bible, Science, and OriginsGenesis 1:1
Play09-04-2002Genesis 1:2Strauss, MichaelThe Bible, Science, and OriginsGenesis 1:2
Play09-02-1984Single Parents and the Church FamilyHeritage, Timothy DSingle Parents and the Church FamilyGenesis 2
Play01-06-1974Dynamics of SinCotten, DavidGenesis 2Genesis 2
Play02-21-1988Shoring Up the Family StructureHeritage, Timothy DShoring Up the Family StructureGenesis 2
Play05-14-2000The Discoveries of EveFaulkner, RandallThe Discoveries of EveGenesis 2,3,4
Play12-09-2012Gods Goodness and the Problem of EvilFaulkner, RandallKnowing GodGenesis 2-3
Play03-31-1974Famous Failures - AbrahamLawson, MichaelFamous FailuresGenesis 20
Play08-06-1995Jehovah Jireh, Part 2Faulkner, RandallThe Names of GodGenesis 22:1-14
Play07-30-1995Jehovah Jireh, Part 1Faulkner, RandallThe Names of GodGenesis 22:1-14
Play06-21-2009A Fathers LeadershipBrown, DougA Fathers LeadershipGenesis 22:1-18
Play02-21-1982The Birth and BirthrightJohnson, S LewisHighlights in the Life of JacobGenesis 25
Play10-17-1976Jacob: Birth of a SchemerCotten, DavidBible BiographiesGenesis 25-35
Play10-17-1976Jacob: The Self-Ambitious SchemerCotten, DavidBible BiographiesGenesis 25-36
Play10-24-1976Jacob: A Schemer Grows UpCotten, DavidBible BiographiesGenesis 25-37
Play10-24-1976Jacob: Changed by DisablementCotten, DavidBible BiographiesGenesis 25-38
Play10-31-1976Jacob: Family Failure HealedCotten, DavidBible BiographiesGenesis 25-39
Play11-07-1976Jacob: Facing the FutureCotten, DavidBible BiographiesGenesis 25-40
Play11-28-1976Jacob: Facing the FutureCotten, DavidBible BiographiesGenesis 25-41
Play11-01-1976Jacob: Facing the FutureCotten, DavidBible BiographiesGenesis 25-42
Play04-07-1991Our God Is SufficientFaulkner, RandallReasons to BelieveGenesis 26
Play03-16-2008From Hero to Zero - Reflections on RetirementWaltke, BruceFrom Hero to Zero - Reflections on RetirementGenesis 26:34-27:46
Play02-21-1982Jacobs Ladder - GraceJohnson, S LewisHighlights in the Life of JacobGenesis 28
Play09-09-2018Jacobs Journey in the EastBrown, DougSojourners SeriesGenesis 28-31
Play09-13-1998Seeing HimHermansen, RickEncountering GodGenesis 28:10-22
Play05-15-2005The Story of LeahCaminiti, PaulOne Womans StoryGenesis 29-30
Play04-24-1994What Is a Family?Faulkner, RandallChristian FamilyGenesis 2:18-24
Play02-25-1979Foundations for MarriageCotten, DavidChristian HomeGenesis 2:18-25
Play05-14-1972The Priority of MarriageCotten, DavidChristian HomeGenesis 2:18-25
Play03-11-1979Making a MarriageCotten, DavidChristian HomeGenesis 2:21-24
Play05-27-1979Married Love Is Self-LoveCotten, DavidJamesGenesis 2:23
Play05-27-1979Married Love Is Self-LoveCotten, DavidChristian HomeGenesis 2:23
Play03-25-1979The Meaning of MarriageCotten, DavidChristian HomeGenesis 2:24
Play05-27-1972Morality and MarriageCotten, DavidChristian HomeGenesis 2:24
Play04-01-1979Sex in MarriageCotten, DavidChristian HomeGenesis 2:24
Play04-03-1977Creation and Re-creationEpp, TheodoreSpiritual LifeGenesis 3
Play03-02-1975Salvation and Mental IllnessCotten, DavidBiblical Doctrine Concerning Mental IllnessGenesis 3
Play02-21-1982Peniel - From Surplanter to PrevailerJohnson, S LewisHighlights in the Life of JacobGenesis 32
Play10-04-1998Holding on to GodHermansen, RickEncountering GodGenesis 32
Play11-01-1998Being Blessed by HimHermansen, RickEncountering GodGenesis 32
Play09-27-1998Wrestling with GodHermansen, RickEncountering GodGenesis 32
Play03-25-2007Transformation of a Sinner into a SaintWaltke, BruceTransformation of a Sinner into a SaintGenesis 32:22-32
Play12-06-2015Jacob & Esau: Healing a RelationshipHermansen, RickJacob & Esau: Healing a RelationshipGenesis 33
Play12-16-1981Why Bethlehem?Cotten, DavidChristmas MeditationsGenesis 35:1-20
Play09-17-1986Gen 36-50Heritage, Timothy DOld Testament SurveyGenesis 36-50
Play02-15-2009When the World Is Against You, Part 2Faulkner, RandallLife of JosephGenesis 37
Play11-15-1992The High Cost of EnvyFaulkner, RandallLittle Foxes Spoil the VineGenesis 37
Play02-08-2009When the World Is Against You, Part 1Faulkner, RandallLife of JosephGenesis 37
Play03-22-2009Judah: Paragon of Gods LoveWaltke, BruceJudah: Paragon of Gods LoveGenesis 37-44
Play09-16-2018Joseph in a Foreign LandBrown, DougSojourners SeriesGenesis 39
Play02-22-2009Facing TemptationFaulkner, RandallLife of JosephGenesis 39
Play03-01-2009Life Is Not FairFaulkner, RandallLife of JosephGenesis 39
Play01-19-1975I Was AfraidCotten, DavidBiblical Doctrine Concerning Mental IllnessGenesis 3:10
Play02-02-1975I Hid MyselfCotten, DavidBiblical Doctrine Concerning Mental IllnessGenesis 3:10
Play01-13-1974How Divine Justice WorksCotten, DavidGenesisGenesis 4
Play09-13-1992Anger: A Little Fox with Sharp TeethFaulkner, RandallLittle Foxes Spoil the VineGenesis 4
Play03-08-2009Joseph the VisionaryFaulkner, RandallLife of JosephGenesis 40
Play03-15-2009Preparing for an Uncertain FutureFaulkner, RandallLife of JosephGenesis 41
Play03-22-2009Coming to Terms with ProsperityFaulkner, RandallLife of JosephGenesis 41
Play03-29-2009Making Friends with the FamilyFaulkner, RandallLife of JosephGenesis 42
Play04-05-2009Josephs Baby BrotherFaulkner, RandallLife of JosephGenesis 43-44
Play04-19-2009All Things Work TogetherFaulkner, RandallLife of JosephGenesis 45
Play04-26-2009Pictures of GraceFaulkner, RandallLife of JosephGenesis 46-50
Play02-21-1982Jacobs Greatest Acts of FaithJohnson, S LewisHighlights in the Life of JacobGenesis 48
Play09-20-1987Preferred PersonalityCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis 49
Play01-06-1974Two Approaches to LifeCotten, DavidGenesis 2Genesis 4:1-5a
Play05-21-1977My Brothers KeeperCotten, DavidChristian Social ActionGenesis 4:9
Play11-23-2005A Spirit of GratitudeFaulkner, RandallA Spirit of GratitudeGenesis 6:11-13
Play07-23-1995El ShaddaiFaulkner, RandallThe Names of GodGenesis 7:1-8
Play01-19-1972Patriarchal PeriodCampbell, DonaldOld Testament HistoryGenesis _
Play05-18-1969History of the Semitic NationsCotten, DavidRacial OriginsGenesis _
Play07-28-1985Faith and FearCotten, DavidAbraham: Profile of FaithGenesis _
Play07-21-1985Faith for Early Mid-Life, Pt2Cotten, DavidAbraham: Profile of FaithGenesis _
Play07-07-1985Faith for Early Mid-Life, Pt1Cotten, DavidAbraham: Profile of FaithGenesis _
Play06-30-1985The First Stage of FaithCotten, DavidAbraham: Profile of FaithGenesis _
Play06-23-1985The Stages of LifeCotten, DavidAbraham: Profile of FaithGenesis _
Play05-25-1969Racial Integration and Inter-Marriage in the Light of ScriptureCotten, DavidRacial OriginsGenesis _
Play03-16-1969Division of the NationsCotten, DavidRacial OriginsGenesis _
Play04-27-1969The Division of the NationsCotten, DavidRacial OriginsGenesis _
Play03-13-1969The Origin of NationsCotten, DavidRacial OriginsGenesis _
Play09-08-1985Growing in FaithCotten, DavidAbraham: Profile of FaithGenesis _
Play03-09-1969A Prophecy Concerning the NationsCotten, DavidRacial OriginsGenesis _
Play03-02-1969The Prophecy of a Blessing and a CurseCotten, DavidRacial OriginsGenesis _
Play02-23-1969The Curse of CanaanCotten, DavidRacial OriginsGenesis _
Play02-16-1969The Sin of NoahCotten, DavidRacial OriginsGenesis _
Play02-09-1969The Curse of CanaanCotten, DavidRacial OriginsGenesis _
Play05-23-1971Christian Citizenship, Pt 1Cotten, DavidChristian CitizenshipGenesis _
Play08-25-1985Faith and FrustrationCotten, DavidAbraham: Profile of FaithGenesis _
Play09-21-1986Parents, Prayers, and PersonalitiesCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play09-15-1985Observable FaithCotten, DavidAbraham: Profile of FaithGenesis _
Play03-29-1987Learning through Lifes TroublesCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play04-29-1981Abrahamic CovenantCotten, DavidFoundations of ProphecyGenesis _
Play09-13-1987The Quality of OpennessCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play06-29-1987Recognize Your GiftCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play06-21-1987A Fathers AdviceCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play06-14-1987Facing the FutureCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play06-07-1987Taking Stock of LifeCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play05-31-1987Lifes Hidden IdolsCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play05-04-1987Wrestling with GodCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play03-15-1987Making Life BeautifulCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play05-10-1992HagarPhillips, JohnHagarGenesis _
Play03-08-1987Practicing Gods PresenceCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play03-01-1987New BeginningsCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play02-22-1987Mishandling GrudgesCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play02-08-1987Jacob Pictures PeopleCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play10-12-1986A Contrast: Isaacs PeaceablenessCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play10-13-2002Questions and Answers, Pt2Strauss, MichaelThe Bible, Science, and OriginsGenesis _
Play09-28-1986Server and SchemerCotten, DavidJacob: Two PersonalitiesGenesis _
Play01-12-1972Primeval PeriodCampbell, DonaldOld Testament HistoryGenesis _
Play04-22-1981Abrahamic CovenantCotten, DavidFoundations of ProphecyGenesis _