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Play08-10-1977Psalm 1Heritage, Timothy DPsalmsPsalm 1
Play06-23-1976Psalm 1Bryan, G WilliamPsalmsPsalm 1
Play11-05-1975Psalm 1Cotten, DavidPsalm 1Psalm 1
Play07-01-1992Psalm 1Dockum, RoyThe Book of PsalmsPsalm 1
Play09-02-1992Psalm 100Richart, BobThe Book of PsalmsPsalm 100
Play11-22-2009Christs ReturnFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 102
Play02-13-1994Worship and PraiseFaulkner, RandallWorship and PraisePsalm 103
Play06-25-2000Psalm 103Hermansen, RickPsalm 103Psalm 103
Play01-11-1981What God Is LikeCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsPsalm 107
Play01-25-1981Gods Unending LoveCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsPsalm 107:1
Play06-12-1988Fear and FaithHermansen, RickPsalmsPsalm 11
Play07-29-1984Psalm 110Lawson, MichaelMessianic Expectations from PsalmsPsalm 110
Play12-15-2019A Priest Fit for a KingFrawley, JohnPsalms for the SeasonPsalm 110
Play11-15-2009Christs PriesthoodFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 110
Play10-01-1975Psalm 113Lawson, MichaelPsalm 113Psalm 113
Play07-29-1992Psalm 113Barber, JonathanThe Book of PsalmsPsalm 113
Play11-06-2005Anxiety ProblemsHast, TimAnxiety ProblemsPsalm 116
Play02-16-1992The Priority of PraiseFaulkner, RandallThe Priority of PraisePsalm 117
Play07-07-1971Psalm 117Waltke, BruceLooking at PsalmsPsalm 117
Play10-25-2009Christs RejectionFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 118
Play11-22-2015Benefits of the BibleFaulkner, RandallThe Wonder of the WordPsalm 119
Play11-29-2015How to Read the BibleFaulkner, RandallThe Wonder of the WordPsalm 119
Play11-15-2015The Beauty of the BibleFaulkner, RandallThe Wonder of the WordPsalm 119
Play05-25-1975A Short Sermon on a Long ChapterBryan, G WilliamThe PsalmsPsalm 119:1-16
Play03-16-2003Our Traveling CompanionFaulkner, RandallClimbing HigherPsalm 121
Play03-23-2003Returning to WorshipFaulkner, RandallClimbing HigherPsalm 122
Play03-30-2003Serving GodFaulkner, RandallClimbing HigherPsalm 123
Play01-20-1974Psalm 124Lawson, MichaelMemories of JehovahPsalm 124
Play04-06-2003The Pilgrims SecurityFaulkner, RandallClimbing HigherPsalm 124-125
Play04-27-2003Revive Us AgainFaulkner, RandallClimbing HigherPsalm 126
Play05-11-2003Integrity in the HomeFaulkner, RandallClimbing HigherPsalm 128
Play05-04-2003Discipline & ForgivenessFaulkner, RandallClimbing HigherPsalm 129-130
Play02-24-2008Release from GuiltFaulkner, RandallApostles CreedPsalm 130
Play12-22-2019Waiting RoomFrawley, JohnPsalms for the SeasonPsalm 130
Play06-01-2003The Disciples DependencyFaulkner, RandallClimbing HigherPsalm 131
Play07-08-1992Psalm 131Hermansen, RickThe Book of PsalmsPsalm 131
Play08-26-2018Learning to Be ContentHermansen, RickLeaning on the God of ComfortPsalm 131
Play06-08-2003Your Kingdom ComeFaulkner, RandallClimbing HigherPsalm 132
Play03-10-2006Two Psalms, Pt 1Waltke, BruceTwo PsalmsPsalm 133
Play06-15-2003The Blessings of UnityFaulkner, RandallClimbing HigherPsalm 133
Play06-22-2003Watching in the NightFaulkner, RandallClimbing HigherPsalm 134
Play11-21-2010Give Thanks to the God of HeavenFaulkner, RandallThanksgivingPsalm 136
Play11-23-2014A Song of ThanksgivingFaulkner, RandallA Song of ThanksgivingPsalm 136
Play02-26-1989Identifying Habits Which HarmHermansen, RickPsalmsPsalm 139
Play07-21-1971Psalm 139Waltke, BruceLooking at PsalmsPsalm 139
Play04-27-1986The Christian Takes a Stand on AbortionKaiser, WalterThe Christian and Moral IssuesPsalm 139
Play08-26-1992Psalm 139Gary, L L BudThe Book of PsalmsPsalm 139
Play02-16-2020Healthy Tensions in WorshipFrawley, JohnWorship MattersPsalm 145:3
Play08-05-2018Youre Blessed If God Is Your Help and Your HopeHermansen, Rick; Hoffsommer, TrudyLeaning on the God of ComfortPsalm 146
Play05-05-1996Who May Dwell in the Sanctuary?Harrell, RobertWorshipPsalm 15
Play06-29-2003The Importance of Music in the ChurchStrauss, JohnThe Importance of Music in the ChurchPsalm 150
Play11-08-2009Christs ResurrectionFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 16
Play12-08-2019In God We TrustFrawley, JohnPsalms for the SeasonPsalms 16
Play09-12-1993God Speaks to UsHeritage, Timothy DStudies in PsalmsPsalm 19
Play10-28-2007Seeing God in CreationFaulkner, RandallKnowing GodPsalm 19
Play03-19-2000The Glory of GodKroll, WoodrowGems from the PsalmsPsalm 19
Play04-18-1999The Theology of RevelationFaulkner, RandallThe Theology of RevelationPsalm 19
Play01-04-1981The WinnerCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsPsalm 1:1
Play01-11-1981The Gains of GodlinessCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsPsalm 1:1-3
Play01-18-1981Like a Tree - Like ChaffCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsPsalm 1:1-3
Play01-25-1981Like ChaffCotten, DavidNew Years MeditationsPsalm 1:4-6
Play02-26-1984Psalm 2Lawson, MichaelMessianic Expectations from PsalmsPsalm 2
Play12-07-2003A Christmas Letter from DavidFaulkner, RandallChristmas LettersPsalm 2
Play07-28-1971Psalm 2Waltke, BruceLooking at PsalmsPsalm 2
Play08-23-2009Gods Anointed OneFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 2
Play12-01-2019Gods King, Our MessiahHermansen, RickPsalms for the SeasonPsalm 2
Play03-25-2012God Rules Through ChristBaylis, CharlesBiblical StoryPsalm 2
Play11-08-1987Psalm of the CrossCotten, DavidPsalm of the CrossPsalm 22
Play09-24-1978Psalm 22Waltke, BruceSelected PsalmsPsalm 22
Play08-30-2009Christ Our SacrificeFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 22
Play11-01-1987Psalm of the CrossCotten, DavidPsalm of the CrossPsalm 22
Play05-02-1976Confident in TroubleCotten, DavidPsalmsPsalm 22
Play01-04-1976Concerning Christs CrucifixionCotten, DavidPsalmsPsalm 22
Play06-06-1976His Physical PainCotten, DavidPsalmsPsalm 22:13-15
Play07-11-1976HumiliationCotten, DavidPsalmsPsalm 22:16-18
Play03-06-1977Death Before VictoryCotten, DavidPsalmsPsalm 22:19-22a
Play02-01-1976The Christians AltarCotten, DavidPsalmsPsalm 22:2
Play05-01-1977The Communion of the SaintsCotten, DavidPsalmsPsalm 22:22
Play06-05-1977Let the People Praise the LordCotten, DavidPsalmsPsalm 22:22b-25
Play03-07-1976A Worm-Not a ManCotten, DavidPsalmsPsalm 22:3,6
Play04-04-1976Reviled, Yet HarmlessCotten, DavidPsalmsPsalm 22:7-8
Play05-06-1984How God LeadsPacker, James IUnravelling the Guidance TanglePsalm 23
Play02-12-1978Psalm 23Heritage, Timothy DPsalm 23Psalm 23
Play11-16-1977Psalm 23Heritage, Timothy DPsalm 23Psalm 23
Play09-10-1995Yahweh Raah: The Lord My ShepherdFaulkner, RandallThe Names of GodPsalm 23
Play09-06-2009Christ Our ShepherdFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 23
Play03-28-2004I Shall Not WantFaulkner, RandallPsalm 23Psalm 23
Play04-04-2004Rest for the WearyFaulkner, RandallPsalm 23Psalm 23
Play07-23-1978The ShepherdCotten, DavidPsalmsPsalm 23:1-2a
Play01-06-2013The Guidance of GodFaulkner, RandallKnowing GodPsalm 23:1-3
Play10-08-1978He Restores My SoulCotten, DavidPsalmsPsalm 23:1-3a
Play10-08-1978The Valley of Deaths Shadow, Pt 1Cotten, DavidPsalmsPsalm 23:3b-4
Play10-22-1978The Valley of Deaths Shadow, Pt 2Cotten, DavidPsalmsPsalm 23:4
Play04-18-2004Through the ValleyFaulkner, RandallPsalm 23Psalm 23:4
Play04-25-2004A Prescription for Peace of MindFaulkner, RandallPsalm 23Psalm 23:5-6
Play10-22-1978In the Lords House ForeverCotten, DavidPsalmsPsalm 23:5-6
Play01-06-1985The King Is ComingLawson, MichaelMessianic Expectations from PsalmsPsalm 24
Play04-12-2015Revival - Resetting SocietyPhillips, TomSpring Bible Conference 2015Psalm 24
Play09-13-2009Christ Our SovereignFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 24
Play10-14-2001Psalm 25Blue, RonTogether We Reach and TeachPsalm 25
Play11-15-1985Psalm 27Heritage, Timothy DStudies in PsalmsPsalm 27
Play08-10-1975Psalm 27McKnight, RussellPsalmsPsalm 27
Play08-05-1973Psalm 27Uriegas, ErnestoPsalmsPsalm 27
Play10-02-1977Psalm 27Bryan, G WilliamThe PsalmsPsalm 27
Play08-19-1992Psalm 27Sleeper, JulianThe Book of PsalmsPsalm 27
Play08-13-1995Worship the God of the StormCudjoe, DuaneWorshipPsalm 29
Play12-27-1970A New Years MessageCotten, DavidPsalm 3Psalm 3
Play11-23-1975When You Run for Your LifeCotten, DavidPsalmsPsalm 3
Play01-03-1971A New Years MessageCotten, DavidPsalm 3Psalm 3
Play12-31-2000Timeless Truths About TimeFaulkner, RandallTimeless Truths About TimePsalm 31
Play10-11-1992DiscouragementFaulkner, RandallLittle Foxes Spoil the VinePsalm 31
Play10-11-1998Living It Up in BangladeshOlsen, Viggo VicMissionsPsalm 31
Play05-28-2006I Love AmericaFaulkner, RandallI Love AmericaPsalm 33
Play11-22-2007Blessed Is the Lord - A Call to ThanksgivingBrown, MartyThanksgiving ServicesPsalm 33:12
Play07-29-2012The Fear of the LordHermansen, RickThe Fear of the LordPsalm 34:11-14
Play06-11-1989Proving Gods ProvidenceBryan, G WilliamGods ProvidencePsalm 37
Play03-10-2006Two Psalms, Pt 2Waltke, BruceTwo PsalmsPsalm 4
Play06-23-1971Psalm 40Waltke, BruceLooking at PsalmsPsalm 40
Play09-16-1984Psalm 40Lawson, MichaelMessianic Expectations from PsalmsPsalm 40
Play10-18-2009Christs DesireFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 40
Play11-12-1975Psalm 40McKnight, RussellPsalmsPsalm 40
Play05-20-2018Many Will SeeBrown, DougMany Will SeePsalm 40:1-5
Play08-13-2017Put Your Hope in GodHermansen, RickPut Your Hope in GodPsalm 42
Play10-04-2009Rekindling Your Passion for MissionsStewart, Ashton TatMissions Festival 2009Psalm 42:1-2; Matthew 18:18-20
Play06-23-1971Psalm 44Waltke, BruceLooking at PsalmsPsalm 44
Play11-29-2009Christs ReignFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 45
Play10-25-1992A Song for the Stressed-OutFaulkner, RandallLittle Foxes Spoil the VinePsalm 46
Play08-15-1976Who Can I Turn To?Bryan, G WilliamThe PsalmsPsalm 46
Play11-14-1993A Sure DefenseStrauss, StevenDoctrinePsalm 46
Play08-12-2018Be Still and KnowBrown, DougLeaning on the God of ComfortPsalm 46
Play01-13-1991War and Peace: What Is a Christian to Do?Faulkner, RandallWar and Peace: What Is a Christian to Do?Psalm 46:6-11
Play09-24-1978Psalm 49Waltke, BruceSelected PsalmsPsalm 49
Play01-31-1999Therapy of GivingHast, TimTherapy of GivingPsalm 50
Play07-22-1992Psalm 51Utnage, BillThe Book of PsalmsPsalm 51
Play09-24-1978Psalm 51Waltke, BruceSelected PsalmsPsalm 51
Play08-22-1976If We Confess Our SinsBryan, G WilliamThe PsalmsPsalm 51
Play06-03-2012When I Am AfraidHermansen, RickWhen I Am AfraidPsalm 56:3
Play08-04-1971Psalm 6Waltke, BruceLooking at PsalmsPsalm 6
Play03-06-1993Our Priestly SacrificeBryan, ShirleyThe Fragrance of the Lords LifePsalm 63
Play10-14-2001Psalm 67Blue, RonTogether We Reach and TeachPsalm 67
Play11-01-2009Christs PassionFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 69
Play12-30-1984Psalm 72Lawson, MichaelMessianic Expectations from PsalmsPsalm 72
Play09-20-2009Christ for the NationsFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 72
Play05-07-1995Backsliding Choir DirectorRobinson, HaddonAsaphPsalm 73
Play11-11-1979Psalm 73McKnight, RussellPsalmsPsalm 73
Play09-24-1978Psalm 73Waltke, BruceSelected PsalmsPsalm 73
Play11-25-1979Psalm 73McKnight, RussellPsalmsPsalm 73
Play06-30-1991Perspectives in Troubled TimesHermansen, RickPerspectives in Troubled TimesPsalm 77
Play06-18-2006Confident Leadership for the HomeFaulkner, RandallFathers DayPsalm 78
Play05-18-2014The Riddle of LifeFaulkner, RandallThe Riddle of LifePsalm 78
Play10-11-2009Christ, A Man among MenFaulkner, RandallSinging about JesusPsalm 8
Play12-11-1988Contentment in a Discontented WorldHermansen, RickPsalmsPsalm 84
Play11-29-1998Worshiping God in His Dwelling PlaceHarrell, RobertWorshipPsalm 84
Play10-13-2002Partying with GodStrauss, StevenMissionsPsalm 87
Play10-02-2011Throw Open the GatesYoung, MarkMissions Festival 2011Psalm 87
Play03-19-2000The Faithfulness of GodKroll, WoodrowGems from the PsalmsPsalm 89
Play06-01-1969Picture of Christs ResurrectionCotten, DavidTabernaclePsalm 89
Play07-15-1992Psalm 9Faulkner, RandallThe Book of PsalmsPsalm 9
Play01-10-2016God, Our Help and Hope, Pt2Faulkner, RandallGod, Our Help and HopePsalm 90
Play01-03-2016God, Our Help and Hope, Pt1Faulkner, RandallGod, Our Help and HopePsalm 90
Play01-01-1989A Psalm for the New YearHermansen, RickPsalmsPsalm 90
Play01-02-1994Realistic Assessment of Life on EarthFaulkner, RandallRealistic Assessment of Life on EarthPsalm 90
Play08-21-2011Spiritual RefugeBrown, DougSpiritual RefugePsalm 91
Play03-19-2000Security in the LordKroll, WoodrowGems from the PsalmsPsalm 91
Play09-24-2017The Thrill of Seeing God WorkOrr, Rodney2017 Missions FestivalPsalm 92
Play11-10-1985Psalm 93Hermansen, RickPsalmsPsalm 93
Play08-06-2000Worthship ImplicationsPurifoy, PaulWorthship ImplicationsPsalm 95
Play09-02-2018The Discipleship of WorshipLawson, JeffLeaning on the God of ComfortPsalm 95; Acts 2:41-47
Play03-27-1983Marks of Empty ReligionHarrell, RobertStudies from MatthewPsalm _
Play08-02-1981The Dependent ManHarrell, RobertStudies from Psalms and ProverbsPsalm _
Play04-24-1983When You Run for Life, Pt 2Cotten, DavidPractical LivingPsalm _
Play04-08-1984IntroductionLawson, MichaelMessianic Expectations from PsalmsPsalm _
Play01-05-1969Divine GuidanceCotten, DavidThe Wills of GodPsalm _
Play09-21-1986What Is Praise to God?Hermansen, RickPsalmsPsalm _
Play03-19-2000Some Thoughts about Back To The BibleKroll, WoodrowGems from the PsalmsPsalm _
Play02-18-1987PsalmsTerry, TomOld Testament SurveyPsalm _
Play08-12-1984Self-ImageHarrell, RobertIssues Facing Todays YouthPsalm _
Play04-17-1983When You Run for LifeCotten, DavidPractical LivingPsalm _