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Play03-13-1988Jesus Shows Us God, Part 5Cotten, DavidJesus of NazarethMark 1
Play12-02-1979Jesus, the ManCotten, DavidJesus, the ManMark 1,2
Play12-24-2006Receiving the GiftHermansen, RickAdvent MessagesMark 10:13-16
Play11-09-2014Let the Children ComeFaulkner, RandallLet the Children ComeMark 10:13-16
Play06-27-1999The Worlds Greatest QuestionFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 10:17-22
Play07-18-1999A Call to Radical DiscipleshipFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 10:17-31
Play07-25-1999Portrait of a ServantFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 10:32-45
Play07-06-2008Jesus Goes PublicMorlan, DaveMidSummer Missions Day 2008Mark 10:46-11:25
Play02-21-1993Preparing, DefendingUriegas, ErnestoMissionsMark 11
Play08-22-1999Extravagant PrayerFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 11:22-25
Play08-29-1999The Rejection of JesusFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 11:27-12:12
Play01-30-1972Jesus Watched the People GiveCotten, DavidStewardshipMark 12
Play11-17-1996The TenantsHermansen, RickThe Parables of JesusMark 12:1-12
Play02-19-2012Is Heaven Real?Faulkner, RandallGlimpses of EternityMark 12:18-27
Play03-20-1983Jesus Final LessonsCotten, DavidStewardshipMark 12:41-44
Play10-13-2019The Widows MightFrawley, JohnThe Widows MightMark 12:41-44
Play09-12-1999Sacrificial Giving to GodFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 12:41-44
Play09-26-1999Signs of Christs ReturnFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 13:1-26
Play10-19-1983Peters Process of FailureLester, BrucePeters Process of FailureMark 14
Play07-22-2001What Will You Be Remembered For?Hermansen, RickWhat Will You Be Remembered For?Mark 14
Play10-03-1999The First Lords SupperFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 14:1-26
Play03-28-1999Advance Notice of Christs DeathFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 14:1-42
Play10-24-1999Your Gethsemane ExperienceFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 14:32-43
Play10-31-1999Our Lords Arrest and TrialFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 14:43-65
Play11-07-1999Rising Above RegretFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 14:66-72
Play06-21-1998Feeling Abandoned by GodHermansen, RickFeeling Abandoned by GodMark 15
Play01-13-2008Good News on the Third DayFaulkner, RandallApostles CreedMark 15-16
Play11-14-1999The Crucifixion of Our LordFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 15:1-33
Play11-28-1999What Is the Gospel?Faulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 15:22-16:8
Play02-28-1999Why Have You Forsken Me?Hermansen, RickSeven Last Words of ChristMark 15:34
Play02-12-1999What Does Jesus Expect of Us?Faulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 16
Play04-04-1999What If There Were No Resurrection?Faulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 16:1-8
Play12-05-1999The Lord Worked with ThemFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 16:9-20
Play12-27-1998New Year: New BeginningsFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 1:1-13
Play01-03-1999Why Jesus CameFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 1:21-28
Play01-10-1999Jesus Revealed His AuthorityFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 1:21-45
Play06-10-2018Reaching Out in LoveMenhennett, MattReaching Out in LoveMark 1:40-45
Play03-30-2008A Friend of SinnersFaulkner, RandallA Friend of SinnersMark 2
Play01-05-1986What We Should BecomeCotten, DavidContemplating the New YearMark 2
Play01-17-1999Why Ask Why?Faulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 2
Play11-06-2016Spiritual FriendshipsLawrence, JeffSpiritual FriendshipsMark 2:1-12
Play12-09-1973Jesus LifestyleCotten, DavidThe Masters Lessons in MarkMark 2:18-22
Play02-14-1999Dealing with the Demonic, Pt2Faulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 3
Play02-07-1999Dealing with the Demonic, Pt1Faulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 3
Play12-29-2019The Pleasure of GodBrown, DougThe Pleasure of GodMark 3:1-12
Play06-06-2004Alone with GodFaulkner, RandallA Vision for DiscipleshipMark 3:13-21
Play04-21-1996Stormology 101Lawrence, BillSpiritual LifeMark 4
Play10-01-2006Declaring Gods Glory through ServiceStairs, GaryMissions Festival 2006Mark 4
Play10-02-1994Sacred SmallnessCudjoe, DuaneParablesMark 4
Play09-22-1996The SowerFaulkner, RandallThe Parables of JesusMark 4:1-20
Play02-21-1999Powerful ParablesFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 4:1-30
Play02-28-1999From Fear to FaithFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 4:35-5:43
Play11-17-1996Make Your Public Faith ActiveHermansen, RickMaking Your Private Faith PublicMark 5
Play09-22-1982Confrontation with Demon PossessedCounts, BillEpochs in the Life of JesusMark 5
Play07-21-1996Faith Is Our Capacity for GodHermansen, RickMaking Your Private Faith PublicMark 5
Play05-25-2008Politics, Culture and Religious ExpressionFaulkner, RandallGod and Country DayMark 5:1-20
Play04-11-1999The Promise of LifeFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 5:21-43
Play08-11-1985Studies from the GospelsHeritage, Timothy DStudies from the GospelsMark 6
Play12-15-1974Unpretentious JesusCotten, DavidThe Masters Lessons in MarkMark 6:1-7
Play04-20-2014More Than A Carpenter, Pt 1Faulkner, RandallEaster 2014Mark 6:3
Play04-20-2014More Than A Carpenter, Pt 2Faulkner, RandallEaster 2014Mark 6:3
Play04-20-2014More Than A Carpenter, Pt 3Faulkner, RandallEaster 2014Mark 6:3
Play02-16-1975The Christian and PressureBryan, G WilliamThe Christian and Emotional ProblemsMark 6:30-44
Play10-05-1975Life of FaithCotten, DavidThe Masters Lessons in MarkMark 6:45-52
Play04-18-1999Dangers of LegalismFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 7:1-23
Play05-02-1999Jesus Example of MissionsFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 7:24-8:26
Play10-01-1989Cost of CommitmentHeritage, Timothy DCost of CommitmentMark 8
Play05-09-1999Let the Children ComeFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 8
Play11-02-1983--in CompassionLester, BruceA Perspective on MinistryMark 8
Play05-23-1999Help My UnbeliefFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 8:1-21
Play03-21-1999The Greatest NecessityFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark 8:31
Play10-01-1989A Worthwhile CommitmentBerger, JohnMissionsMark 9
Play10-11-1998Seven LoavesOlsen, Viggo VicMissionsMark 9
Play03-27-1983Prayer: The Umbilical Cord for ChristiansLester, BrucePrayer: The Umbilical Cord for ChristiansMark 9
Play02-26-2012What About Hell?Faulkner, RandallGlimpses of EternityMark 9:42-47
Play06-06-1999The Uncomfortable Subject of HellFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark _
Play08-08-1999What Do You Want Jesus to Do for You?Faulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark _
Play05-30-1999FaithFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark _
Play08-15-1999Of Barren Trees and Empty ReligionFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark _
Play03-07-1999What to Do When Your World Turns Against YouFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark _
Play09-05-1999The Authority and Sufficiency of ChristFaulkner, RandallThe Gospel of MarkMark _