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Play01-26-1992A Reluctant MissionaryFaulkner, RandallJonahJonah 1
Play11-28-1982No, God!Cotten, DavidJonahJonah 1:1-3
Play08-12-2012Gods RunawayFaulkner, RandallJonahJonah 1:1-3
Play12-12-1982I Surrender, LordCotten, DavidJonahJonah 1:17-2:10
Play08-26-2012When All Else Fails, PrayFaulkner, RandallJonahJonah 1:17-2:9
Play12-05-1982No, God!Cotten, DavidJonahJonah 1:3-16
Play08-19-2012The Cost of Disobeying GodFaulkner, RandallJonahJonah 1:4-17
Play02-02-1992Disobedience Brings DisciplineFaulkner, RandallJonahJonah 1:4-17
Play02-09-1992Jonahs PrayerFaulkner, RandallJonahJonah 2:1-10
Play02-16-1992Jonahs Second ChanceFaulkner, RandallJonahJonah 3
Play09-09-2012God of the Second ChanceFaulkner, RandallJonahJonah 3:1-10
Play12-26-1982Second OpportunitiesCotten, DavidJonahJonah 3:1-9
Play01-16-1983Im Mad, God!Cotten, DavidJonahJonah 3:10-4:3
Play01-16-1983God RepentedCotten, DavidJonahJonah 3:9-10
Play02-23-1992Angry Enough to Die, Part 1Faulkner, RandallJonahJonah 4
Play02-23-1992Angry Enough to Die, Part 2Faulkner, RandallJonahJonah 4
Play09-16-2012Angry Enough to DieFaulkner, RandallJonahJonah 4:1-11
Play01-23-1983I Want to Die, GodCotten, DavidJonahJonah 4:3-9
Play01-30-1983Should I Not Have Compassion, Jonah?Cotten, DavidJonahJonah 4:5-10
Play06-13-1999JonahTalley, JimJonahJonah 5
Play04-29-1987Jonah and NahumHeritage, Timothy DOld Testament SurveyJonah _
Play03-03-1993JonahFaulkner, RandallMinor ProphetsJonah _