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Play03-25-1970Bible Study MethodsHendricks, HowardBible Study MethodsJames 1
Play01-27-1974How Do I React to My Trials?Strauss, LehmanJames, 4 Tests In Chapter 1James 1
Play01-27-1974How Do I Resist Temptation?Strauss, LehmanJames, 4 Tests In Chapter 1James 1
Play01-27-1974How Do I Respond to the Truth?Strauss, LehmanJames, 4 Tests In Chapter 1James 1
Play01-27-1974How Do I Restrain My Tongue?Strauss, LehmanJames, 4 Tests In Chapter 1James 1
Play04-16-1989Hearers and DoersRaymer, RogerHearers and DoersJames 1
Play04-23-1989Doing the Word of GodMartin, John AObedience to GodJames 1
Play11-19-1989Walk Your TalkHeritage, Timothy DWalk Your TalkJames 1
Play10-18-1992Temptation: A Birds Nest in Your HairFaulkner, RandallLittle Foxes Spoil the VineJames 1
Play01-28-1979Persistently Practice Biblical PrinciplesCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsJames 1
Play01-14-1979Go Slow, Listen, Keep Obeying Gods WordCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsJames 1
Play02-04-2007Coping with TrialsFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 1:1-11
Play06-02-2019Thinking Differently about Our TrialsHermansen, RickFaith in ActionJames 1:1-4
Play02-18-2007Dont Blame GodFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 1:13-18
Play06-16-2019Inside OutFrawley, JohnFaith in ActionJames 1:13-18
Play02-25-2007The Real Purpose of LifeFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 1:18
Play11-09-1975Be Swift to HearCotten, DavidChristian MaturityJames 1:19
Play06-23-2019Applying the WordBrown, DougFaith in ActionJames 1:19-27
Play03-11-2007Authentic ChristianityFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 1:19-27
Play12-31-1978How to Face the FutureCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsJames 1:2-8
Play03-18-2007Are You Ready for the Real World?Faulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 1:27
Play06-09-2019Prayer in TrialsBrown DougFaith in ActionJames 1:5-12
Play02-11-2007True ProsperityFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 1:9-12
Play01-07-1979Principles for LivingCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsJames 1:9-18
Play11-28-1971The Meaning of FaithCotten, DavidFaithJames 2
Play05-16-1999Marks of Authentic FaithBrink, GaryMarks of Authentic FaithJames 2
Play03-12-2000The Relationship Between Faith & WorksFaulkner, RandallThe Relationship Between Faith & WorksJames 2
Play04-01-2007The Case of the Unfriendly UsherFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 2:1-13
Play06-30-2019A Social GospelFrawley, JohnFaith in ActionJames 2:1-13
Play04-22-2007Mercy and JudgementFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 2:10-13
Play07-07-2019Faith Works, Part 1Frawley, JohnFaith in ActionJames 2:14-19
Play05-13-2007Justification By Works? Pt 2Faulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 2:14-26
Play05-06-2007Justification By Works? Pt 1Faulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 2:14-26
Play07-14-2019Faith Works, Part 2Frawley, JohnFaith in ActionJames 2:20-26
Play07-21-2019Talk Is Not Always CheapFrawley, JohnFaith in ActionJames 3:1-12
Play07-28-2019Wisdom WorksFrawley, JohnFaith in ActionJames 3:13-18
Play07-08-2007Heavenly WisdomFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 3:13-18
Play06-17-2007The Power of the TongueFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 3:2-12
Play10-04-1981Taming the TongueCotten, DavidChristian MaturityJames 3:7-18
Play09-02-1979Inter-Personal RelationshipsCotten, DavidInter-Personal RelationshipsJames 4
Play08-04-2019Love and WarThompson, BobFaith in ActionJames 4:1-3
Play02-04-1979Confronting ConflictsCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsJames 4:1-4
Play09-09-2007The Only Righteous JudgeFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 4:11-12
Play08-18-2019Thou Shalt Not JudgeFrawley, JohnFaith in ActionJames 4:11-12
Play08-25-2019Being in the Will of GodFrawley, JohnFaith in ActionJames 4:13-17
Play01-13-1985Planning TomorrowCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsJames 4:13-17
Play08-11-2019War WithinFrawley, JohnFaith in ActionJames 4:4-10
Play10-24-2004His Ministry in UsHermansen, RickThe Holy SpiritJames 4:5ff
Play09-01-2019From Rags to RichesFrawley, JohnFaith in ActionJames 5:1-6
Play10-14-2007Words for the WealthyFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 5:1-8
Play11-17-2013Pray for One AnotherFaulkner, RandallBuilding Bridges of LoveJames 5:13-16
Play10-28-2007The Art of Effective Prayer, Pt 1Faulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 5:13-18
Play11-04-2007The Art of Effective Prayer, Pt 2Faulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 5:13-18
Play09-15-2019Pondering PrayerFrawley, JohnFaith in ActionJames 5:13-18
Play11-18-2007The Disciplines of LifeFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 5:15-20
Play09-02-2012The Power of Unanswered PrayerBrown, DougThe Power of Unanswered PrayerJames 5:16
Play09-29-2019The Wounds of a FriendFrawley, JohnFaith in ActionJames 5:19-20
Play10-21-2007Getting Ready to See the LordFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames 5:7-12
Play09-08-2019Waiting for the Right TimingFrawley, JohnFaith in ActionJames 5:7-12
Play08-09-2009Jesus Is Coming AgainFaulkner, RandallCertainties for Uncertain DaysJames 5:7-9
Play03-12-1972Biblical Principles for ProblemsCotten, DavidJamesJames _
Play09-19-1982Trials with PurposeHarrell, RobertReality of Christian ExperienceJames _
Play10-17-1982Ongoing Struggles with WorldlinessHarrell, RobertReality of Christian ExperienceJames _
Play09-20-1970Slaves of ChristCotten, DavidEternal SecurityJames _
Play02-06-1983The Problem of Wrong DecisionsLester, BruceGrowing PainsJames _
Play01-29-1984That You May Be PerfectCotten, DavidJames on Christian GrowthJames _
Play06-17-1984What in the World Is The World?Cotten, DavidJames on Christian GrowthJames _
Play01-28-2007From Skepticism to ServanthoodFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames _
Play11-25-2007Life Lessons from JamesFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames _
Play12-02-2007Life Lessons from JamesFaulkner, RandallThe Book of JamesJames _
Play02-13-1972A Journey through JamesCotten, DavidJamesJames _
Play02-20-1972Christian MaturityCotten, DavidJamesJames _
Play03-05-1972Biblical Principles for ProblemsCotten, DavidJamesJames _
Play03-26-1972Biblical Principles for ProblemsCotten, DavidJamesJames _
Play10-29-1972Healing and the Prayer of FaithCotten, DavidJamesJames _
Play08-27-1972Taming the TongueCotten, DavidJamesJames _
Play10-22-1972On Swearing, Praying and SingingCotten, DavidJamesJames _
Play10-08-1972Worldliness and WrathCotten, DavidJamesJames _
Play10-01-1972Worldliness and WealthCotten, DavidJamesJames _
Play09-17-1972Worldliness: Playing GodCotten, DavidJamesJames _
Play09-10-1972The Cure for WorldlinessCotten, DavidJamesJames _
Play09-03-1972Maturity: Disassociation with the WorldCotten, DavidJamesJames _
Play08-20-1972Maturity: Amplifier of the HeartCotten, DavidJamesJames _
Play04-23-1972Biblical Principles for ProblemsCotten, DavidJamesJames _
Play07-30-1972Maturity: Controlled TongueCotten, DavidJamesJames _
Play06-23-1972Maturity: Good WorksCotten, DavidJamesJames _
Play06-04-1972Non-Discrimination: Mark of MaturityCotten, DavidJamesJames _
Play05-28-1972Non-Discrimination: Mark of MaturityCotten, DavidJamesJames _
Play05-07-1972Biblical Marks of MaturityCotten, DavidJamesJames _
Play04-30-1972Biblical Principles for ProblemsCotten, DavidJamesJames _
Play06-11-1972Maturity: Good WorksCotten, DavidJamesJames _