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Play12-24-2000Welcoming JesusHermansen, RickWelcoming JesusJohn 1
Play04-12-1981Personality GrowthCotten, DavidChristian Character1 John 1
Play12-22-1996Bringing Heaven to Our HeartsFaulkner, RandallAdvent MeditationsJohn 1
Play03-04-1979Fellowship with the FatherKeiper, RalphWalking with God1 John 1
Play03-04-1979Walking in the Light of GodKeiper, RalphWalking with God1 John 1
Play04-10-1983Operation AndrewCotten, DavidOperation AndrewJohn 1
Play12-08-1985A God Who CommunicatesCotten, DavidChristmas MeditationsJohn 1
Play05-02-2010Who Is Jesus Christ?Faulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 1
Play03-25-2012The New ExodusBaylis, CharlesBiblical StoryJohn 1-21
Play12-17-1972The Deity of JesusCotten, DavidChristologyJohn 10
Play10-06-2002What the World Needs NowBlincoe, RobertIslamJohn 10
Play01-25-1998Why Do We Put Up with This?Brink, GaryWhy Do We Put Up With This?John 10
Play03-24-1985Studies from the GospelsHeritage, Timothy DStudies from the GospelsJohn 10
Play10-12-2008The Shepherd and the SheepHermansen, RickThe Shepherd and the SheepJohn 10
Play03-27-2011Jesus, the Good SheperdFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 10:1-39
Play12-03-1972The Credentials of JesusCotten, DavidChristologyJohn 10:1-6
Play12-28-2008Life that OverflowsFaulkner, RandallWhy Jesus CameJohn 10:10
Play12-31-1972Jesus and Abundant LifeCotten, DavidChristologyJohn 10:4-5
Play12-10-1972The Exclusiveness of JesusCotten, DavidChristologyJohn 10:7-18
Play04-11-1993I Am The ResurrectionFaulkner, RandallI Am The ResurrectionJohn 11
Play07-18-1990Living One Day at a TimeKreitzer, PaulLiving One Day at a TimeJohn 11
Play03-11-2001Jesus WeptTalley, JimJesus WeptJohn 11
Play04-17-1977The Love of JesusCotten, DavidChristologyJohn 11:1-16
Play04-03-2011An Escape from the GraveFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 11:1-44
Play04-17-1977Jesus Good GriefCotten, DavidChristologyJohn 11:17-37
Play04-11-1976Jesus Last WeekCotten, DavidEaster MeditationsJohn 11:55-12:1
Play11-13-1993The Absurdity of MissionsFaulkner, RandallThe Absurdity of MissionsJohn 12
Play04-17-2011Private and Public WorshipFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 12:1-19
Play05-29-1977A Memorial to ChristBryan, G WilliamWorshipJohn 12:1-8
Play04-05-2020Preparation for BurialFrawley, JohnEaster WeekJohn 12:1-8
Play12-21-2008The Light of GodFaulkner, RandallWhy Jesus CameJohn 12:46
Play03-25-1992Lesson 3: John 13Barber, JonathanDiscipleship & the Person of ChristJohn 13
Play02-22-2004Cleaning Dirty FeetStrauss, JohnCleaning Dirty FeetJohn 13
Play03-03-2013Jesus New CommandFaulkner, RandallStraight Talk to Men on the MoveJohn 13
Play08-22-1976Jesus: Our Example for ServiceHeritage, Timothy DThe Upper Room DiscourseJohn 13
Play03-27-1977Jesus Last Words to His DisciplesMitchell, JohnUpper Room DiscourseJohn 13-14
Play03-27-1977Jesus Last Words to His DisciplesMitchell, JohnUpper Room DiscourseJohn 13-14
Play08-26-1984The Pattern of EvangelismRadmacher, EarlEvangelism ChallengeJohn 13-15
Play04-02-2000A New Commandment, Pt 2Faulkner, RandallThe Upper Room DiscourseJohn 13:1-34
Play03-26-2000A New Commandment, Pt1Faulkner, RandallThe Upper Room DiscourseJohn 13:1-34
Play05-01-1977On the Washing of FeetCotten, DavidJohnJohn 13:14
Play10-12-2014A New CommandmentBrown, DougA New CommandmentJohn 13:31-35
Play10-03-1976John 13:31-35Heritage, Timothy DThe Upper Room DiscourseJohn 13:31-35
Play04-09-2000A New ComingFaulkner, RandallThe Upper Room DiscourseJohn 14
Play08-14-1983Comfort for Troubled HeartsHarrell, RobertStudies from JohnJohn 14
Play02-09-1977How Can I Know God?Heritage, Timothy DThe Upper Room DiscourseJohn 14
Play06-24-1977The Coming of the Holy SpiritHeritage, Timothy DThe Upper Room DiscourseJohn 14
Play06-19-1994Jesus Christ, Encourager of PeopleHermansen, RickJesus Christ, Encourager of PeopleJohn 14
Play07-24-1977The Potentiality of PrayerHeritage, Timothy DThe Upper Room DiscourseJohn 14
Play12-29-1976Hope in the Midst of ChaosHeritage, Timothy DThe Upper Room DiscourseJohn 14
Play03-10-2013Going Away and Coming AgainFaulkner, RandallStraight Talk to Men on the MoveJohn 14
Play01-20-2008Our Friend in High PlacesStrauss, JohnApostles CreedJohn 14
Play05-28-2000A New Counselor: The Holy Spirit, Pt1Faulkner, RandallThe Upper Room DiscourseJohn 14-16
Play06-04-2000A New Counselor: The Holy Spirit, Pt2Faulkner, RandallThe Upper Room DiscourseJohn 14-16
Play01-04-2009Jesus Is Coming AgainFaulkner, RandallSecond ComingJohn 14:1-3
Play08-07-2011Jesus Is Coming: He Really IsFaulkner, RandallThe Promise of Christs ReturnJohn 14:1-3
Play10-28-2007Trouble with the TrinityFaulkner, RandallApostles CreedJohn 14:15-18
Play04-17-2005The Promise of His ReturnFaulkner, RandallGreat Promises of the BibleJohn 14:3
Play01-10-2010A Theology of Prayer for the New YearFaulkner, RandallA Theology of Prayer for the New YearJohn 14:6-21
Play07-31-1977Fruit, More Fruit, Much FruitHeritage, Timothy DThe Upper Room DiscourseJohn 15
Play08-13-1980Herein Is the Father GlorifiedHarrell, RobertStudies from JohnJohn 15
Play06-15-1980Abide in the True VineHarrell, RobertStudies from JohnJohn 15
Play11-05-2006Gods Heart: MissionsWilkins, RonThe Heart of GodJohn 15
Play04-30-2000A New Communion, Pt2Faulkner, RandallThe Upper Room DiscourseJohn 15
Play04-16-2000A New Communion, Pt1Faulkner, RandallThe Upper Room DiscourseJohn 15
Play03-17-2013The Vine and the BranchesFaulkner, RandallStraight Talk to Men on the MoveJohn 15
Play07-12-2009Are You Making a Difference?Dick, ArgylMidSummer Missions DayJohn 15:1-10
Play07-18-2004The Vine, the Branches and the FruitStrauss, JohnThe Vine, the Branches and the FruitJohn 15:1-17
Play03-14-1982Empowering GraceCotten, DavidThe Grace of GodJohn 15:1-5
Play05-23-1976Gods Sovereignty in SalvationCotten, DavidThe Sovereignty of GodJohn 15:16
Play05-21-2006Responding to HatredHermansen, RickJesus and AngerJohn 15:18-27
Play03-24-2013The Ministry of the Holy SpiritFaulkner, RandallStraight Talk to Men on the MoveJohn 16
Play05-07-2000A New CourageFaulkner, RandallThe Upper Room DiscourseJohn 16
Play05-16-1982Gods Grace and Gods Spirit, Pt 2Cotten, DavidThe Grace of GodJohn 16
Play10-18-1987The Concern of Jesus ChristBreese, DavidLiving in Days of DestinyJohn 16
Play04-14-2013The Holy Spirit and the BelieverFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 16:12-33
Play03-27-1977Jesus Last Words to His DisciplesMitchell, JohnUpper Room DiscourseJohn 17
Play04-30-2006What Jesus Desires for His Church, Pt2Faulkner, RandallOur Lords Intercession for UsJohn 17
Play11-19-2006Christs Heart: UnityWilkins, RonThe Heart of GodJohn 17
Play11-12-2006Eternal Life: Knowing GodWilkins, RonThe Heart of GodJohn 17
Play_-1977Jesus Last Words to His DisciplesUnknownUpper Room DiscourseJohn 17
Play03-28-1982Marks of the Biblical ChurchHarrell, RobertStudies from JohnJohn 17
Play03-14-1982Marks of the Biblical ChurchHarrell, RobertStudies from JohnJohn 17
Play04-09-2006What Jesus Desires for His Church, Pt1Faulkner, RandallOur Lords Intercession for UsJohn 17
Play03-12-2006The Real Lords PrayerFaulkner, RandallOur Lords Intercession for UsJohn 17
Play11-03-1985Christian JoyHarrell, RobertStudies from JohnJohn 17
Play03-27-1977Jesus Last Words to His DisciplesMitchell, JohnUpper Room DiscourseJohn 17
Play12-24-2007Gods Gift ListFaulkner, RandallChristmas Eve ServicesJohn 17:1-4
Play11-21-1993Our Churchs MissionFaulkner, RandallOur Churchs MissionJohn 17:18
Play03-19-2006Knowing the True GodHermansen, RickOur Lords Intercession for UsJohn 17:2-8
Play04-21-2013Jesus Prayer for UnityFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 17:20-26
Play03-26-2006Preservation of Gods PeopleFaulkner, RandallOur Lords Intercession for UsJohn 17:9-12
Play11-23-1980Christians, Politics and LawCotten, DavidChristian CitizenshipJohn 18
Play09-30-1984Religion and GovernmentCotten, DavidChristian CitizenshipJohn 18
Play10-10-1982Drinking from the CupHermansen, RickDrinking from the CupJohn 18
Play05-05-2013In the Garden with the LordFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 18:1-14
Play05-12-2013Jesus on TrialFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 18:25-19:15
Play12-18-1977Jesus Is KingCotten, DavidChristmas MeditationsJohn 18:36
Play06-02-2013The Old Rugged CrossFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 19:16-42
Play05-08-2011Would You Want to Be the Mother of Jesus?Faulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 19:25-27
Play02-21-1999Here Is Your SonHere Is Your MotherHermansen, RickSeven Last Words of ChristJohn 19:26-27
Play03-14-1999I ThirstHermansen, RickSeven Last Words of ChristJohn 19:28
Play03-21-1999It Is FinishedHermansen, RickSeven Last Words of ChristJohn 19:30
Play12-23-2012When God Came DownFaulkner, RandallKnowing GodJohn 1:1,14
Play08-12-2001Real Needs and How to Meet ThemFaulkner, RandallFirst John1 John 1:1-4
Play08-19-2001The Quest for CommunityFaulkner, RandallFirst John1 John 1:1-4
Play06-03-2018In the Beginning Was the WordHermansen, RickIn the Beginning Was the WordJohn 1:1-5
Play03-07-2010Gods Personal WordFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 1:1-5
Play03-28-2010How to Join Gods FamilyFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 1:10-13
Play07-17-2011Adoption Accomplished and AppliedRisner, JayAdoption Accomplished and AppliedJohn 1:12-13
Play11-24-2019Changing Our MissionFrawley, JohnTransitionsJohn 1:14
Play08-26-1990Behold the LambRosenthal, MarvinGods Provision of SalvationJohn 1:19-29
Play04-04-2010The Lamb of GodFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 1:29-34
Play04-11-2010Following JesusFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 1:35-51
Play08-26-2001Adjusting Our View of GodFaulkner, RandallFirst John1 John 1:5-2:2
Play04-25-2010Visions of AngelsFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 1:50-51
Play03-14-2010A Man with a VisionFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 1:6-28
Play03-29-1981Personality GrowthCotten, DavidChristian Character1 John 1:9
Play10-07-2007A New World ViewCallenberg, RickMissions Festival 2007John 1:9-14
Play08-09-1987Why Did Jesus Have to Die?Hermansen, RickChristian Growth1 John 2
Play02-05-1995The Authority of Christ, Part IIFaulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristJohn 2
Play03-04-1979Walking with ChristKeiper, RalphWalking with God1 John 2
Play03-04-1979Walking in RighteousnessKeiper, RalphWalking with God1 John 2
Play10-13-1982Resurrection of ChristCounts, BillEpochs in the Life of JesusJohn 20
Play04-01-2018Encountering the Risen JesusFaulkner, RandallEaster 2018John 20
Play03-31-2013Resurrection: Seeing Is BelievingFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 20
Play03-23-2008The Best Good NewsFaulkner, RandallEaster ServicesJohn 20
Play04-24-2011An Eyewitness to HistoryFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 20:1-18
Play04-12-2020Come and SeeFrawley, JohnEaster WeekJohn 20:1-18
Play04-16-1995Why Mary, Why Me?Faulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristJohn 20:1-28
Play06-30-2013Encountering the Risen JesusFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 20:1-29
Play04-08-2007Easter SurprisesFaulkner, RandallEaster SurprisesJohn 20:1-29
Play04-18-1976Jesus Resurrection MessageCotten, DavidEaster MeditationsJohn 20:19-23
Play07-07-2013I Am Sending YouFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 20:21-23
Play07-14-2013A Fishing Trip InterruptedFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 20:30-21:14
Play07-28-2013Signals from HeavenFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 20:30-31
Play10-13-1996Love Must Motivate Our MissionColeman, RobertMissionsJohn 21
Play05-03-2009What Christ Does with FailurePritchard, RaySpring Bible Conference 2009John 21
Play07-21-2013Follow Me!Faulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 21:15-25
Play08-04-2013The Great I AMFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 21:24-25
Play05-09-2010A Mothers AdviceFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 2:1-11
Play05-16-2010A Passion for the House of GodFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 2:1-11
Play05-07-2006Jesus and AngerHermansen, RickJesus and AngerJohn 2:12-17
Play09-23-2001Connecting without CompromiseFaulkner, RandallFirst John1 John 2:12-17
Play01-29-1995The Authority of ChristFaulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristJohn 2:12-25
Play10-21-2001Staring Evil in the Face, Pt2Faulkner, RandallFirst John1 John 2:18-27
Play09-30-2001Staring Evil in the Face, Pt1Faulkner, RandallFirst John1 John 2:18-27
Play10-28-2001Jesus Is ComingFaulkner, RandallFirst John1 John 2:18-3:3
Play09-02-2001Our Atoning SacrificeFaulkner, RandallFirst John1 John 2:2
Play05-01-2005The Promise of Eternal LifeFaulkner, RandallGreat Promises of the Bible1 John 2:25
Play12-16-1984Gods Kingdom ComeCotten, DavidChristmas MeditationsJohn 2:3
Play12-18-1976Born from AboveCotten, DavidChristmas MeditationsJohn 2:3
Play09-09-2001Intimate Knowledge of GodFaulkner, RandallFirst John1 John 2:3-11
Play01-06-2002Recognizing the Spirits WorkFaulkner, RandallFirst John1 John 3
Play01-12-2020Gods PromiseFrawley, JohnMade NewJohn 3:1-15
Play11-25-2001Loves Reality TestFaulkner, RandallFirst John1 John 3:11-18
Play04-15-1990The Greatest Text in the BibleFaulkner, RandallThe Greatest Text in the BibleJohn 3:16
Play06-06-2010The Most Famous Verse in the BibleFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 3:16
Play03-30-2014John 3:16 in the Old TestamentKlingler, DavidSpring Bible ConferenceJohn 3:16
Play06-13-2010Out of the DarknessFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 3:17-21
Play06-20-2010The Attraction of HumilityFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 3:22-30
Play11-11-2001Whatever Became of Sin?Faulkner, RandallFirst John1 John 3:4-10
Play06-04-1980John 3:5Storms, SamBaptism and SalvationJohn 3:5
Play11-18-2001Speaking of the DevilFaulkner, RandallFirst John1 John 3:8-15
Play02-23-2003The Masters MethodStrauss, JohnReady to ShareJohn 4
Play07-04-1999Jesus and a Thirsty WomanSlaughter, JamesGrace Lessons from Jesus LifeJohn 4
Play10-05-1997Finishing the TaskFinzel, HansGood SamaritanJohn 4
Play10-13-1996The Fields Are White unto HarvestColeman, RobertMissionsJohn 4
Play10-01-1995The Ws of John 4, Pt 2Brant, HowardThe Woman at the WellJohn 4
Play06-21-1998The Fathers LoveHast, TimThe Fathers Love1 John 4
Play10-18-1987The Call to VisionBreese, DavidLiving in Days of DestinyJohn 4
Play02-12-1995Contagious ChristianityFaulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristJohn 4
Play06-27-2010Gospel of JohnFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 4
Play10-01-1995The Ws of John 4, Pt 1Brant, HowardThe Woman at the WellJohn 4
Play02-22-2004Samaritan WomanBrown, DougSamaritan WomanJohn 4
Play12-12-1976The Unconventional JesusCotten, DavidChristologyJohn 4:1-15
Play08-01-2010Living Water for a Thirsty SoulFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 4:1-29
Play01-13-2002True Believers and False ProphetsFaulkner, RandallFirst John1 John 4:1-6
Play09-21-1975True WorshipCotten, DavidWorshipJohn 4:14-24
Play09-07-1975True WorshipCotten, DavidWorshipJohn 4:14-24
Play12-12-1976The Values of JesusCotten, DavidChristologyJohn 4:15-29
Play10-23-1983How to Feel AssuredCotten, DavidSalvation Themes1 John 4:17
Play08-08-2010The Savior of the WorldFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 4:30-45
Play11-12-2006What Is True, Spiritual Worship?Purifoy, PaulVision and Values of MetropolitanJohn 4:4-24
Play06-19-1977Signs, Miracles, and Daily LifeCotten, DavidJohnJohn 4:43-54
Play08-15-2010Signs and WondersFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 4:46-54
Play07-04-2004Celebrate, and Share Gods LoveFaulkner, RandallA Vision for Discipleship1 John 4:7-12
Play05-24-2009The Certainty of Gods LoveFaulkner, RandallCertainties for Uncertain Days1 John 4:7-21
Play01-20-2002Gods Gift of LoveFaulkner, RandallFirst John1 John 4:7-21
Play02-03-2013The Love of GodFaulkner, RandallKnowing God1 John 4:8
Play12-30-2001Five Reasons Why Jesus CameFaulkner, RandallFirst John1 John 4:9
Play10-17-2010The Grace of God in the Works of JesusFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 5:1-18
Play02-03-2002Certainty in a Skeptical AgeFaulkner, RandallFirst John1 John 5:1-5
Play10-02-1983The Assurance of SalvationCotten, DavidSalvation Themes1 John 5:13
Play10-09-2016For Those Trapped by SinFaulkner, RandallPrayers We Should Pray1 John 5:13-21
Play02-20-2005The Promise of Answered PrayerFaulkner, RandallGreat Promises of the Bible1 John 5:14-15
Play02-24-2002The Last Words of the Last ApostleFaulkner, RandallFirst John1 John 5:14-21
Play07-21-1985I John 5:18-21Lawson, Michael1 John1 John 5:18-21
Play10-24-2010Jesus and the FatherFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 5:19-24
Play10-31-2010Eternal Life or Eternal DeathFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 5:25-29
Play11-07-2010Reliable TestimonyFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 5:30-47
Play02-10-2002The Most Difficult Passage in 1 JohnFaulkner, RandallFirst John1 John 5:6-8
Play02-17-2002Confidence of Eternal LifeFaulkner, RandallFirst John1 John 5:9-13
Play06-28-2009Trading Doubt for AssuranceFaulkner, RandallCertainties for Uncertain Days1 John 5:9-15
Play07-06-2003The Food and Faith of a DiscipleStrauss, JohnThe Food and Faith of a DiscipleJohn 6
Play10-14-2018Living on Bread AloneFrawley, JohnLiving on Bread AloneJohn 6:1-14
Play11-14-2010A Feast on a HillsideFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 6:1-15
Play03-12-1995The Bread of LifeFaulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristJohn 6:25-35
Play12-05-2010The Bread of LifeFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 6:35-51
Play12-12-2010Jesus Hard TeachingFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 6:52-71
Play03-19-1995In His StepsFaulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristJohn 6:60-71
Play12-19-2010Gods Holy OneFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 6:69
Play12-07-1980Christmas Eve MeditationsCotten, DavidChristmas MeditationsJohn 7
Play05-18-1997Rivers of Living WaterMcQuilkin, RobertsonRivers of Living WaterJohn 7
Play01-16-1972The Indwelling SpiritCotten, DavidTonguesJohn 7
Play11-30-1975Jesus and ThanksgivingCotten, DavidThanksgiving MeditationsJohn 7,8
Play01-02-2011Gods Plan and OursFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 7:1-10
Play01-09-2011Who Is Jesus Christ?Faulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 7:11-36
Play10-27-2013Thirsty for JesusHermansen, RickThirsty for JesusJohn 7:37-39
Play01-16-2011Living WaterFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 7:37-52
Play09-21-1980Caught in AdultryCotten, DavidChristian EthicsJohn 7:53-8:11
Play11-26-1989Expressing Devotion to the LordHermansen, RickExpressing Devotion to the LordJohn 8
Play07-11-1999The Woman Caught in AdulterySlaughter, JamesGrace Lessons from Jesus LifeJohn 8
Play07-11-1993Carry the LightAlderman, BobMissionsJohn 8
Play01-30-2011Sin No MoreFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 8:1-11
Play11-29-1981Thanksgivings True ThemeCotten, DavidThanksgiving MeditationsJohn 8:12
Play02-06-2011Light and DarknessFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 8:12-20
Play02-20-2011Lifes Ultimate DecisionFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 8:21-30
Play02-27-2011True Discipleship and False ReligionFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 8:31-59
Play10-12-1980Morality and MercyCotten, DavidChristian EthicsJohn 8:5b-6, 8
Play03-20-2011A Faith That GrowsFaulkner, RandallGospel of JohnJohn 9:1-41
Play10-05-1980Attitudes toward Sexual SinCotten, DavidChristian EthicsJohn John 8:3-6
Play09-27-1981The Mark of MetropolitanCotten, DavidWorking with GodJohn _
Play09-27-1970The Doctrine of Eternal SecurityCotten, DavidEternal Security1 John _
Play05-15-1983Christ in Your LifeCotten, DavidPractical LivingJohn _
Play06-05-1983Cleansing Gods TempleCotten, DavidPractical LivingJohn _
Play09-20-1970Preserved for Jesus ChristCotten, DavidEternal SecurityJohn _
Play07-25-1965What Is the Abundant Life? Pt 2Cotten, DavidThe Abundant LifeJohn _
Play10-08-1983Wealth and WorshipCotten, DavidPractical LivingJohn _
Play04-20-1988I, II, III JohnKreitzer, PaulNew Testament Survey1-3 John _
Play04-06-1980The Meaning of Divine LoveCotten, DavidThe Meaning of Divine LoveJohn _
Play05-22-2016Born to Love and Be LovedFaulkner, RandallChildren of God1 John _
Play01-20-1985The Facts of the GospelHeritage, Timothy D1 John1 John _
Play06-30-1985Prayer for the Sinning BrotherHermansen, Rick1 John1 John _
Play05-21-19802 JohnStorms, SamThe Johannine Epistles2 John _
Play05-28-19803 JohnStorms, SamThe Johannine Epistles3 John _
Play11-06-1994Reaching the Helpless, HomelessEbersol, RussellEvangelismJohn _
Play07-18-1965What Is the Abundant Life? Pt 1Cotten, DavidThe Abundant LifeJohn _
Play11-16-1986Secured by Gods SpiritCotten, DavidSecurity of the BelieverJohn _
Play04-24-2016The Identity of Children of GodFaulkner, RandallChildren of GodJohn _
Play06-23-1985Witnesses to Jesus, the Son of GodHeritage, Timothy D1 John1 John _
Play01-27-1985Conditions for FellowshipHeritage, Timothy D1 John1 John _
Play06-16-1985Brother Love: A Demonstration of FaithHeritage, Timothy D1 John1 John _
Play05-12-1985A Command to LoveHeritage, Timothy D1 John1 John _
Play04-14-1985The Responsibility of FellowshipLawson, Michael1 John1 John _
Play03-24-1985The Assurance of LoveHarrell, Robert1 John1 John _
Play02-24-1985Abide in HimLawson, Michael1 John1 John _
Play02-10-1985Christian AssuranceHermansen, Rick1 John1 John _
Play02-03-1985Knowing GodCotten, David1 John1 John _
Play03-30-1983Reactions to the ResurrectionLawson, MichaelReactions to the ResurrectionJohn _