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Play12-20-1998Passing the Tests of ChristmasFaulkner, RandallAdvent MeditationsMatthew 1,2
Play07-15-2001Giving Your Life AwayFaulkner, RandallGiving Your Life AwayMatthew 10
Play04-02-1989God Cares about Sparrows - and MeLawson, MichaelGod Cares about Sparrows - and MeMatthew 10
Play06-20-2004The Joy of GivingFaulkner, RandallA Vision for DiscipleshipMatthew 10:1,5-10
Play12-14-2008Not Peace, But a SwordFaulkner, RandallWhy Jesus CameMatthew 10:34-39
Play11-25-1984Trusting God during AdversityCotten, DavidTrusting God during AdversityMatthew 11
Play08-20-1978Highlights in Matthew, Pt 5McKnight, RussellHighlights in MatthewMatthew 11
Play02-26-1995Dealing with DoubtFaulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristMatthew 11:2-30
Play09-28-1975The Peril of PrivilegeCotten, DavidMessages in MatthewMatthew 11:20-30
Play11-21-1982The Peril of PrivilegeCotten, DavidThanksgiving MeditationsMatthew 11:20-30
Play07-22-2012Hard or EasyBrown, DougThe Christian LifeMatthew 11:28-30
Play06-11-1978Parable of the TaresStrauss, LehmanParables in Matthew 13Matthew 13
Play06-11-1978The Sower and the SoilsStrauss, LehmanParables in Matthew 13Matthew 13
Play06-11-1978Parable of the LeavenStrauss, LehmanParables in Matthew 13Matthew 13
Play06-11-1978Parable of the Mustard SeedStrauss, LehmanParables in Matthew 13Matthew 13
Play10-21-2018Listening WellFrawley, JohnThe Kings SecretsMatthew 13:10-17,34-35
Play12-15-1996The Parable of the WeedsFaulkner, RandallThe Parables of JesusMatthew 13:24-30
Play11-04-2018Wheat and WeedsFrawley, JohnThe Kings SecretsMatthew 13:24-30,36-43
Play10-28-2018Soil and SeedFrawley, JohnThe Kings SecretsMatthew 13:3-9,18-23
Play11-18-2018Hidden TreasureFrawley, JohnThe Kings SecretsMatthew 13:44-46
Play11-25-2018The Kings VerdictFrawley, JohnThe Kings SecretsMatthew 13:47-50
Play04-23-1988Metarule of InvolvementGuernsey, Dennis and LucyMarriage: Mystery & MetarulesMatthew 14
Play04-23-1988Metarule of AdaptabilityGuernsey, Dennis and LucyMarriage: Mystery & MetarulesMatthew 14,18
Play07-19-2009Wonders, Waves, and a Walk on WaterHeritage, Timothy DWonders, Waves, and a Walk on WaterMatthew 14:1-33
Play03-11-1992Lesson 1: Matthew 16Barber, JonathanDiscipleship & the Person of ChristMatthew 16
Play05-03-2009How Good Christians Sometimes Do the Devils WorkPritchard, RaySpring Bible Conference 2009Matthew 16
Play01-09-1983The Cost of Commitment in DiscipleshipHarrell, RobertThe Cost of Commitment in DiscipleshipMatthew 16
Play12-24-1978Whose Child Is This?Cotten, DavidChristmas MeditationsMatthew 16:13
Play07-23-2000I Will Build - My What?, Pt2Faulkner, RandallThe Doctrine of the ChurchMatthew 16:13-18
Play06-04-2006The RockBrown, DougYou Are the RockMatthew 16:13-20
Play06-12-1988Matthew 16:13-23Halverson, RichardThe Church Christ Is BuildingMatthew 16:13-23
Play06-12-1988Matthew 16:13-23Halverson, RichardThe Church Christ Is BuildingMatthew 16:13-23
Play08-06-2017I Will BuildBrown, DougI Will BuildMatthew 16:18
Play07-16-2000I Will Build - My What?, Pt1Faulkner, RandallThe Doctrine of the ChurchMatthew 16:18
Play01-11-2009The Second Coming - A Private ScreeningFaulkner, RandallSecond ComingMatthew 16:28
Play07-06-1997Wake Us from Our LeprosyDorrell, JimmyMissionsMatthew 17
Play03-23-1986A Glimpse of GloryHarrell, RobertStudies from MatthewMatthew 17
Play04-02-1989Can Fishing Increase Your Faith?Lawson, MichaelCan Fishing Increase Your Faith?Matthew 17
Play10-24-2004My Beloved SonBrown, DougMy Beloved SonMatthew 17:1-9
Play04-23-1988Metarule of AllianceGuernsey, Dennis and LucyMarriage: Mystery & MetarulesMatthew 18
Play06-14-1978Highlights in Matthew, Pt 2McKnight, RussellHighlights in MatthewMatthew 18-19
Play03-19-2017Welcoming JesusBrown, DougLet the Little Children ComeMatthew 18:1-5
Play01-02-2005An Awesome Way to PrayFaulkner, RandallAn Awesome Way to PrayMatthew 18:18-20
Play08-23-1992The Priority of PrayerFaulkner, RandallThe Priority tf PrayerMatthew 18:19
Play09-29-1996The Unmerciful ServantFaulkner, RandallThe Parables of JesusMatthew 18:21-35
Play06-21-1978Highlights in Matthew, Pt 3McKnight, RussellHighlights in MatthewMatthew 19-20
Play12-04-2011Ancestry of the KingFaulkner, RandallAdvent Message in MatthewMatthew 1:1-17
Play12-14-1980Jesus FamilyCotten, DavidChristmas MeditationsMatthew 1:1-17
Play12-25-2005Rediscovering ChristmasFaulkner, RandallRediscovering ChristmasMatthew 1:18-25
Play12-17-2006Christmas: No Time for FearFaulkner, RandallAdvent MessagesMatthew 1:18-25
Play12-21-1980Jesus OriginsCotten, DavidChristmas MeditationsMatthew 1:18-25
Play12-11-2011Arrival of the KingFaulkner, RandallAdvent Message in MatthewMatthew 1:18-25
Play12-14-2014A Man Who Feared Public OpinionFaulkner, RandallAdvent 2014Matthew 1:20
Play12-25-1994The Hinge of HistoryFaulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristMatthew 1:23
Play12-02-2007The Divine InvasionFaulkner, RandallApostles CreedMatthew 1:23-24
Play12-03-2017Women Who Received Gods GraceFaulkner, RandallWomen of the AdventMatthew 1:3,5-6
Play12-01-1996The Workers in the VineyardFaulkner, RandallThe Parables of JesusMatthew 20:1-16
Play04-12-1987He Who Comes in the Name of the LordCotten, DavidContemplating EasterMatthew 21
Play04-23-1988Metarule of ControlGuernsey, Dennis and LucyMarriage: Mystery & MetarulesMatthew 21
Play04-09-1995A Marked ManFaulkner, RandallThe Life of ChristMatthew 21,23
Play03-16-2008A Day of ContrastBrown, DougA Day of ContrastMatthew 21:1-11
Play04-28-2002A Question with Only One AnswerLawson, MichaelLoveMatthew 22
Play08-24-1975Dressed in RighteousnessCotten, DavidSalvation ThemesMatthew 22:1-14
Play05-15-2005Loving God on His TermsCaminiti, PaulLoving God on His TermsMatthew 22:33-40
Play10-08-2006Love Your Neighbor As YourselfYocum, WadeLove Your Neighbor As YourselfMatthew 22:35-40
Play12-29-1996Excuse Me, There Is a Camel in My Soup!Lawson, MichaelLoveMatthew 23
Play09-01-2002Character CountsYocum, WadeCharacter CountsMatthew 23-26
Play09-11-2011Signs of the Lords ReturnFaulkner, RandallThe Promise of Christs ReturnMatthew 24
Play09-03-1975Parables of the Unfaithful ServantHodges, ZaneThe RaptureMatthew 24
Play05-20-2007In the Days of NoahDeYoung, JimmyBible ProphecyMatthew 24
Play05-10-1992Budding of the Fig TreePhillips, JohnA Look at ProphecyMatthew 24
Play12-06-1992Matthew 24Strauss, LehmanProphecy ConferenceMatthew 24
Play04-09-1972What May We Expect before the Lord Comes?Walvoord, John FBible ProphecyMatthew 24
Play07-10-1985God the Son: His Coming with His SaintsKreitzer, PaulMajor Bible ThemesMatthew 24-25
Play09-03-1980Matthew 24:1-31Walvoord, John FOlivet DiscourseMatthew 24:1-31
Play09-10-1980Matthew 24:32-25:1-30Walvoord, John FOlivet DiscourseMatthew 24:32-25:1-30
Play12-29-1991The Faithful ServantHeritage, Timothy DThe Faithful ServantMatthew 24:45-51
Play09-10-1975The Ten VirginsHodges, ZaneThe RaptureMatthew 25
Play09-17-1975Parable of the TalentsHodges, ZaneThe RaptureMatthew 25
Play09-24-1975Sheep and GoatsHodges, ZaneThe RaptureMatthew 25
Play12-08-1996The Ten VirginsFaulkner, RandallThe Parables of JesusMatthew 25:1-13
Play11-24-1996The TalentsFaulkner, RandallThe Parables of JesusMatthew 25:14-30
Play05-04-2014What You Can Do for JesusHermansen, RickWhat You Can Do for JesusMatthew 25:31-46
Play10-06-1982Calvary - the CrossCounts, BillEpochs in the Life of JesusMatthew 26
Play05-09-1976Precious WorshipOckenga, HaroldWorshipMatthew 26
Play03-31-1996The Kiss of JudasFaulkner, RandallChrist in GethsemaneMatthew 26
Play03-08-2020Christs CleansingFrawley, JohnThe Cross of ChristMatthew 26:26-28
Play04-11-1982Christ the FirstfruitsCotten, DavidEaster MeditationsMatthew 27
Play03-10-1974The Miraculous DarknessCotten, DavidThe Miracles at CalvaryMatthew 27
Play03-17-1974The Localized EarthquakeCotten, DavidThe Miracles at CalvaryMatthew 27
Play04-07-1974The Miracle of Opened Tombs & Raised DeadLawson, MichaelThe Miracles at CalvaryMatthew 27
Play03-30-1975The Undisturbed Grave ClothesCotten, DavidThe Miracles at CalvaryMatthew 27
Play04-03-2015Surely This Was the Son of God, GFFaulkner, RandallEaster 2015Matthew 27-28
Play04-08-1979It Is FinishedCotten, DavidEaster MeditationsMatthew 27:50-51
Play08-16-1992The Reason We ExistCudjoe, DuaneGreat CommissionMatthew 28
Play04-01-1992Lesson 4: Matthew 28Barber, JonathanDiscipleship & the Person of ChristMatthew 28
Play06-25-2006Why Missions?Hermansen, RickWhy Missions?Matthew 28
Play04-23-2000An Easter HeadlineFaulkner, RandallAn Easter HeadlineMatthew 28
Play04-05-2015Surely This Was the Son of God, Pt 3Faulkner, RandallEaster 2015Matthew 28:1-15
Play04-05-2015Surely This Was the Son of God, Pt 1Faulkner, RandallEaster 2015Matthew 28:1-15
Play04-05-2015Surely This Was the Son of God, Pt 2Faulkner, RandallEaster 2015Matthew 28:1-15
Play09-23-2012All Power Is Given Unto MissionsKim, BillyMissions Festival 2012Matthew 28:18-20
Play10-03-2010What If Missions Were Done In a New Key?Dorlus, JeanMissions Festival 2010Matthew 28:18-20
Play09-27-2009The Mission of the Church Is MissionsWare, CharlesMissions Festival 2009Matthew 28:18-20
Play11-25-2012How Many Gods Do Christians Worship?Faulkner, RandallKnowing GodMatthew 28:18-20
Play03-10-2019Going TogetherFrawley, JohnLife TogetherMatthew 28:18-20
Play12-10-1978Christmas 1984Cotten, DavidChristmas MeditationsMatthew 2:1
Play12-13-1981The Worship of the WiseCotten, DavidChristmas MeditationsMatthew 2:1-11
Play12-16-1990The Nations Will ComeFaulkner, RandallThe Nations Will ComeMatthew 2:1-12
Play12-13-2009The Wise Men: Worship Is GivingFaulkner, RandallAdvent MessagesMatthew 2:1-12
Play12-18-2011A World in AnguishFaulkner, RandallAdvent Message in MatthewMatthew 2:1-23
Play06-19-1977The Baptism of the Holy GhostCotten, DavidThe Holy SpiritMatthew 3
Play12-09-1990Clear a Path for the LordFaulkner, RandallClear a Path for the LordMatthew 3:1-12
Play07-27-1975Jesus Our RepresentativeCotten, DavidTemptationMatthew 4
Play10-09-1988Temptations of JesusHermansen, RickTemptations of JesusMatthew 4
Play05-23-1993The Need for FollowershipStowell, JosephDiscipleshipMatthew 4
Play07-31-1988Temptations of JesusHermansen, RickTemptations of JesusMatthew 4
Play01-16-1994What Is This Thing Called Discipleship?Moyer, LarryEvangelismMatthew 4
Play04-28-2013The Inspiration and Authority of the BibleStokes, RyanDead Sea ScrollsMatthew 4:1-11
Play06-22-1975The Temptations of JesusCotten, DavidTemptationMatthew 4:1-2
Play06-29-1975Temptation Through the BodyCotten, DavidTemptationMatthew 4:3-4
Play07-13-1975Temptation Through the WillCotten, DavidTemptationMatthew 4:5-7
Play07-20-1975Temptation Through the EmotionsCotten, DavidTemptationMatthew 4:8-11
Play08-04-1974Christian Personality: Peaceableness, Pt 2Cotten, DavidChristian CharacterMatthew 5
Play05-18-1990The Demand for DissatisfactionCotten, DavidThe Demand for DissatisfactionMatthew 5
Play07-28-1974Christian Personality: Peaceableness, Pt 1Cotten, DavidChristian CharacterMatthew 5
Play06-09-1974A Key to Blessedness: SensitivityCotten, DavidChristian CharacterMatthew 5
Play05-23-1993Identity in ChristStowell, JosephIdentity in ChristMatthew 5
Play07-21-1974Christian Personality: Self-CongruenceCotten, DavidChristian CharacterMatthew 5
Play05-05-1974Elements of Christian PersonalityCotten, DavidChristian CharacterMatthew 5
Play05-19-1974A Key to Blessedness: SubmissablenessCotten, DavidChristian CharacterMatthew 5
Play05-20-1979The Blessedness of DissatisfactionCotten, DavidThe Blessedness of DissatisfactionMatthew 5
Play06-30-1974Christian Personality: DissatisfactionCotten, DavidChristian CharacterMatthew 5
Play06-16-1974Christian Personality: Self-PerspectiveCotten, DavidChristian CharacterMatthew 5
Play07-14-1974Christian Personality: MercyCotten, DavidChristian CharacterMatthew 5
Play06-23-1991Is Everybody Happy?Heritage, Timothy DA Study of the BeatitudesMatthew 5:1-12
Play07-15-2018Showing the Flavor of LifeTejeda, AndyMissions Sunday 2018Matthew 5:13-16
Play03-20-1977Beyond the BeatitudesBryan, G WilliamBeyond the BeatitudesMatthew 5:13-16
Play11-30-2008Why Jesus CameFaulkner, RandallWhy Jesus CameMatthew 5:17
Play05-29-1994How to Have a Good FightFaulkner, RandallChristian FamilyMatthew 5:21-24
Play03-20-1977Beyond the BeatitudesBryan, G WilliamBeyond the BeatitudesMatthew 5:21-48
Play06-26-1991More on the BeatitudesHeritage, Timothy DA Study of the BeatitudesMatthew 5:3-12
Play06-14-1998Our Father Who Art in HeavenCudjoe, DuanePrayerMatthew 6
Play08-10-1988What Prayer IsKreitzer, PaulPrayerMatthew 6
Play01-20-1985Thought for Today - Or TomorrowCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsMatthew 6
Play09-01-2002Pie in the Sky: Getting Rich ForeverFaulkner, RandallPie in the Sky: Getting Rich ForeverMatthew 6
Play06-27-1993Lordship of ChristWarr, GeneLordshipMatthew 6
Play03-03-2002A Family Kind of ThingFaulkner, RandallA Family Kind of ThingMatthew 6
Play10-25-1998Why Worry?Faulkner, RandallWhy Worry?Matthew 6
Play03-02-1997Learning to Pray from JesusHermansen, RickLearning to Pray from JesusMatthew 6
Play05-15-2016Making Wise InvestmentsOliver, CaseySr Recognition Day 2016Matthew 6:19-24
Play02-16-1975The Christian and WorryBryan, G WilliamThe Christian and Emotional ProblemsMatthew 6:28-34
Play10-05-1975Some Dos and Donts of PrayerCotten, DavidPrayerMatthew 6:5-15
Play09-17-1978Highlights in Matthew, Pt 6McKnight, RussellHighlights in MatthewMatthew 7
Play11-11-1984Asking, Seeking, and KnockingHermansen, RickPrayerMatthew 7
Play04-26-1978Highlights in Matthew, Pt 4McKnight, RussellHighlights in MatthewMatthew 7
Play05-16-1993Building a LifeFaulkner, RandallBuilding a LifeMatthew 7:24-27
Play05-19-2013The Right Foundation for LifeFaulkner, RandallSenior RecognitionMatthew 7:24-29
Play01-15-2006Who God IsRisner, JayWho God IsMatthew 7:7-11
Play07-01-1987Matthew 8:10-12Heritage, Timothy DProblem PassagesMatthew 8:10-12
Play10-06-2019Storm SeasonFrawley, JohnStorm SeasonMatthew 8:23-27
Play09-22-2013See through the Eyes of JesusSisk, Dr Timothy2013 Missions FestivalMatthew 9
Play06-07-1978Highlights in Matthew, Pt 1McKnight, RussellHighlights in MatthewMatthew 9-10
Play09-26-1982Christian BehaviorCotten, DavidChristian CharacterMatthew _
Play11-08-1970The Security of the BelieverCotten, DavidEternal SecurityMatthew _
Play11-17-1968Gods Sovereignty in Your LifeCotten, DavidThe Wills of GodMatthew _
Play09-06-1989John the Baptist - FaithfulHast, TimStudies in MatthewMatthew _
Play10-03-1982Christian BehaviorCotten, DavidChristian CharacterMatthew _
Play11-21-1982Christian BehaviorCotten, DavidChristian CharacterMatthew _
Play11-28-1982Christian BehaviorCotten, DavidChristian CharacterMatthew _
Play08-23-1989Gods FaithfulnessHast, TimStudies in MatthewMatthew _
Play08-16-1989Gods FaithfulnessHast, TimStudies in MatthewMatthew _
Play07-15-1990Signs of the TimesLawson, MichaelSigns of the TimesMatthew _
Play08-09-1989Lineage of Jesus ChristHast, TimStudies in MatthewMatthew _