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Play12-16-2001Help from AboveFaulkner, RandallMarys SongLuke 1
Play12-09-2007Conceived of the Holy SpiritFaulkner, RandallApostles CreedLuke 1
Play12-08-1991The Woman Who Feared Gods BlessingFaulkner, RandallNo Time for FearLuke 1
Play12-01-1991The Man Who Feared FailureFaulkner, RandallNo Time for FearLuke 1
Play04-09-1991Mary and MarthaBryan, ShirleyLukes LadiesLuke 10
Play03-22-1987Who Is My Neighbor?Heritage, Timothy DWho Is My Neighbor?Luke 10
Play10-20-1996The Good SamaritanFaulkner, RandallThe Parables of JesusLuke 10:25-37
Play01-11-2015A Lesson in GenerosityFaulkner, RandallStewardship 2015Luke 10:25-37
Play03-01-1978Full Barns and Empty HeartsBryan, G WilliamFull Barns and Empty HeartsLuke 12
Play05-24-1987Becoming a Compassionate StewardHermansen, RickChristian GrowthLuke 12
Play10-27-1996The Danger of Self-Centered LivingFaulkner, RandallThe Parables of JesusLuke 12:13-21
Play06-24-1990Luke 13Boskey, AvnerWhat God Is Doing in IsraelLuke 13
Play07-11-1971Christian Financial StewardshipCotten, DavidStewardshipLuke 14
Play08-24-2014HumilityBrown, DougHumilityLuke 14:11
Play11-03-1996The Great BanquetFaulkner, RandallThe Parables of JesusLuke 14:15-24
Play04-18-2010The Great BanquetStrauss, MarkTales of the Master Story TellerLuke 14:15-24
Play11-10-1996The Builder and the KingFaulkner, RandallThe Parables of JesusLuke 14:25-35
Play04-24-1988Good People Grow Prodigals TooGuernsey, Dennis and LucyMarriage: Mystery & MetarulesLuke 15
Play05-20-2001You Are SpecialBrink, GaryYou Are SpecialLuke 15
Play09-28-2008Finding Lost People, Pt 1Ott, CraigFinding Lost PeopleLuke 15:1-10
Play04-18-2010The Lost SonStrauss, MarkTales of the Master Story TellerLuke 15:11-31
Play09-15-1996The Prodigal SonFaulkner, RandallThe Parables of JesusLuke 15:11-32
Play02-12-2012A Certain Man Had Two SonsBrown, DougA Certain Man Had Two SonsLuke 15:11-32
Play11-18-1990Good AdministratorsUriegas, ErnestoMissionsLuke 16
Play01-06-2008The Question of HellFaulkner, RandallApostles CreedLuke 16
Play05-16-2004Financial Decisions with Eternal ConsequencesYocum, WadeFinancial Decisions with Eternal ConsequencesLuke 16:1-15
Play01-18-2015Eternal InvestmentsFaulkner, RandallStewardship 2015Luke 16:1-15
Play07-05-1992Friends in High PlacesFaulkner, RandallFriends in High PlacesLuke 16:1-15
Play11-15-1987The One Who Was ThankfulHermansen, RickChristian GrowthLuke 17
Play09-08-1996The Pharisee & the Tax CollectorFaulkner, RandallThe Parables of JesusLuke 18:9-14
Play04-18-2010The Pharisee and Tax CollectorStrauss, MarkTales of the Master Story TellerLuke 18:9-14
Play01-16-1994Who Did God Come to Save?Moyer, LarryEvangelismLuke 19
Play03-23-1997Our Passover PilgrimageFaulkner, RandallOur Passover PilgrimageLuke 19
Play12-07-2008Lost and FoundFaulkner, RandallWhy Jesus CameLuke 19:10
Play04-01-2012A New Kind of KingFaulkner, RandallEasterLuke 19:28-48
Play04-13-2003What Would Bring You Peace?Hermansen, RickWhat Would Bring You Peace?Luke 19:41-44
Play08-09-1992Encouragement to PrayFaulkner, RandallEncouragement to PrayLuke 1:1-13
Play12-18-2016Christmas and the CrossHill, GrahamChristmas and the CrossLuke 1:1-4
Play11-30-2014A Man Who Feared FailureFaulkner, RandallAdvent 2014Luke 1:12-13
Play12-23-2007The Virgin Birth Really MattersFaulkner, RandallApostles CreedLuke 1:26
Play12-24-2017Mary: A Living MiracleFaulkner, RandallWomen of the AdventLuke 1:26-28
Play12-07-2014A Girl Who Feared the FutureFaulkner, RandallAdvent 2014Luke 1:26-38
Play12-10-2006Christmas PromisesFaulkner, RandallAdvent MessagesLuke 1:26-45
Play12-10-2017Elizabeth: Filled & FavoredFaulkner, RandallWomen of the AdventLuke 1:39-45
Play12-11-2016Christmas JoyFaulkner, RandallAdvent 2016Luke 1:46-47
Play12-16-2007The Humble Humanity of MaryFaulkner, RandallApostles CreedLuke 1:46-49
Play12-03-2006Getting Ready for ChristmasFaulkner, RandallAdvent MessagesLuke 1:5-25
Play12-09-1984In the Days of King HerodCotten, DavidChristmas MeditationsLuke 1:5-9
Play11-02-1990How to Recover Your Sense of ExpectancyFaulkner, RandallHow to Recover Your Sense of ExpectancyLuke 1:68-79
Play11-02-1990How to Recover Your Sense of ExpectancyFaulkner, RandallHow to Recover Your Sense of ExpectancyLuke 1:68-79
Play12-19-1993The Man Who Held God in His ArmsFaulkner, RandallAdvent MeditationsLuke 2
Play05-13-1979On Being a MotherCotten, DavidFamily LifeLuke 2
Play12-09-1990The Angels Have a Message for YouFaulkner, RandallThe Angels Have a Message for YouLuke 2
Play05-14-1984A Ministry to MothersCotten, DavidChristian ParenthoodLuke 2
Play06-13-1978Key Ingredients of MotherhoodCotten, DavidChristian ParenthoodLuke 2
Play12-24-2008Christmas Eve MessageFaulkner, RandallChristmas Eve ServicesLuke 2
Play04-12-2015Evangelism for TodayPhillips, TomSpring Bible Conference 2015Luke 20:1-12
Play04-09-1991Women in the End TimesBryan, ShirleyLukes LadiesLuke 21
Play09-19-2004Taking Risks for GodYocum, WadeTaking Risks for GodLuke 21:16
Play04-06-2012The Meeting of the Divine and the DemonicFaulkner, RandallEasterLuke 22:53
Play07-31-1977He Who ServesCotten, DavidOrdinancesLuke 22:7-18,24-27
Play12-30-2007The Suffering GodFaulkner, RandallApostles CreedLuke 23
Play02-07-1999Word 1: Father Forgive ThemHermansen, RickSeven Last Words of ChristLuke 23:34
Play03-11-2012When Does Heaven Begin?Faulkner, RandallGlimpses of EternityLuke 23:43
Play02-14-1999Today Youll Be With Me in ParadiseHermansen, RickSeven Last Words of ChristLuke 23:43
Play03-28-1999Father, into your Hands I Commit My SpiritHermansen, RickSeven Last Words of ChristLuke 23:46
Play02-21-1988Walking with JesusHermansen, RickWalking with JesusLuke 24
Play04-11-2004The First Christian CreedFaulkner, RandallExposition of Luke 24Luke 24:1-8
Play04-25-2004Traveling IncognitoFaulkner, RandallExposition of Luke 24Luke 24:17-26
Play05-09-2004Christ in All the ScriptureFaulkner, RandallExposition of Luke 24Luke 24:25-32
Play05-23-2004The Forty DaysFaulkner, RandallExposition of Luke 24Luke 24:33-48
Play05-30-2004Americas Best HopeFaulkner, RandallExposition of Luke 24Luke 24:44-53
Play04-18-2004Resurrection EvidencesFaulkner, RandallExposition of Luke 24Luke 24:9-16
Play12-19-1999How to Celebrate ChristmasFaulkner, RandallAdvent MeditationsLuke 2:1-10
Play12-11-1983The Birth of Jesus ChristCotten, DavidChristmas MeditationsLuke 2:1-20
Play12-25-1977A Mystery of ChristmasCotten, DavidChristmas MeditationsLuke 2:1-7
Play12-22-2013Hearing from Angels on HighHermansen, RickAdvent 2013Luke 2:13-14
Play12-04-2016Christmas PeaceFaulkner, RandallAdvent 2016Luke 2:14
Play12-17-2017Anna: Called to Everyday FaithfulnessFaulkner, RandallWomen of the AdventLuke 2:36-38
Play01-08-1995The Silent YearsFaulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristLuke 2:39-52
Play05-17-2009Becoming a Successful AdultStrauss, JohnBecoming a Successful AdultLuke 2:40-52
Play12-06-2009The Shepherds: Examples of Obedient ActionFaulkner, RandallAdvent MessagesLuke 2:8-20
Play12-21-2014Men Who Feared RecognitionFaulkner, RandallAdvent 2014Luke 2:8-20
Play01-02-1983CommitmentHeritage, Timothy DChallenge for the New YearLuke 3
Play03-05-2000Our Mission Is to MinisterFaulkner, RandallOur Mission Is to MinisterLuke 4
Play02-19-1995Our Mission Is to MinisterFaulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristLuke 4
Play03-19-2006Does God Have a Right?Brown, DougDoes God Have a Right?Luke 4:14-30
Play01-04-2015Fishing with JesusStrauss, JohnFishing with JesusLuke 5:1-32
Play06-13-1993Jesus Pattern of PrayerFaulkner, RandallJesus Pattern of PrayerLuke 5:15-16
Play06-22-1975Construction CharacterCotten, DavidChristian CharacterLuke 6
Play03-09-1980The Storms of LifeCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsLuke 6:46-49
Play11-18-1990Highest BlessingUriegas, ErnestoMissionsLuke 7
Play03-18-1980Perceiving GodHarrell, RobertPrinciples for EnduranceLuke 7
Play04-09-1991How to Handle Loss and PainBryan, ShirleyLukes LadiesLuke 7:11-17
Play07-18-2004The Power of GraceBrown, DougThe Power of GraceLuke 7:36-47
Play07-07-2002Is God in Control?Goen, TracyMissionsLuke 8
Play04-08-1991Mary MagdaleneBryan, ShirleyLukes LadiesLuke 8:1-3
Play03-02-2003A Vision for DiscipleshipFaulkner, RandallA Vision for DiscipleshipLuke 9
Play03-18-1992Lesson 2: Luke 9Barber, JonathanDiscipleship & the Person of ChristLuke 9
Play10-20-2013Discipleship 101Strauss, JohnDiscipleship 101Luke 9
Play08-31-1975Lifes Impossible DemandsCotten, DavidLessons from LukeLuke _
Play04-27-1969The Old Testament Portrait of JesusCotten, DavidTabernacleLuke _
Play12-18-1983At the Temple in JerusalemCotten, DavidContemplating ChristmasLuke _
Play11-27-1977True DiscipleshipHeritage, Timothy DTrue DiscipleshipLuke _